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  1. i wish they would bring an app out similar to celsius and crypto.com price would probably skyrocket .
  2. thanks for keeping us up to date , really appreciated.
  3. i,m doing pretty much the opposite of you lol , hoping lba will start to do as well as cel cro mco eventually , i hope they create more utility for lba going forward , if they do it could skyrocket .
  4. uphold credearn is one month and crypto.com is 24 hours flexible , or 1 2 or three months , also no fees that i,m aware of . anyway not trying to shill these platforms but probably best if peeps do some proper research before they invest .
  5. uphold credearn pays six percent on xrp and ten percent on lba their native coin , also crypto.com pays six on xrp and eight percent on mco coin .
  6. uphold credearn pay nine percent interest on xrp and ten percent on their own coin lba .
  7. the crypto community has no trust in gatehub what so ever , i,m surprised you have the nerve to show your face on this site your not welcome by most on here .
  8. i see on their website they are now offering crypto loans and leveraging dtr as collateral . this is probably why volume has risen .
  9. yes , i think this coin will do quite well over time , real world use and all that . i got some cel and lba months ago for similar utility reasons , not just a white paper and promises as so many other coins .
  10. i was waiting for that lol. the wealthy founder said every time he asked it was falling on deaf ears , obviously not now , maybe its picking up a bit because of the listing not sure how long its been on there . hopefully our dtr does well in the future , the more trades the more dtr burned .
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