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    ty816 reacted to RikkiTikki_is_Back in SEC Rule 501 ....   
    I know it was said in one of his vids that Ripple only spent like 250k for lobbying last year, when he said that my thought was they were not very serious at all in that respect.  If you look at the cash other entities their money size lays out for lobbying.  I know BG preaches regulation but man 250k is a far cry from being real serious about it.
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    ty816 reacted to Scout in US SEC was Reportedly Warned that Investors May Lose Billions due to Enforcement Action Against Ripple by former SEC Chief Joseph Grundfest   
    XxxxxxRrrrrrrrPppppp is BBBBBbbbiiiiitttttttt Connnnnnnnnect 2.0 we just don’t have Carlos Matos as the ring leader. We have B-rad, Slick as garlicbutter. Keep your eyes on the prize!
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    ty816 reacted to RikkiTikki_is_Back in SEC Rule 501 ....   
    You know I hate to say I told you so, but again as I have been saying on here since 2017 and for those of you who will say I am new here, the seasoned members know me around here, but I had to take some time away from being on here as I was becoming absorbed in this space.  "XRP in the way Ripple utilizes it is not meant for retail investors!!"  We just happen to be the benefactors of bad management!!  I think this will play out exactly the way this attorney describes it where in the end institutions and accredited investors will be the only ones able to purchase XRP.  This will more than likely also usher in Brads final hours at Ripple because he either didn't do his due diligence or ignored things entirely just because the SEC didn't say anything that doesn't mean you carry on  like there is no sheriff in town, regardless his watch, his problem. Could we see Brian Brooks take the helm of Ripple????(Wishful thinking):) I believe the escrow will either be taken from Ripple for some 3rd party to control so that it could be properly monitored so activity like this will not have even the slightest chance to occur in the future, or it will continue to be held by Ripple with very strict monitoring in place.  I don't believe the SEC will do anything to Kill XRP It's benefits far outweigh any value in seeing it fail!  I do see a change of guard at Ripple and the way they do business as it relates to XRP. If Ripple remains keepers of the escrow then definitely look for Brad and Chris and maybe others who are not named to be distanced from the company.
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    ty816 got a reaction from xrp_is_love_xrp_is_life in New Video: "Flare Network - FTSO & How to Generate a Passive Income"   
    Prevents people from dumping on the market all at once.
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    ty816 got a reaction from Gambaard in New Video: "Flare Network - FTSO & How to Generate a Passive Income"   
    Prevents people from dumping on the market all at once.
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    ty816 reacted to 3lfx in When is the next XFLR disbursement on Bitrue?   
    Bitrue have issued an IOU to allow trading on their platform. Flare Networks have not launched yet.
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    ty816 reacted to 2ndtimearound in Court filings in SEC case - Answer deadline and a few more interesting attorneys entered for Ripple   
    To make amends to the retail traders, the new SEC team should allow Brad and Chris to pump XRP's price back to the exact price that XRP was at before the SEC news hit.  In soccer, we call it a "drop ball" to restart play.
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    ty816 reacted to PunishmentOfLuxury in Court filings in SEC case - Answer deadline and a few more interesting attorneys entered for Ripple   
    She might be in a bind, though. How can she criticise the SEC for not providing regulatory clarity when she was the Chair for four years whilst Ripple was under investigation?
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    ty816 reacted to princesultan in Court filings in SEC case - Answer deadline and a few more interesting attorneys entered for Ripple   
    If this was a scam like some people are shouting, you can be sure someone well respected like Mary Jo White is not going to put her name behind representing something like this.
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    ty816 reacted to THARWANI in SPARK token distribution   
    Almost 60 spark will be distributed to each litecoin
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    ty816 reacted to jetbrzzz in XRP in Japan   
    We should all realize by now that gov't and those in power otherwise have no interest in helping those over whom they govern. They also play king maker when it suits them.
    Inferior tech like BTC and ETH get a free pass and XRP, that's actually used to move money without gouging its user base to pay off miners for transaction priority, gets thrown under the bus. 
    Class action against Tether for market manipulation and BTC pumps like a muddafacka. Who knows if they even have the cash-on-hand they claim they do? But it's ok, let them go about their business. Maybe they asked J Powell Wow about how to make their Tether printer go "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr".
    Ask Max Keiser about the Tether lawsuit and he just brushes off.  Uh huh, says the Russian Gov't-sponsored, ex-Wall Street trader that now shills Bitcoin.
    The reason Vitalik came out and sh@t on XRP, calling it a sh!tcoin, is because he knows Flare and XRP are about to, in the words of Charles Hoskinson, "Eat their f*ckin' lunch."  Using Vitalik's own Ethereum smart contract logic at that, lol.
    How ya like them apples? None of this "PoW -> PoS but maybe hopefully it'll be ready, but next, next year" non-sense. Ya think maybe they should have thought through this whole proof of work thing, no? Gas fees gougin' gravy train coming to an end, my dude. 
    Flare+XRP = FX = Near instant settlement of smart contracts for pennies per.
    Fear the Zerp.
    I screenshot it, just in case he wants to apologize later after he deletes it...

