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  1. “Excuse me do you mind if I join you?”. “Uh sure I said”, I felt a bit surprised if not a little suspicious, what was the agenda here? I’m no Brad Pitt more of a Ben Stiller guy, but without the all the stuff that would make the likes of her talk to, well, talk to me. "I see you’re reading the same book” she said holding up an identical copy to the one in my hand. “It’s the most fascinating thing I’ve ever read, no one I mean noooo one I speak to knows about it and so seeing you reading it, well I thought I’d come over” BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP, "damn you smart clock" I thought as the vision vanished like great dreams interrupted tend to do. Connected to the Blue; a colloquial term for the more boring sounding Network, the clock is designed to wake me exactly 15 minutes before I need to start my commute. The smart clock allows for current traffic, stream requests and even the predicted queue at my Starbucks of choice on the walk down the final stretch to my downtown office. I am a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to money so the clock is actually set to allow me to dynamically leave early for work so I can benefit from Super-Stream, other commuters running late or just wanting to get to their destinations quicker automatically stream payments to other commuters who are happy to be delayed a few moments to let them through. Super-Stream communicates across the network with every vehicle ahead giving a dynamic cost and adjusted travel time. It’s brilliant, I save on average 12% of my weekly xrp travel costs by allowing for stream delays on my daily journey. ...... Except for days like today when a minute after waking up there is a pile-up on the motorway. By pile-up I don’t mean an accident, we haven’t had one of those for years. No today all the self driving vehicles on the main route into town had come to a controlled but definitive halt, a herd of cows! “What?” I said out loud chuckling, they must have escaped the zoo. Meat had been off the menu for decades; eating a cow just seemed bizarre these days, some people further out even kept them as pets. I cringed as I switched my personal super-stream preset from receive to pay; "wow, the network is expensive today" I thought to myself, damn cows. I had no choice but to be on the other side of the equation for a change. I suppose a 10% increase on this weeks transport costs left me net even given my average super-stream receipts, so not too bad. My network vehicle darted silently between the traffic on the diverted route and in no time I was dropped off outside my Starbucks. Ah I forgot about the queue, I normally let people stream me here knocking the cost of a few sips off my daily indulgence. There near the entrance was old retired Harry; as usual he was letting people pass keeping his place at the back of the queue, word on the street is he hangs around long enough each morning to get his coffee free. We call people like him streamers. To be honest I’d probably do the same if I had nowhere in particular to be, Harry winked at me with a knowing glint in his eye, “Running late today Jack?” he said as I skipped my way up the queue. Three minutes later I could see the office, I had made it dead on time for the all important show your face to the boss meeting and it only cost me a few extra drops.
  2. Clearly for Xrapid to work across most/all corridors we need liquidity and fiat pairings with XRP. Given the ILP can use any crypto can Xrapid use a BTC/abc Fiat pairing in a region where no xrp/abc Fiat exists(yet). Example the flow... usd - xrp sent to nambabwe;) exchange where there is an xrp/BTC pairing xrp sold for BTC on excjange(instant as it’s a centralised ledger accounting adjustment within the exchange) then BTC sold for Fiat completing the transfer?
  3. Sure sorry misunderstood, this is true. I guess it’s down to your measure of risk and technical know how , were the keys generated securely, is my machine possibly compromised etc? (there are resources on this forum to generate cold wallets where your key isn’t exposed to the internet etc)
  4. I get you, xrapid certainly won’t solve the systemic issues caused by contagion but could certainly help make central bank policy more effective by freeing up money held on account in nostro vostro to meet reserve requirements, help banks become more competitive in a testing time and remove trust from certain payment flows. If customer wants to send money from Bank A to Bank B and usually the transaction needs a correspondent banks facility to settle, by removing the need for a correspondent bank to be willing to risk joining the transaction for a fee the transaction would have less friction and the trust onus/risk would fall on the recipient in Bank B that their bank will pass the cash on to them sent by customer A at bank A. Thus Xrapid by removing this trust requirement from the chain would make the transaction more likely to happen at much less cost which in this scenario and help keep the wheels of the broader economy moving. Am I missing something here?
