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  1. https://www.temenos.com/contentassets/bc6e66b0621c417bb70dbb0adbdc1965/temenos-article---asia-pacific.pdf
  2. https://www.temenos.com/en/blog/2015/july/what-is-the-impact-of-apple-pay/ https://www.temenos.com/globalassets/product-families/payments/temenos-instant_payments_brochure.pdf https://www.temenos.com/globalassets/mi/wp/16/blockchain-looking-for-a-problem-to-solve.pdf
  3. https://www.temenos.com/globalassets/mi/wp/16/making-blockchain-a-reality-1608.pdf "Back in May this year Bluzelle Networks a payments platform leveraging the Ripple Infrastructure, became available through the Temenos MarketPlace and demonstrated the ease which RTS systems can integrate and run on established, yet agile, core banking systems."
  4. So he should't sell? Everyone is selling at some point.
  5. That's why I've invested in XRP. Not to many people understand what's happening behind the curtains.
  6. And this is the next step in the human evolution. We need better ways to transfer money. Because with the current system we are stucked in the bronze age.
  7. At this moment SEC knows that XRP is a security but they are waiting them to become more decentralized. When that will happen, then SEC will announce it's not a security. That's because the people who rule the world (iluminati or E.T.) knows the future of this technology. Perhaps they invented Bitcoin to attract a lot of people in the game then release a better tech than BTC which is XRP. Without BTC and the mainstream adoption or today day-traders, they couldn't change the actual money transfer technology.
  8. It won't happen anything because nobody will convert. No use case for XLM. XRP is the real coin with lots of use cases.
  9. I've invested about $45k into XRP and my average is 0.88 so it's harder for me to dump those coins for others. I've researched a lot and XRP is the best coin for a long term. But if you only invested $100 it will be easier for you.
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