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    faz reacted to King34Maine in ripple smart contract codius, stellar smart contract SEPX, vs built-in smart contract EVM.   
    The contracts run on independent hosts and not on the underlying blockchain or cryptographic network, similar to traditional hosting. This is because the architecture of a cryptographic network is complicated enough without throwing programmability into the mix. Codius resides on the application layer to allow contracts and dApps to interface with other blockchains, legacy systems, other internet services provider, etc. With the Interledger Protocol the primary obstacle of smart contracts  (i.e. interoperability)  was remedied giving Codius the ability to interact with any service or API, scale infinitely, and read or write to any blockchain like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. Codius is not tied to any one currency it can settle via any "value" designation. Codius has two components: the contract portion and a smart oracle. Having both allows its users to account for multiple variables and random outcomes (via the oracle) that can alter the outcome of the specified contract. Not tied to one particular language like Ethereum (i.e. Solidity), but allows users to utilize any programming language they choose (i.e. Java, JavaScript, Solidity, etc.) Because Codius platform resides outside of the blockchain or cryptographic network, it can do something that other contract platforms (i.e. Ethereum) can't do, and that is that it can keep secrets. Codius: Smart Contracts Made From Containers
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    Cred released 175 million of their LBA that was not in circulation into circulation, ~2million USD, since my last post back in mid April.
    Cred also added two high-profile executives, Daniel Goldstein and Bethany De Lude, to its leadership team recently.  Goldstein served as the vice president of digital engineering at Western Union. De Lude joined PricewaterhouseCoopers senior manager in the late 90s with nearly a decade of experience at the U.S. NSA. From 2010 until 2019, she had a leadership role at the Federal Judiciary where she worked on building a modernized security framework. 
    I still have a a lot of catching up to do. There were a few wallet/exchange partnerships announced. 
    current price: $0.0118
    current CS: 838,749,675 (175 million up) (edit: left the old value in)
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    faz reacted to Silkjaer in Phishing continues, watch out   
    The phishing attacks starting as on ledger memo spam, now e-mail spam, is still making new victims.
    The current state (June 15) is more than 2,100,000 XRP stolen and 1,980,000 XRP laundered, mainly through to swap services: ChangeNOW and CoinSwitch.
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    faz reacted to Zedy44 in LBA discussion   
    One of the reasons I am taking the route of only dealing with stable coins / USD is for my tolerance, or lack thereof,  for dealing with tax implications of LBA distributions.  Uphold does make it pretty easy because they give you the forms, but getting a guaranteed 10% in straight USD with just a standard 1099-INT for the distributions is pretty nice IMHO.
    But I hope LBA does well.  I like the team and the product and they are still under the radar. 
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    faz got a reaction from Zedy44 in LBA discussion   
    i,m doing pretty much the opposite of you lol , hoping lba will start to do as well as cel cro mco eventually , i hope they create more utility for lba going forward , if they do it could skyrocket .
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    faz reacted to Zedy44 in LBA discussion   
    I've moved my Cred balances into the uphold based stable currency UPUSD to hit the 10% interest rate with the 10k LBA staked.  Standard USD is back up from 5% to 8%, but I'll take that 10% if I can find it against a stable currency.  On a side note I thought about having my payouts in LBA going forward since LBA had laddered a lot lower and has recently been on the rise back up, but there's additional risk there and honestly the USD payout @ 10% interest is a no-brainer to me.  Another note -- one perk of using UPUSD you can see through Uphold's app the current UPUSD liquidity, which is fairly low since it's not a very popular stable asset.  I suspect due to the lower liquidity it will keep the interest rate pegged near 10% for quite awhile on the Cred side, which saves me the hassle of converting my deposits around to chase the high interest rates.
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    faz reacted to LeonidasH in TimeX exchange lists XRP   
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    faz reacted to LeonidasH in Arab Bank Switzerland to add custody and brokerage services for XRP   
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    faz reacted to Xrpiet in An App for Millions That Runs on Ripple   
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    another partnership:
    XRP lending rates have dropped again by 1% now on 4%. 
    current price: $0.00832
    current CS: 663,749,675  (225k up)
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    Fairly major announcement in regard to LBA  and the CredEarn program.
    Cred is now offering daily compound interest. It still pays out at the end of a 6 month term. But the interest is calculated daily and goes back into the balance to earn more interest. If you are wanting to just set and forget for a few years then compound interest would be the way to go.  
    Another new ann that was just announced as well is the partnership with Huobi wallet.
    It looks like the XRP interest rate has dropped to 5% down from 6%. Not sure when this happened. But i think it was pretty recent.
    Also Creds latest AMA wrap up is out.
    The LBA price dropped as low as .73c at its lows a few days ago.
