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  1. fiik

    BearWhale research

    not uncommon for one or more to have gains against the others
  2. bargain xrp prices atm... 24hr trade volume xrp today is/was .9Billion(xrp) - these new xrp listings - increase liquidity - profit or something like that haha IIRC it was said that banks and etc can get a discounted price
  3. fiik

    Why You Shouldn't Sell Your XRP!

    Title seems a tad click baity it would depend on how much $ and what type of trader/holder and risk level one is comfortable with
  4. fiik

    Response from SEC

    they palmed u off haha they may as well have said we take the fifth
  5. fiik

    SWIFTNet using RippleNet?

    Treacher, who spent six years on the board of SWIFT, is hopeful about Ripple working together with the incumbent bank messaging network. "We often ask - what is the essence of SWIFT, and if you peel it back, interestingly, it's not really the standards because that's run by ISO anyway now, it's not really the physical computers because - okay you needed your own internet in 1974, but arguably you don't really need that today. It's the community and it's the governance." "SWIFT has run Ripple in its labs and is totally up to speed with what Ripple does. I guess the problem is whereas we are fresh and we are new, we haven't got our feet on the ground and we are establishing our network. SWIFT has got a humongous legacy. It moves the GDP of the world every three days. "They are very cautious for a good reason. It just takes some time but we are in dialogue with them. We are speaking to their top brass and given time I feel positive," said Treacher. From July 2016 - All looking good to 2018 and meh! Marcus was also asked about Ripple [XRP]’s partnership with SWIFT during the interview. For which he mentioned that both the models are completely different and it is not ideal for a partnership. He also mentioned that due to these advanced technologies, “there is still a home in the ecosystem for messaging based platforms like SWIFT.” Marcus says: “We recognize that our model could eventually lead to SWIFT’s demise, as it is equally equipped to handle large as well as low-value transactions, but we are happy to coexist with the SWIFT world.”
  6. fiik

    SWIFTNet using RippleNet?

    so swift will be able to utilise SAP and vice versa in a nutshell? CPL200 – SAP S/4HANA and Blockchain Integration (2017) http://assets.dm.ux.sap.com/TechEd/TechEd_Vegas2017/pdfs/CPL200_49430_Presentation_1.pdf#page=12 http://assets.dm.ux.sap.com/TechEd/TechEd_Vegas2017/pdfs/CPL200_49430_Presentation_1.pdf#page=11
  7. fiik

    ICE/Baakt and XRP

    should tell' em to drop it
  8. or wait till its not they did say certain ones can start as a security but evolve into a non-security
  9. fiik

    ICE/Baakt and XRP

    turning btc into their bit**
  10. traces back to https://bithomp.com/explorer/r3kmLJN5D28dHuH8vZNUZpMC43pEHpaocV in 7 hops Activated: 2013-01-01 03:21 Name: Ripple Nickname: OpenCoin.1 Domain: ripple.com Twitter: @Ripple Genesis index: 91 Genesis balance: 991 481 XRP
  11. im feeding with him - jump in the waters fine 🏊‍♂️🦈 best prices for now