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  1. Huh? A week and change left in April last I checked.
  2. Had a friend who told me he was doing something similar back in January. Dude lost his whole stack. You always think it won't happen to you.
  3. Then I gotta pay taxes on those XRP sales. No thanks.
  4. Been holding since 2016. My cash out horizon won't even begin until 2025 or so. Talk to me then.
  5. End of the bull run? Um, isn't that just a bit dramatic for a basic Saturday night dump? I mean, really, put on a movie or something, guy.
  6. Thoughts on BC Backer's top call between 67-80k? And then MPC hopped on the same wagon. I'm inclined to say they're missing the memo here.
  7. Is it just me, or does anyone else think CZ's pulling some funny business with BNB?
  8. More people should chime on this one -- it's an important video. It's really the million dollar question. Is BC Backer's almost purely chart-driven analysis correct? For those who haven't watched, he's claiming BTC is gonna top between 67 - 80k or so, and alt season starting sort of confirms we're at the end of the BTC cycle this time around. A couple of problems here. As he himself points out, in 2017 there were 2 alt seasons. He mentions that, but I don't find his reasoning compelling that we might not actually be in the 1st alt coin cycle. Another problem is that he's n
  9. I mean, the world won't end after XRP hits $20. I'm not sure why $100+ XRP is unrealistic in a multi-cycle view of things.
  10. I will quickly say I was 100% right about XRP's price action vs. Kin's (as of right now anyway), was I not? I'm out running errands--will respond to the rest later tonight.
  11. I think you logicked your way to the answer: a quick settlement shortly after Gensler takes office cuts the Gordian knot. I still sense this strange overall tone of pessimism from Pablo. It's interesting, but seems a bit at odds with Ripple's sweep of (small but meaningful) court victories lately. Also, I think the market is starting to price a settlement in. Sometimes it "knows" more than we do.
  12. I mean a big part of me thinks I should've just bought more XRP...
  13. Took a look at HBAR. Took a look at ALGO. I didn't hear Gary Gensler say boo about HBAR, oh but he say big boo about ALGO. So's I bought zeee ALGO. A lot of it. THE END.
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