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  1. nomenclature like ya thread title
  2. hoping the old 'if you build it they will come' adage holds true
  3. dang - Janna must have me blocked can you unblock me @JannaOneTrick i'm @fiikster
  4. ^ was aware what C Rex was on about ( I can b vague at ti...) but in theory they could freeze say, US dollars held? (or Mexican pesos or any fiat)
  5. but possible to freeze non-xrp issued currencies if I read this correctly? https://xrpl.org/freezes.html
  6. ah... good news don't they say a company's success is correlated to the number of lawsuits (frivolous or not)
  7. Swift had tested Ripple in their labs a few yrs back but nothing (public) eventuated from it. https://amp.ibtimes.co.uk/seven-banks-kick-off-ripples-blockchain-network-including-santander-ubs-unicredit-90-more-1566894?__twitter_impression=true
  8. ^lolz Hodor is that your doing that pic? (some wont know what that's from )
  9. looking at the tx fees, I guessimate a fee of 7-10% per minimum transfer amount - think i'm missing something here
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