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  1. Hi new members, I don't post much as others are far more intelligent than I am but this is the place to learn, good and fud! Welcome to the party!
  2. I get both sides of the debate, but still, we have to aknowlege that mr(s) 123 has hit something here. We talk of connections a lot, the pic with the symbol on the Malta flag means something. It was a very early call. I'm going with very interesting and that's all for now. Will stay open minded and HODL until such times. I, personally, do not believe over $500 by end of year; but, I do believe in XRP to lead the market; very soon. Time will tell; I'll still be here. If I'm wrong we can plan a $1 party for a group hug.
  3. But $2312 and the market cap and....and....and......nothing. How about we stop looking at market cap x1billion because XRP and Xrapid will be in use long before the escrow is finished? Thought I'd post this before the FUDDERS come in. Where's max!?
  4. @RDS this is some super sleuthing. The dots are connecting even quicker with every Guinness I drink. Thank You!
  5. I live by the mantra that you don't stop working because you get old, you get old because you stop working. Life changing for me will be $10. I'll start my own business and be living my dream. To have many millions as a result of an investment would mean a LOT will go to local charities confidentially. Waking up with millions doesn't help others (my opinion). Just my 2 zerps. If you want to have millions in the bank go for it. Your investment, your choice. But the journey is as much fun as this community ?
  6. Agreed. Looking at XLM these past few days, I cannot help to think some of the increase there is to aid XRP FUD. A lot of noise about XLM price becoming higher than XRP. To that, I'd day, well OMG is almost 20x the price of XRP, it must clearly have a much better use case then ?
  7. I got way too excited at the title of this topic.
  8. Coinbase is NOT the centre of the crypto/digital asset world. The success of XRP does not rely on a Coinbase listing. Agreed, it will help, but please stop. If anything, aiding the Coinbase listing issue helps the FUDDERS as they can always revert back to it as a negative, just like the SEC issue.
  9. @slinuxuzer good work and nicely presented. Thanks.
  10. Merely trying to lighten the mood during a tough day. Don't read too much into it.
  11. Strong hands ladies and gents. Winter is coming but weather the storm, (X)Spring will soon be here.
  12. Apologies if I've broken press rules. Just linked it to try and understand better as it's news to me.
  13. https://www.cognizant.com/blockchain?utm_source=Search-AdWords&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=AlwaysOn_UnitedKingdom_DigitalOperations_Latest ThinkingBMM&utm_term=blockchain&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuLrJnIPW2wIVjp3tCh0UYgDbEAAYASAAEgL6QfD_BwE Hi all. Does anyone have any comments on this? It' just come on during a half time in the World Cup. Would be interested in opinions. Thanks in advance.
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