  5. All xrp are stored on the ledger... the wallet and key are how you access those zerps. A ledger nano s is a hardware key to open the lock to the zerps on the ledger. The coins don’t actually sit on the ledger nano s or any other hardware wallet.
  6. I see your point, but economic shock / market crash like 2008 didn’t lead to hyperinflation or massive currency fluctuation - it did lead to a decline in economic growth. A decline exacerbated by a slowing down of capital flows and credit availability. This is where I see Xrapid as a trustless means to keep the blood flowing through the veins of the world wide economy gaining even more traction. Possibly!
  7. Interested on thoughts on this from some of the heads here that are wiser than mine. I originally posted this on Reddit... The credit crunch of 2008 was in large part due to uncertainty as to which banks were critically exposed to bad debts and therefore banks were reluctant to extend credit etc ( the current process of cross border settlement is a form of credit extension as there is trust involved ) Xrapid with atomic swaps (all the money moves or none of it moves) removes this need to extend trust / provide credit. Central Banks had to pull out all the stops in 2008 to try keep funds flowing and provide confidence to the banking sector to keep working with each other. Xrapid facilitating capital flows that may otherwise slow down or cease would have a positive effect on Central Bank monetary policy effectiveness. Ripple working with 40 - 50 banks...... Secondly given the changes in Basel rules funds sitting in Nostro Vostro (ours and yours) can no longer be counted towards capital reserve requirements (the level of actual cash that needs to be held by banks) thus a recession and credit drying up would further incentivise banks to adopt Xrapid freeing up these dead funds to either meet their reserve requirements or stimulate the economy as incentivised by the Central Banks either by carrot or stick. A further thought is that when Xcurrent and Xrapid reach a tipping point you may see banks particularly in a time of economic uncertainty only doing business with banks that use Xcurrent and Xrapid further accelerating global adoption.
  8. The inference is smart contracts / micro payments over social media imu... A Bailie works with Coil... connect the dots
  9. Interesting twitter convo happening between A Bailie and Dr T - some hints of the giant killer Codius could be. Conversation in context of xrptipbot....
  10. Fair enough.... as the good book says we see through the glass dimly. Sentiment is a potent thing though we rattled down to 6k on the back of the news of T losing its auditor. I understand the market was iffy at the time so it didn’t take much to push it down further but point stands.....
  11. My main point of post was to encourage those who bought at ATH to look beyond what could potentially be a hand loosening low to come - if it comes.
  12. I may be wrong and hope so! Listen I want xrp to fly as much as the next however when I invest I also look at the external risks to my investment. Buying a Porsche aka ripple I quickly ascertain it’s a fantastic piece of kit, If the roads I’m going to use it on are going to be full of potholes maybe I need to reassess ( I believe Ripple from Mr Gs comments is strategically all over the Tether situation, altmagwddon etc). Tether is number 2/3 by volume per day. If tether is fully or partly backed after the fact, they printed then bought and sold BTC via their exchange bitfinex then that revelation of inflated Mcap will send us way down. I they get shutdown for money laundering etc then we go way down. 2.3 billion is a small share of 500 billion but given only around 10/15 billion fiat makes that crypto Mcap 2.3 billion (that circulated at around 3 billion a day) will have a massive effect - think subprime credit crunch. I think on some level that should Tether collapse it would be best as we don’t want 10/20/30 billion of these timb bombs out there so we? Kraken interestingly has notified clients that they won’t be able to make swift withdrawals from a date in March and that tether trading is ceasing for JPN Clients. Given that Kraken is Tether only USD/USDT pair. I think the systemic risk is worth considering
  13. You can’t discount Brads experience at Yahoo, what did those board meetings look like as the grappled with Google’s ascent... those lessons learned, the analysis of how they got it wrong and google got it right, perhaps Brad was saying come on guys don’t you see it???!!!!! Ripple imo is one of the most strategic organisations out there.
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