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  1. it is an interesting idea, but as @Staigera mentioned the initial costs are going to be high, and 25$ right off the bat is a lot for a new idea. I was thinking it would be cool if someone created a Task Board type app, where the issuer of a Task also choses the payment type. I need help moving, I post it to a task board, and will pay out in either XRP or USD, if someone is willing to do it - it pays out through the XRPL into their app. A store owner may pay out credits to their store if someone is willing to post something on their social media account. A city pays out a city token, if someone picks up a bagfull of trash.
  2. I was just about to ask this as well. I used a different password on Gatehub than my email address. Ive changed my emails password since the hack as well, but I believe I am safe?
  3. as a non coder, would it be possible for someone to build / sell a device that you would just need to plug in to run a validator? or even buy a SD card pre loaded with everything so i just put it into a raspberry pi and then can start to run one?
  4. that is still the current ripple logo. the changed the XRP logo.. but not the ripple logo
  5. just to add, i used to get paid from a CAD company, USD funds here in the states monthly.. my monthly cheque was a little higher than 3500 but not rediculously higher or anything and it took about 60 out of it. every once in awhile, they would hold it for an additional 30-60 days and take another 50 from it because they would send it to NY to check for some reason lol so 70 seems realistic, as the USD CAD is a pretty liquid market
  6. If you want a "store of value" coin, XRP is not for you. Something cannot be liquid and be a store of value. For something to be a store of value, there almost needs to be an inherent difficulty in trading it. Currency came around as it was easier to trade compared to gold. Which made its liquidity way higher than gold. (people were trading it more often) Gold may be worth more, but i doubt you could go to a store with a brick of gold and buy a car. XRP was created to be a bridge asset, IMO this means, that ripple is trying to make it as liquid as possible, and if achieved it will be traded tons / not be a store of value.
  7. he said 3 or 4 mins later that they have changed the fund to realign with the hope of XRP gaining in value. sounds like his good buddy brad maybe told him, things about to pop bud
  8. dang the title says, nov 13th 3018.. that is too long to wait, I can wait 5 years... but come on lol
  9. this could be great but end of the day, not your private keys not your XRP. if some exchange offered you 1 XRP per 100 you held on exchange , would you find it too good to be true?? well if someone offers you 1% of your holdings it is the same thing. I love uphold, but just be careful with things too good to sound true. I dont know what the concept is, but like others have said, it sounds like youll earn intrest to hold on their exchange, and while i do have some there, id never put my entire stack on it
  10. I believe that means that Team members at Ripple, have past work experience at those companies.. IE they hired someone who used to work at Swift
  11. it was mainly FUD, the best part was Arrington saying that if the SEC had moved slowly during the birth of the internet, all of the Tech companies in the US, wouldnt have ended up here. Brad then continued that by saying, how beneficial it has been to America, having so many leading Internet companies (tech companies). These are amazing points. and it would be great to hear the SECs response to it. Arrington told them to ask the SEC person who will be on stage later, him being the founder of the company, maybe it will actually be asked
  12. man, i dont know how brad puts up with some of it. It was good having Arrington on stage though, he would really help drive home some points by reasking some of the dumb FUD questions / statements. nothing really that we didnt already know.
  13. so Brad just confirmed governments are working with Ripple???
  14. you are the man Stefan, thanks for the response! Im excited to get off the waitlist!
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