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  1. Haha
    rooobust reacted to mandelbaum in Says it all! - The night b4...   
    Surely, these names don't mather that much, do they?
    I've been doing alot of investigating on Reddit, and a guy called bubblebeard684 says Ripple is a scam.
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    rooobust got a reaction from Paradigm in #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it   
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    rooobust got a reaction from ZeeperCreeper in #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it   
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    rooobust got a reaction from Kpuff in #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it   
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    rooobust reacted to RippleGambler in UK Parliament Report on Crypto-Assets   
    The best paragraph: 
    If the Government decides that growth is to be encouraged, the Committee believes 
    that the introduction of regulation could lead to positive outcomes for the crypto-
    asset market. The implementation of crypto-asset regulation in the UK may enable 
    the market place to move to a more mature business model that improves consumer 
    outcomes and enables it to grow sustainably. The entry of institutional investors 
    into the market would increase liquidity, which in itself could reduce some of the 
    inherent risks that exist at present. (Paragraph 133)
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    rooobust reacted to CT99 in Ripple and R3 Reach Settlement   
    September 10, 2018 04:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ripple Labs Inc., provider of the leading enterprise blockchain solutions for payments and XRP II, LLC, release the following statement today:
    R3 HoldCo LLC, R3 LLC, Ripple Labs Inc. and XRP II, LLC announce that they have reached a settlement of all outstanding litigation between the parties. The terms of the agreement will remain confidential and both sides look forward to putting these disputes behind them.
  7. Haha
    rooobust reacted to 30k1m in What's your XRP sale price?   
    Selling 10% at 10$ to quit my job and fund my travel plans. Main target is 28$ which is when I will be financially independent ?
    Planning on keeping at least 5k XRP till I am a grandpa (22 now).
    Just imagine what a stack of 5k XRP could be worth in 50 years. Should be able to buy a retirement home for me and all my grandpa friends ?
  8. Haha
    rooobust reacted to Triple in XRP in games   
    I had a dream last night that you could use XRP in Minecraft. I was beta testing this feature in my dream. Bitcoin/Litecoin were also implemented, however the transaction times using them were predictable... To top it off XLM was also in this dream, and attempting to use it resulted in an error each time. ?
  9. Haha
    rooobust got a reaction from JackTheRipples in Just ran some numbers going back to 2013, next run due very soon.   
    its healthy.... they said
  10. Haha
    rooobust reacted to mrhat75 in OCC Statement Fintech   
    Ripple would drop XRP immediately if they became a bank, because we all know that banks will never use XRP.
  11. Haha
    rooobust reacted to BecomeRich in What will trigger the next pump?   
    I think Wall Street Bonuses will trigger it for sure!!! It’s all about WSB. 
  12. Haha
    rooobust got a reaction from Pierre in Just ran some numbers going back to 2013, next run due very soon.   
    its healthy.... they said
  13. Haha
    rooobust reacted to 2ndtimearound in Bearableguy123 Thread   
    New bearableguy123 riddle and prediction!!!!

  14. Haha
    rooobust reacted to EWH2020 in Just ran some numbers going back to 2013, next run due very soon.   
    Just a little correction 
  15. Sad
    rooobust reacted to r0bertz in Alipay should have developed an ILP-like system   
    Just as expected. 
  16. Haha
    rooobust reacted to Krypto in just a tip   
    172 - I counted them
  17. Thanks
    rooobust reacted to fiik in FtF @ ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission   
    I been at it again...sent btcM an email that Ripple and xrp are mutually exclusive and two separate entities
    hoping they fix it
  18. Haha
    rooobust reacted to Flintstone in Coinbase is our only hope!   
    Have not bought from there in such a long time, it feels great! Like giving up smoking...
    "Do you Coinbase?"
    "Nah, give them up about 3 months ago!"
    "Good for you mate!"
    "Cheers  "
  19. Thanks
    rooobust reacted to XRPHornets in Rep Emmer asks SEC about token utility   
    the last question seems to be referring to Ripple 
  20. Haha
    rooobust reacted to tulo in Coinbase Seeking License for Crypto SECURITIES!   
    So, you were able to put the two forbidden topics in a single topic. Congrats .
  21. Haha
    rooobust reacted to earth in What's your avarage price?   
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    rooobust reacted to ripplegigolo in What's your avarage price?   
  23. Haha
    rooobust reacted to Krypto in Bearableguy123 Thread   
    Probably another 15 pages in this thread
  24. Thanks
    rooobust reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in Bearableguy123 Thread   
    I honestly don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Or my english understanding is worse than I thought it to be. 
  25. Thanks
    rooobust reacted to Tehol_Beddict in Rippled 1.0 is Here!   
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