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  1. Are you ALL IN ?

    I'm mining ETH with a revenue of $5/day without electricity . When I get a payment from the pool where I`m mining then I'm converting them into XRP. So I'm all in XRP.
  2. Yeah, he is approaching short term prediction of $0.56
  3. Do tracking numbers expire? Because I`ve checked the MTCN and it says it can't find that transfer. I`ve also checked now a MTCN number when I sent last year some money in Kenya and also saying it can`t find it. Perhaps those numbers are expiring indeed after the transfer.
  4. It will be a battle between money transfer companies because of Ripple tech.
  5. I understand what you`re saying. I`m not sure if money from nostro/vostro accounts will go all into XRP but it will increase the price for sure.
  6. There are also trillions more $ sitting in nostro/vostro accounts than sitting on day traders exchange accounts.
  7. He forgot 2 digits for the price of XRP in 5 years. 3 years ago ETH was around $1 and XRP has better use case than ETH.
  8. I think @MaxEntropy knows that a single XRP will be worth triple digits in the future and he wants to be the only XRP millionaire from this forum.... so I understand his attitude.
  9. Nano s not so secure? 15 yr old hacked it...

    i think they patched it in the last firmware but i`m not really sure. so you need to update your nano.
  10. I`m on 2% but this is enough to give him that amount if his prediction come true.
  11. Do you think that XRP will ever reach $500 ? I mean maybe in 10 years? I can't wait so long....