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  1. But the institutionalized posters here are a hell of a lot more fun!
  2. I took away my “like” on this, because I don’t like it. But I do agree with it. Maybe the fact that this is a global market, a globally competitive one in some aspects, maybe that will help speed some things up.
  3. ? Ja, I understood the positives of your post. Even more so in that Quoine is seeking a full banking license. i.e., credibility being crucial to creating a liquid and sustainable environment. Just not sure why anyone would jump to the conclusion that somehow XRPL plays a key role in this project. For example, other than mentioning xrp as an example of a crypto (among others), there are no mentions of RIpple or XRP (or interledger, ILP, XRPL, etc) in the 73-page white paper available via the liquid.plus link provided in the original post. Surely that would be an important piece of informat
  4. The Liquid Platform is not a Ripple product, initiative, or something based on the xrpl. The Liquid platform seeks to create liquidity, which we very much need. Think of the World Book as a meta exchange. IIRC Quoine, the fintech co. developing the platform, has been around since 2014 and has around 200 employees. QASH I believe is still an ERC-20 token. It will eventually have its own blockchain. I don’t expect the platform to go live before 2019. I could be wrong, and google will give you different answers, but it’s a pretty ambitious project. I don’t see a problem with S
  5. Last week, I was doing some online tool shopping. My searches kept leading me to metalworking sites and to tap and die products. While most of you are probably not looking to thread your own bolts, I thought some of you might be interested in some unofficial ripple trinkets (or at least find this amusing). A thread die A handful of dies Another tool-related coincidence... I was also looking for a spare battery for my nail gun. I never realized that my nailer used the xrp version. ? 18v Dewalt XRP battery
  6. Why not talk to people rather than talk about them. And why not be the change you want to see. Repetitive rah rah bullet points are no more valid than repetitive negative bullet points. For many people, the former seem to activate the reward system and provide a little dopamine pump. However, not all brain’s work the same. I don’t know why. But I do know that no one owes me an explanation.
  7. You know what? There probably are some “fake” people here. But a massively coordinated fake community? Nah, people just aren’t that smart. It’s a lesson that once again hits me over the head every few years.
  8. Because it’s the most exciting and entertaining thing that has happened here in ages! There are only so many ways to phrase what boils down to either “exciting future good yay!” or “future bad scary fail wah,” before one feels that he/she is living inside a metronome. Thank you!!!! bot bot bot bot bot
  9. The cryptospace is a “bit” heavy on mansplaining. The xrp forums that I’ve observed and/or participated in (here, Reddit, Discord) are less so, imo. Cause? Effect? Relevant at all? Who knows.
  10. Not necessarily. You’d really have to look at it in the context of the market as a whole. As far as adoption, that’s not a black or white. Let’s say that we learned that 5 remittance companies had gone live with xRapid on May 1. That would be positive news from a speculative standpoint, but the news wouldn’t be informative in a predictive numerical sense. We’d need enough data to tease apart speculative volume vs utility volume. And we’d need data that spanned over a good bit of time to create realistic predictive models for the future. Anyway, I am thankfully in the green. If we wer
  11. Today’s dip — Upbit, a large Korean exchange, was raided. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-11/cryptocurrency-exchange-upbit-raided-by-south-korean-authorities
  12. Forgive me, but I am an editor, and sometimes I can’t stop myself. For single filers: 2017 LTCG - 20% rate kicks in at 418,401. 2018 LTCG - 20% rate kicks in at 425,801. Also, LTCGs now have their own brackets and are not tied to the ordinary income brackets. Net Investment Income Tax (i.e., the 3.8 ACA tax) - the income threshold is 200K. Have not heard of any changes for 2018. (married filing jointly extends the starting point of those taxes by approx 50-55K)
  13. The OP appears to be annoyed that there is noise on the internet, and in turn... creates noise.
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