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    ty816 reacted to panmores in Flare Networks - FTSO: a breakdown   
    This stuff is way above my pay grade. 
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    ty816 reacted to SadtoshiNaggingmoto in New Garlinghouse Series of Tweets, Answering Some Questions   
    Defedant defends himself. Whatever. IMHO Mr. Garlinghouse reputation has been damaged and i'm not inclined to belive what he's uttering. 
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    ty816 reacted to FOOD in If you have an account with one of the exchanges that dropped XRP...   
    ... okay, fine... I'm back... 
    So what you guys think?  We got dumped on?  And then Jay Clayton got pi$$ed?
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    ty816 reacted to AllZerps in Poll: Have You Sold ?   
    I still don’t understand that either, I’ve held since 2017 and regretted not selling the run up over $3 and held all the way down to the bottom again but this is different bc of the lawsuit. Wake up people, you can make some gains NOW then jump back into Xrp once this settles. 
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    ty816 reacted to Elysium2030 in Charting the course of XRP   
    Congrats Jed
    I think he is sitting in his apartement, watching the charts an masturbate the hell out of his life.
    Meanwhile, Brad checks the menu in jail. No Kobebeef for u honey.
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    ty816 reacted to Babelly in Poll: Have You Sold ?   
    People love "buy when there's blood in streets" but don't realize their trying to putting a Band-Aid on their own cut that needs stiches.  This isn't buying the dip, you can make your losses back going into a different project and then re-enter with a bigger stack if you truly believe in it.  I intend to do that, but I'm also watching carefully.
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    ty816 reacted to JustKevStockholm in Ripple Defence   
    Here is what I think. Its not that crypto came into existence yesterday or something like that. I'm sure that the US government quickly became aware of Satoshi's work. Now fast forward to where we are today. The lack of clarity and the absence of action from law makers clearly says it all. The Obama administration didn't offer clarity. The Trump administration didn't offer clarity. And here we got this pickle and the whole industry in the US is in a weird state of limbo. What exactly is allowed and not allowed? "Well - we cant tell you!"
    Crypto challenges the US hegemony. Crypto is decentralized and this is something governments cant control. They don't want innovation in this industry, but rather they want to make everything more difficult. One example is the recent FINCen wallet rule. https://cointelegraph.com/news/heavy-hitters-of-crypto-call-for-users-to-comment-on-proposed-fincen-wallet-rule
    The USD is a big Ponzi scheme with none-stop printing from the Federal Reserve and not to mention the enormous debt that will only get bigger.  People's hard worked money gets undermined daily and its not strange that people move some of their assets to crypto. Yes, crypto might be a bubble but at least you cant "print" more just like that.  This is new paradigm and in the end this is war that the US government will lose.
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    ty816 reacted to RikkiTikki_is_Back in Ripple Defence   
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    Posted Thursday at 10:33 AM (edited)
    I believe and I could be wrong that XRP itself will not be found as a security, but it is possible the actions of Ripple will be penalized in using it in that manner(Which I hope not, but who knows). I believe that if this is such Ripple will incur a hefty fine and be forced to turn over control over the large amount of XRP that they hold individually and  corporately and at the end of the day a vast majority will be controlled by a government entity or  a non profit entity (HI SWIFT "Had a feeling you had the nuclear option still in the bag, and with friends in Washington to boot!") but that is neither here nor there. This was going to happen no matter what party led the administration once they got a clear and concise view that this thing was real and the implications it has. Their not worried about Bitcoin and Ethereum not to say those DA's aren't good but at least now they are not displaying the world transforming attributes that XRP and the XRP ledger are showing (NOW!!) I mean look at the timing and the actions.  "The building of the Non Profit, BG saying Ripple may leave the US due to the lack of regulatory clarity.  He comes out a day or two before the actual SEC announcement and says "We may be sued by the SEC!!!)Who the hell does that?? Like he is trying to warn us retail investors to either get out or take your XRP and run! He knew they were going to be sued and their business partners knew it also way in advance.  Here is what's happening at least I think.  "The Shakedown!!"  XRP use case is no longer conceptual it's realized and with that realization comes the fact that not only does ripple hold a lot but a lot of retail investors hold a lot most for speculative nature and to capitalize on the profits of that behavior just like BTC, because lets be honest BTC's use case is an imaginary place holder because it's to costly and slow for transactions so it's been hyped as a placeholder for value off pure speculation {It's sort of like the matrix, when your plugged in you see this but when you unplug you see what it really is .) I'm not knocking BTC but I am saying any coin from A to Z including Dogecoin could do what we have deemed BTC able to do. the only reason it's at the top is because it was the first out the gate but in hindsight so was the Ford Model T.  XRP wasn't meant for you and me!!  I wrote over a year ago on this forum in my first reincarnation on here  and I quote "At some point I fully expect XRP will be taken off public facing exchanges and only dealt between organization's, governments, banks and OEM's as a settlement asset, but first they must reign in the bulk of what is out there with the retail investors!"  I did not word it exactly this way but I echoed the same idea.   How this will be done is by price manipulation a severe swing down will force most to sell then once that has happened a severe swing up to get the other half to sell.  You can't lead with your emotions but you also have to do what you need to do is what I will leave you with!  Again this is just my thought's and definitely speculation at this point based on various data points throughout the over 4 years I have been following XRP. This movement although hidden as a reprimand on Ripple is nothing more than a control grab by the Government with influential backers behind the scene namely the central banks working with SWIFT 
    Edited Thursday at 10:40 AM by RikkiTikki_is_Back
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    ty816 reacted to Cambridge in Ripple Defence   
    I think you hit the nail on the head. There's a banking system and a handful of banks that own the railways for international money transfer - SWIFT.
