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  1. The lift off doesn't have to be delayed. Cashing out in the US, on the other hand, could be.
  2. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/2019/02/25/xrp-set-to-trade-on-coinbase/ XRP set to trade on Coinbase
  3. Are you able to move your XRP's from Etoro? I stopped using them 6 months ago. They kept promising a functional wallet on many occasions without delivering so I decided to learn about cold storage, registered with a few exchanges so I can purchase my coins and move them to a cold storage straightaway.
  4. "So this is actually a win for Swift over Ripple." Can I suggest you remove your post before @galgitron sees it?
  5. Looking nice. Thought I was on Coinbase for a minute . . .
  6. https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-exchange-binance-enters-european-markets-launches-binance-jersey I can now move over to Binance from Coinbase. Well almost, we just need them to add XRP alongside BTC and ETH. Have registered so will let you guys know if experience any problems.
  7. Cool. I'm too registered with CoinField although not used them yet. Nice withdrawal limit (Lv.6).😉
  8. Have been using Wirex for months now. Super easy.
  9. Would you please clarify this for me? So I bought BTC and then converted into XRP straightaway. Say, next year I cash out that XRP. What do I pay 20% CGT on? BTC purchased price vs. current (time of cashing out) or XRP purchased price vs. current? Thanks
  10. This is spot on as confirmed by my crypto-orientated accountant.
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