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  1. i love the youtubers , especially when they say xrp is going to ten thousand dollars , keep up the good work guys .
  2. hodl finance , cant see anywhere on their site were they offer interest on xrp , only on two stable coins , xrp can just be used as collateral for a loan as far as i can tell .
  3. sounds good , but think i will wait untill they are insured .
  4. ha ha , same goes for your high street banks , and for most of the crypto space if we read the small print . lol , my point is you dont get your money back off the banks and they are regulated look at greece and cyprus, also their was an eu law passed a couple of years ago to protect the banks when they do bail ins and bail outs , lets not forget they are criminal organisations .
  5. bsave.io have been paying daily interest on bitcoin for over two years .
  6. great news. also bsave .io have been paying interest on bitcoin for a couple of years now .
  7. ok all sorted now . i had put the wrong information from etherscan in my edgewallet when i added dtr token ,apparently their are three different dtr tokens who wouldda thunk it .
  8. anyone having problems recieving their dtr tokens to their edge wallet at the moment ? i have sent qau to other addresses as a test with no problems and am definitely sending qau to the correct conversion address .
  9. this is in alt coins and general fintech , numbnuts.
  10. i managed to get my Qau onto the edge wallet and sent Qau to the swap address but after an hour have still not recieved my dtr tokens , not sure what to do now .
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