    The April the 1st pay out in LBA was at a rate of .8c. Anyone being paid out in LBA is growing their LBA stack a lot more than was planned although overall their LBA stack is well down in value.  
    current price: $0.008130
    current CS: 663,523,897 (unchanged)
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    faz reacted to mDuo13 in Introducing XRP Ledger v1.5.0   
    XRP Ledger core server, rippled, v1.5.0 has been released!
    You can read the full v1.5.0 Release Announcement on the XRPL Blog.
    Also, we've published a whole bunch of changes to the documentation on xrpl.org, including:
    Known Amendments has the new protocol amendments listed and statuses updated: https://xrpl.org/known-amendments.html New fields in the response to the submit method: https://xrpl.org/submit.html#response-format server_info method updated with more recent examples and updated time fields: https://xrpl.org/server_info.html New manifest method: https://xrpl.org/manifest.html New validator_info method: https://xrpl.org/validator_info.html New fields in tx method providing for more robust Not Found errors: https://xrpl.org/tx.html#not-found-response Updated account_channels method to reflect bug fixes: https://xrpl.org/account_channels.html Instructions on how to enable the new gRPC API on your rippled server: https://xrpl.org/configure-grpc.html New warnings in API responses if your server is, or is about to be, amendment blocked: https://xrpl.org/response-formatting.html#api-warnings Request Formatting updated with better formatting and new API Versioning information: https://xrpl.org/request-formatting.html Other very minor cleanup and corrections Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and enjoy the new version!
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    Nice endorsement. This should help spread Creds programs/LBA awareness. Looks like there was a small bounce but has since dropped back. Any other time in the last 6 months this may have had more of an impact. Still forward progress.
    current price: $0.0116
    current CS: 663,523,897 
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    Like the rest of the market LBA has taken a beating over the last few weeks. The Coronavirus  is having a major impact and it's only just starting. Stay safe and do not underestimate the seriousness of the issue, play your part and do what you must to limit the spread. It will save countless lives if everyone does what is being asked of them.
    LBA dipped below 1c again briefly and has had another 25mil added to its circulating supply.
    Dan Schatt put out a letter to reassure cred customers.
    " Cred is prepared for extreme situations like the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, including how it pertains to the services we provide for our customers and extended community. Cred’s business procedures address extreme circumstances such as COVID-19 and the measures that are being rapidly implemented.
    We are proud of Cred’s preparation and ability to operate the business soundly, regardless of the market direction."
    It was stated on Creds telegram that all lending platforms allow the pay out of interest in XRP except uphold which only allows USD or LBA currently. 
    Cred Partners with "Edge Wallet"
    Another partner which is great. I do not know much about edge. If there are any forum members that have used edge or can comment on it that would be great.
    Of note MakerDAO the largest(i think) defi lending/borrowing system ran into major issues with this latest round of volatility
    "MakerDAO was undoubtedly the biggest loser on Thursday. An infrastructure error led to over $4 million being swooped up by a lurking bot-maker, leaving investors high and dry as their collateral was taken away. In response, the Maker community voted Friday to restructure certain risk measures."
    Will this make people less likely to use these decentralised systems and push them toward more centralised options like Creds?
    The silver lining to the drastic drop is that for those of us that are being paid out in LBA we will be receiving a much larger(65%+) stack of LBA than we would of been expecting a week or so ago.
    current price: $0.0120
    current CS: 663,523,897 (25mil added)
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    Cred has released its wrap up of the second AMA. Quite a bit of good info there. Some i have already posted.
    Hakernoon article regarding defi including cred.
    current price: $0.019
    current CS: 638,523,897 (unchanged)
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    faz reacted to LeonidasH in Luno exchange to list XRP   
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    I'd be tempted to dump it all into LBA for the 10% and the potential upside. MC is so small. But its a risk compared to holding USD.
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    faz reacted to Zedy44 in LBA discussion   
    I've been using Cred now for over a year as a passive income generator on some of my crypto holdings and a couple larger blocks of USD.  Only downside I've encountered is the USD interest dropped from 10% to 5% to try and push the UPUSD usage, which AFAIK is quite low if you look at upholds disclosed holdings (another perk that I like about Uphold tied into Cred, more transparency).  I'll eventually need to convert my USD to UPUSD to get back the other 5%, but otherwise I'm quite happy with the direction Cred has taken thus far.
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    The second AMA with Dan Schatt happened yesterday, This one had a bit more info that i found interesting compared  to the last.
    Take aways below.
    USER: You wouldn't have any issue with an early adopter showing up and potentially chucking in 5000btc for 10%apr
    DS: Great question!  We can put several hundred million dollars to work at these rates, and we are continuing to open up more capacity on an ongoing basis
    In regard to reinvesting interest payments directly back into the lending amount(not having to wait the ~15days to re-invest it).
