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  1. Hodor preemptively out-argued what you have to say here. Sorry, chap, but you're on the wrong side of history. Also, stop taking cues about the business world from Shark Tank. Like, OMG. Really?
  2. Everything is political. The only folks who don't believe that are libertarians, who walk around thinking their sh*t doesn't stink.
  3. Many of us would kill for 7x or 8x XRP's ATH. Here's to history rhyming.
  4. Still, Ripple does sell quite a bit of XRP each month. The fact that they're consistently selling so much at XRP at 50-100x its 2016 value is really something. I don't think much imagination is required to expect a tipping point soon, if we extend this adoption curve out.
  5. XCurrent is not a "project"--it's a product.
  6. More like delete the post. It's total disinformation.
  7. Actually, the real mistake is not treating XRP like it's a special gem in the crypto space.
  8. This fundamentally says nothing about XLM's status as a security. If anything, it exposes the SDF to an additional charge of illegally issuing a "security."
  9. I'm sorry, but this post is just f-cking insane. Can you please link to one instance where someone upgraded their firmware and had their Ledger hacked? How is that even remotely possible? Let me guess: are you also an anti-vaxxer? It's people like you that are a cancer on forums like this. GTFO.
  10. You gotta wonder what the conversation will be like at Ripple HQ tomorrow morning. Any thoughts?
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