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  1. uphold credearn pay nine percent interest on xrp and ten percent on their own coin lba .
  2. the crypto community has no trust in gatehub what so ever , i,m surprised you have the nerve to show your face on this site your not welcome by most on here .
  3. i see on their website they are now offering crypto loans and leveraging dtr as collateral . this is probably why volume has risen .
  4. yes , i think this coin will do quite well over time , real world use and all that . i got some cel and lba months ago for similar utility reasons , not just a white paper and promises as so many other coins .
  5. i was waiting for that lol. the wealthy founder said every time he asked it was falling on deaf ears , obviously not now , maybe its picking up a bit because of the listing not sure how long its been on there . hopefully our dtr does well in the future , the more trades the more dtr burned .
  6. sorry my fault , i was referring to the exchange being listed on coinmarketcap not the coin .
  7. They have a new operations officer and a new feature where the retail trader can use a trade bot also getting listed on coinmarketcap soon , hopefully things will pick up over the next few months .
  8. lol, its all been good for me , bought @ .006 , enough said .
  9. A final statement would include wheather you are going to reimburse people their xrp , how this company is still in business is beyond me and the ceo should be sacked i wouldent trust him to run a lemonade stand .
  10. most people had strong passwords and two factor authentication switched on . i still think this was some kind of inside job and thats why i think gatehub has taken forever to make a definitive statement on this mess .
  11. well we had a clinton so probably satan himself next .
  12. i think at this stage its a likely assumption that gatehub have gone bust , probably a good idea for everybody to get their funds off asap .
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