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  1. i looked at them sites buty it gets confusing now that i have setup a new phone with the same number and 2fa is already set and running on poloniex and i only have 2 more sites that use 2fa. so i will go the email rout. Thanks anyway.
  2. ok i will go email them then Thanks for the address. i had to do the same thing with poloniex but there all i had to do was simply scan the back up barcode with my new phone and all done.
  3. That's for password reset. i know my password its the 2fa that's the problem
  4. Hi all' I broke my phone yesterday that has the 2fa login for gatehub, i do have the recovery key but after looking for some time on the gatehub website i see no way to even use them. can anyone give me a link so i can recover my account please.
  5. ok i have my funds out now and thanks guys i know to you it might be easy but i could not make any sense of it and still can't but now i have most my money back its not such a problem to me. What ive learned is not to put my money into a system until you know how it works Have a nice week end.
  6. well ive managed to get the eth out all but 0.0803 and XRP well ive just had to chip away at it taking bit by bit because it makes no sense at all to me. For instance i now have only 91.1990 XRP in the system so i go to withdraw 90 so that's 90.0000 with a Ripple Network Fee of 0.000015 but the system tells me i don't have that many so i try 80 same problem so i did 10.0000 Ripple Network Fee 0.014621 and im now left with 81.1839 lol so i will do this 9 times and i think thats very strange way of doing things.
  7. thanks i just get "Failed transaction" "Failed transaction" then also i have 16,071.12 so i enter 14,071.12 allowing for the charge, but Gatehub tells me i don't have that many XRP very very strange website and we just don't get on lol Ive got to work out how to get my etherium out next
  8. Hi thanks for that i really don't understand gatehub at all i just want to withdraw my XRP from gatehub back to my poloniex account just like i did when doing it the otherway around. poloniex makes it so easy to move funds around. honest i cant wait to get out of Gatehub, every single step has been a pain.
  9. Hi thanks for that but the same question is still there "how do you withdrew?" there is no obvious way. all i see is DEPOSIT/RECEIVE if only withdrawing was as easy as depositing.
  10. Hi everyone. Wonder if anyone can help me get my funds back out of Gatehub. I opened a Gatehub account so i could move some of my Ripple over to it from my Poloniex account just for security not having all my eggs in one basket. After uploading my driving license and bank statements as well as giving Gatehub my mane , address, tel. i then transferred some Ripple and Etherium over to my Gatehub account and then about 4 hours later i receive an email from Gatehub saying my ID info is not good enough, So i want to withdrew all my Gatehub Funds back to either Poloniex or another exchange. I wish i never opened a Gatehub account Any help appreciated
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