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  1. I understand your rationality, but I think the reality of the situation is that the world does not have that much time to escape the pending financial armageddon. The world needs a fix to these problems now, and I think they already know what they're gonna do it.
  2. I too accepted death. This is a pleasant surprise!
  3. Lol blows for him that he just decided to drop his tweet in here and then bail without checking up on it, he's gonna wake up to this sh!tstorm in the morning.
  4. Attasir. "Yous" is also acceptable.
  5. Sir, please attempt to use the word sir only once per post, sir. It shows good manners.
  6. Yeah honestly the whole merch ordeal seems pretty hypocritical to me. I guess it's all fun and games when you peddle someone else's art for profit and ride their prophetic coat tail for views, but to then turn around and shoot yourself in the foot saying it's not gonna happen? Lame. Everyone already knows that there's no guarantees in life. You're not doing anyone a favor by spreading FUD.
  7. This. Seriously. You went from hypeboy to 180 fudster real quick.
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