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  1. gatehub say they are expanding to the us and canada this year and they cant even look after the customers they have now . i would advise anybody to get their funds off gatehub asap , they cant be trusted and have left everybody in the dark .
  2. feel really sorry for you mate , keep your chin up , hopefully gatehub and ripple will do the right thing .
  3. you dont know what i expect because you dont know me , you dont know what ripple would say because your not ripple , you dont know weather gatehub knows what happened or not because you dont work for gatehub , so because you dont know much its probably best if you keep your mouth shut . kind regards faz.
  4. i totally agree with you , i have been part of this rollercoaster for six years now and i usually get called out for being a fan boy lol. my opinon on gatehub ripple the company and chris and the team has not changed at all , i have supported them through thick and thin and will continue to do so , but i am dissapointed they have not made any statement about this heist, they can do that without admitting liability .
  5. it seems ripple cant even bring themselves to throw people a gnawed bone , oh times have changed .
  6. still no official statement or assurances from gatehub and nothing from ripple , meanwhile their beloved customers are being financially ***** and their personal information is being passed around like a cheap ***** probably to the highest bidder , good work ripple and gatehub .
  7. has anyone noticed how gatehub are now calling people users , i remember when users were valued customers , another sign that they are distancing themselves from their responsibilities. and ripple are even worse not even acknowledging anything is even going on here .
  8. full transparancy and assurances from binance , meanwhile gobbledegook and deathly silence from gatehub and ripple .
  9. lol , it was pretty much the only choice in the early days there was no nano s lol
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