    DS: Hi!  Yes, this is annoying — we will be enabling re-investing of interest earnings over the next few weeks
    DS: Generally, over 80% of those who are using CredEarn are hodling well beyond the initial 6 month period, and re-enrolling, and we will plan to make it much easier for interest proceeds to be reinvested
    DS: This will be rolled out in phases — we’ll start with new, and then we’ll be able to accommodate existing, but upon re-enrollment, it will be possible
    USER: If participants in the cred earn program are being paid out their interest in LBA is this interest payment simply purchased at market rates on uphold etc or are coins being released from Creds LBA holdings to pay for the interest?
    DS: Great question.  Every sweep period we have up to 30 different crypto and fiat assets coming in, and up to 30 different crypto and fiat assets going out (in the form of interest payments and principal payments).  If we need to pay out more LBA than has come in, we will go into the market and purchase more.
    USER: How much boom could Cred endure before the model broke? If crypto was to 10x or 100x, in a couple of months. Do you have contingencies in place for this? in the past, sudden large crypto movements have wiped out lending ecosystems
    DS: The futures contracts on Bitmex and other highly liquid providers are solid, and require cash collateral.  Aside from our 100% hedged position, we have reserves in place to support movements. We are not taking naked positions with respect to our hedging
    Interesting comment again Dan stating next month will be another big month for them
    "BTW - March will also be a terrific month! All I can hint at — we will have fantastic new functionality coming, and some really exciting partners we’ll announce!"
    I guess the litecoin foundation was one of the big Feb anns. And hopefully the interest reinvest mechanism also comes out in feb.
    Quote from Dan in the following article
    “It’s clear to us that customers have a tremendous appetite in passive earning on their crypto. We expect over the next two years, most custodial exchanges and wallets will offer passive earning opportunities, similar to the way banks operate today.”
    Is there anyone out there still sitting on the fence in regard to just picking up the 10k LBA for better lending rates? Cred seems to be growing and maturing nicely. Even if you are not willing to take the risk to lend your coins today what is the reason for not grabbing 10k LBA so if you do decide to lend you get the much better rates. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are around this?
    Thanks for reading all. And if you have questions regarding LBA/Cred please ask and i will do my best to answer/find the answers for you.
    current price: $0.0215
    current CS: 638,523,897 (unchanged)
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    faz reacted to Tripple in Uphold adds full support for deposits/withdrawals direct to GBP Bank Accounts.   
    Correction: settlement time is 15 seconds, and you can go direct from your XRP wallet into your UK bank account.

    I just did a test transaction there and I'm extremely impressed. It was ready to spend by the time I'd logged into my regular bank account to check it!
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    A couple of bits of news. The LTC foundation has announced Cred as its "strategic partner for borrowing and earning" 
    This is one of the bigger partnerships they have announced and should definitely generate awareness of Cred and its services.
    A few articles have popped up on the back of this announcement
    An interview with Dan Schatt CEO of Cred
    Not a bad read with some interesting insights into crypto as a whole.
    This article is a few days old but not bad. Regarding Cred in general and how their services work. 
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    current CS: 638,523,897
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    faz reacted to Mitty in LBA discussion   
    CredEarn is a year old. I've been using it from the start. So far so good. Increased the percentage of my portfolio that i am earning interest on but still far from the majority of my coins. Closed out a couple of lendings just to test. Built a small stack of LBA which is now growing due to LBA pay outs from my lent LBA. What will happen over the next 12 months? Hopefully LBA passes the 12 month high. XRP still paying 6%.
    Bring on some point of sale news. 
    current price: $0.0231
    current CS: 638,523,897
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    faz reacted to treasurerepco25 in a few user reported their gatehub wallet been hacked and XRP sent to r9do2Ar8k64NxgLD6oJoywaxQhUS57Ck8k   
    Oh look someone got into my wallet again. They tried to send a payment but i have no funds left in that wallet just 40X XRP to keep it open i guess
    So freaking annoying,.I d open a ticket w Lado again at Gatehub but whats the point they dint give a shit there customers are being robbed.
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    faz reacted to Mitty in Celsius Network pays 4.27 % interest on XRP from feb 1   
    This is incorrect it's a 6 month lock up. Recently they have moved from paying out interest every 3 months to paying out interest every month. Once the first 6 month term is up it auto re-enrols for 3 month periods unless cancelled. I have been using CredEarn for nearly a year now and have been happy with their services. I also hold a small amount of Creds token LBA which has a current circulating market cap of around 14mil. If anyone cares there is an ongoing thread in the ALT forum in regard to LBA/CredEarn.
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