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  1. Attention peeps! for your information: we will remove members who have been inactive on xrpchat for over a year from the zerpening.
  2. Well said, sister Gilligan! And don’t forget to pick up your bonus paycheck for this gem post. I showed it to ripple headquarter II near earth core and they are delighted!
  3. in - out - in - out hope you had fun.
  4. too many gifs...so...
  5. hint: ripple doesn’t care about XRP retail investors. they don’t have to and they never will.
  6. Seriously? protecting investors? are you a SEC guy in disguise? lol
  7. Dude, your username looks like your post.
  8. Hi Bob! Welcome and great to have you on board! I have two questions: 1.) Are you bearableguy123? 2.) Do you like gifs?
  9. @Rey don‘t waste your time...come home!
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