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  1. @BobWay re:use cases I borrowed an idea and sent XRP through space to Anne McClain. Gotta remember to pack my toothbrush.
  2. getting ready for that wild synchronicity
  3. im sure this wasn't posted just for the shyte and giggles
  4. edit: why are we concerned with moonrockets new symbol for anyway https://xrpsymbol.github.io/
  5. ^$B90 market (expected eco-wide this yr iirc)
  6. that author is a robot https://cryptodaily.co.uk/author/fakhan
  7. hope ya don't mind I've added a few posts to facebook business groups for my regional area notifying them of your services - hoping a few get in contact with you.
  8. And now a word from our sponsor Mr Yoshitaka Kitao
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