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  1. nothing is written in stone at the moment probably gonna take a few years to sort things out tax wise for each country , but most of all hmrc want people to comply so to pay capital gains tax at twenty percent is probably a good place to start .
  2. as far as i know you only make capital gains when you cash out to fiat , so you only have to work it out on what actually goes in to your bank account on any given tax year .
  3. gatehub did say they were adding gbp this year but not heard anything for a long while .
  4. go to ripplecharts .com and watch them burn .( xrpcharts.com)
  5. first rule of xrp club you do not trade your xrp for anything .
  6. they are very busy at the moment , it took 20 days for me to recieve mine , i never put a support ticket in though . hope this helps .
  7. normal market correction, nothing to be concerned about.
  8. coincap.io for a more realistic price . usually on or near bitstamp price.
  9. come on gatehub let us know whats going on please ?
  10. hardware wallet ledger nano s .
  11. i think most people spread the risk putting some on about four exchanges also ledger nano s , never heard of any problems with bittrex.
  12. its been a fantastic year for ripple and xrp and i think the best is yet to come.
  13. competition is not a threat its healthy , its a big pie with plenty to go round for everyone .
  14. usually takes about five days on average with gatehub .
  15. it could hit 10,000 dollars in 100,000 years . its goosed at the moment so we will see what happens but short term i would sell .
  16. this is the guy that was telling people a few months ago to pray for .007 and sell your xrp ,
  17. yet another one who missed the boat , lol.
  18. can you transfer your btc and eth to a wallet or exchange temporaily while you update your nano s then test it with small amounts first...
  19. seems to be lots of problems getting money in and out of gatehub at the moment , think they cant cope with the huge increase in demand, would be nice if they could comment in here to put peoples mind at ease but nothing so far.
  20. dont worry, i think english is not your native launguage . if i have got this right yes the banks will save lots more money the higher the price of xrp .
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