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  1. If 2013 is the guide -- then that year BTC also recovered the bull from the same kind of dip we're in now...
  2. Not sure why sub-10K makes any sense. Below 20K seems like an impossibility, as far as BTC's chart history goes. Has BTC ever dipped below its previous ATH?
  3. Not saying you're lying, but the big tell that something is not right is that you claim to have a "secret key" for a Coinbase account. Sorry, but doesn't make sense.
  4. It's good news. You just get here? Last time XLM started gaining on XRP, XRP moved like a biatch. Calm down, bruh. Go out and take a vape.
  5. Not sure where you're getting your info. The SEC thinks it has proof Ripple moved the market a smidge back in 2016 when the price was ranging between .006 and .007 USD. So, um, yeah. Good luck to you, my misinformed friend.
  6. Even this is too much emotion to mention about someone who sold merely 10% of a stack. Barely worth a post imo.
  7. Insofar as we live in a world where that hasn't happened yet, selling 10% seems like a good business decision.
  8. Who? How many? What are their addresses? Gonna send a guy to take care of 'em.
  9. That's right. And if that puss could talk, I imagine it would sound exactly like Backer's "HEY, WhAt'S GOING ON!" If any of you ever encountered that type of witchy chick, you know what I'm talking about here. Backer is the masculine embodiment of that stupidity.
  10. Honestly, the Backer is completely over-rated. Reminds me of an ex-girlfriend who tried to convince everyone she was a psychic. Her puss smelled like aged vinegar (not that it matters). I honestly suggest ignoring him.
  11. Are you gas-lighting? @Eric123's projections have been rock steady imo.
  12. Except XRP actually had *3* massive pumps in 2017.
  13. Interesting. Reminds me of the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones just shoots the dude with the fancy sword tricks. In this case you're the dude with the sword and the IRS is Dr Jones.
  14. Will your opinion change if the case against him is dismissed? Cause it really looks like it's heading in that direction.
  15. Seems like an arbitrary reading of the charts. I encourage you to zoom in on XRP's price action from Jan 2017 through Dec 2017. There were a number of waves up followed by consolidation periods. Again, the way you're reading things seems to be a recipe for a massive mistake. Accumulate and hold is the only way forward, my friend. You will not outsmart this market.
  16. Here's a haiku for you: I'm going to tell you something. Have you ever crossed a rope bridge? You know what? It sags. It sags in the middle. Now. Go look at the XRP chart. Zoom out 5 years. Tell me. Do the lines not sag like a rope bridge? Only the faithful shall cross.
  17. Huh? A week and change left in April last I checked.
  18. Had a friend who told me he was doing something similar back in January. Dude lost his whole stack. You always think it won't happen to you.
  19. Then I gotta pay taxes on those XRP sales. No thanks.
  20. Been holding since 2016. My cash out horizon won't even begin until 2025 or so. Talk to me then.
  21. End of the bull run? Um, isn't that just a bit dramatic for a basic Saturday night dump? I mean, really, put on a movie or something, guy.
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