    It seems, at least to me, that Ripple wanted to disperse XRP into the market gradually all the while creating business relationships that would build liquidity. Once there is a robust framework and networks with enough liquidity, then smaller banks would join in and have an option to step away from the legacy banking system. It could not be done now, which to me makes this point by the SEC mute. You can't really blame Ripple for not being able to offer this right away, because it's not possible. 
    So my interpretation remains that in order to stifle Ripple’s progress, lobbyists for the major banks are pressuring regulators by telling them that this "crypto magic token" is going to destabilize global markets if there is "a run on XRP". So to protect the financial system, they need to regulate it as a security to limit what Ripple can do and thus keep control of the legacy system set in place by these big banks, at least until they can catch up with the technology. 
    I could be completely off base, but that's what I've read online somewhere. What do I know. 
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    ty816 reacted to Julian_Williams in Ripple Defence   
    If only it were that simple.
    My impression is that this is all about getting a precedent in US law that the way Ripple sold XRP constituted an "investment contract" that needed to be regulated under security law.   This makes every crypto token created as an ICO, which excuses ETH and BTC apparently, a security.  That clarifies everything, it also seems to destroy innovation in the US and makes the US a no-go area for new blockchain projects. 
    I am trying to work out the purpose behind this strategy?  What is their end game?
    The other enigma is why they are messing about with security law at all.  It seems to me to be totally unsuited for the regulation of crypto tokens.  It like trying to make BTC as fast as XRP, it is a fools game.  Much better to work out how you want to regulate crypto and then build law to achieve your aims.  Create a new asset class.
    It seems we are fighting with a team of clever dinosaurs that want to return the world to an era when America was the only super power and everything danced under the hegemony of dollar and old style banking practices and corruption.  This is going nowhere.
    Please @Pablo give me some guidance about what I am missing in all this?
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    ty816 reacted to 2ndtimearound in Ripple Defence   
    Great points - it's something I've been trying to say, but less succinctly.  It's not really about "is XRP a security?" - it's about Ripple's conduct and even more to the point, their purpose.  It seems their real purpose is to profit from XRP sales - to put it bluntly. The kinder view is they got distracted by the money-printing machine next to them and kept using it over and over again.  Even if it wasn't their original purpose, it's become their purpose. They see that retail traders prop up the price via "bullish news" - so perhaps the point of ODL is a kind of dog and pony show to say "see? We're moving forward!" - yet the MG debacle reveals the contrived nature of this "business growth".  Ripple are always promising jam tomorrow but never delivering.  Their excuse is always "a lack of regularity clarity" yet they could have built corridors outside the US and moved to another country years ago.
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    ty816 reacted to quan in Ripple Defence   
    You forgot to mention the sale of Brad and Chris was executed at low volume that takes only 0.4% of the total liquidity. 
    What most people fail to understand is how valuation is made in coins. 
    The coins must be sold to distribute to create the market. Founders and large holders must sell (at slow pace) to create value and utility for the coin. 
    If bitcoin was mined and never left the miners' wallets, bitcoin would never have had any valuation. 
    most people seem to think coins must be held to gain valuation which is wrong. 
    There are many pros and cons in blockchain technology. one of the biggest cons of the tech is that it makes the founders and initial investors massively rich. (Inequality) 
     in the internet era, we saw mark Zuckerberg at age of 22 become the second richest man in the world. 
    This blockchain era will create even more wealthy people and I don't have problem with that as long as I'm on the train.
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    ty816 reacted to thinlyspread in Ripple Defence   
    Exactly, thank you. Some guy in Japan who owns XRP doesn't magically own shares in Ripple even if the SEC wins and declares "it" "a" security (not even practically possible). It's around Ripple and other large holders, their influence on the market at large, their behaviour, and specific transactions, all under scrutiny. Which myself and others have been warning about since 2014 or so. Doesn't mean we don't like the Ripple vision, devs, or the XRP tech! 
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    ty816 reacted to SquaryBone in Ripple Defence   
    It's that's sparkle of Christmas hope  DS is truly someone I look up to. Even he seems to be surprised and pissed of on twitter about what he reads in the SEC case. If DS were to fall (by leaving Ripple) that would be devastating. If his response is truthful (which I think it is) I feel bad for him that he put all this effort in this project to now come to the realization that some execs mislead him for years.
    Don't be mistaken though: DS is certainly not the only brains that developed the software. Ripple has some tremendously good people (nodoubtaboutit). But DS was the most public and the face of XRP and the XRP ledger. A pleasure to listen to him explain stuff and discuss things without acting like he knows all the answers. A true top-notch tech guy/engineer.
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