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  1. Present!! I haven’t posted in some time, life has been insanely busy. I still check the price (multiple times) daily and keep up with XRP, but I’ve been absent from here. Just wanted to encourage everyone to keep HODLing!! I’ve been HODLing since 2013 and haven’t sold a zerp yet. We’re in this for the long haul, don’t let fear weaken your hands or wallets!!
  2. Moonstang


    So sorry man. We went through this last year and I know what you’re feeling. You’re in my prayers and I’m here if I can help!
  3. I’ve taken advantage! This drop has allowed me to reach my new goal and I couldn’t be more excited!
  4. Thanks for sharing this @Chewiecoin! Man, what an uplifting reminder of why we’re all invested and hodling!
  5. While I can most certainly appreciate the LOTR and game references, nothing proves how fast time flies like having kids. You think 5-10 years is a long time? Have a kid and realize it goes by insanely fast!
  6. While this is not a factor that you could even remotely quantify, I’d have to assume there is an unknown amount of XRP locked in wallets that will never be accessed due to lost keys, deceased owners, or flat out forgotten, etc.
  7. Great post @RegalChicken. It's a great reminder of how this cycle goes and how important it is to look long term. My first instinct is to think "man, wish I hadn't bought all those zerps these past few weeks and instead held off now that they're this cheap." Then reality sets in and I know that had this gone the other way this week I would regret having not bought them when I could have. I'm still well in the black and still buying, because at the end of the day I believe in Ripple and I'd rather lose all that I've invested 2 weeks from now in a black swan event then be five years from now wis
  8. 1 in 6 American public schools will benefit from this donation. How can ANYONE be upset about that??
  9. It’s never too late, sell em all now! Maybe yours will be the ones I buy this week.
  10. No way to know. Plan for low and hope for high.
  11. Who does one need to ferociously compliment in order to gain access? By the way, I love your hair and that’s a lovely outfit you have on.
  12. Absolutely. I’ve made several purchases this past couple weeks and I’m buying more tonight.
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