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  1. There's a lot of bravado about "HODL" and "diamond hands", and doing the opposite of your emotions. Fear has helped me out more often than not.
  2. I don't mind him but sometimes his logic just seems a little rigid - he says he never sells based on fear - like if you hear bad news about Ripple and the price tanks because of the bad news, you feel the fear and you do NOT sell (according to BCB). I sh*t myself when I heard the SEC news in December and sold into ETH immediately. Sometimes fear is instructive, or well....lucky.
  3. https://dailyhodl.com/2021/04/18/longtime-bitcoin-skeptic-ray-dalio-recommends-allocating-20-of-portfolio-to-btc-report/
  4. All I can say is - I strongly disagree. We've been here so so many times with this kind of news. Crypto's never been "safer" to buy than now in terms of adoption (e.g Visa using USDC), institutional investing and governmental support. It doesn't mean people aren't going to get rekt trying to invest in it, nor that we're not going to enter a bear market at some point (of course we are, we just don't know when). Today we had a pull back that's fairly typical (I think we had two already this year like this, 21st Jan / 14th Feb). The death of this asset class has been announced so many times - and yet more and more adoption occurs.
  5. I use Delta as a portfolio app - been using it for 4 years now. You could try kucoin if you're in the US - no KYC needed at all and it's a great platform (been using 4 years too).
  6. Why is there no buy button next to XRP? I'm very much NOT in the USA, and there's no buy button for me too. Is this CMC's continued hate campaign against XRP? They did an "April's Fool" this year where they moved XRP to some random low position in their rankings for a few hours. Ha. Ha.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm a bit trigger-happy when it comes to the idea of governments confiscating things
  8. SEC: "it's our job to look out for the little guy, the retail investor. And by 'the little guy, the retail investor', of course we mean our own interests"
  9. I'm confused - shouldn't those who had their crypto stolen get it back from the French legal system/government/whoever is holding the stolen crypto?
  10. Here's the thing: the SEC love to be vague to limit their accountability when they're in a tight spot like they are now. Who are "affiliates" of Ripple (for example)? However, either an exchange could sell XRP legally, OR the SEC deem it an illegal act and they consider exchanges to be "affiliates" of Ripple. There is no middle-ground. When a judge starts to lose his/her patience with the SEC on this matter, the SEC will have to unequivocally state the clarity of the situation (finally). When they do, and if it's the case that exchanges weren't breaking any law selling XRP, then why wouldn't exchanges seek damages from the SEC (i.e. take them to court) for loss of business?
  11. I like attorney Deaton's take on the SEC casually saying that only Ripple employees could be deemed to be selling XRP as illegal securities: why didn't the SEC tell that to exchanges when they started to delist XRP (the delistings were a direct result of the SEC's lawsuit, and the delistings directly harmed XRP retail traders). The SEC are either disingenuous (my opinion), or they are making themselves look like complete fools.
  12. The (sad) irony is that their job is to actually defend us. They're literally being sued by their (essentially speaking) customers for doing the very opposite of protecting them. Issuing a lawsuit 3 days before Christmas was basically a "mic drop" by the SEC - it caused maximum damage against retail traders. Clayton resigned the next day - not a good look. It's all looking bad for the SEC here.
  13. One thing I caught from Jeremy Hogan's most recent video is that the SEC unequivocally stated that only Ripple and Ripple employees sold unregistered securities (according to the SEC of course). According to Hogan, that gives the green light for exchanges to RE-list XRP again. Video:-
  14. Ripple stock you say? Ah yes...I was wondering when I get my XRP dividend. The stock broker that introduced these XRP investment contracts to me promised a quarterly dividend based on the company performance. I hear the Ripple board are trying to avoid issuing these payouts. Luckily us investors have the SEC on our side - they'll sort those rogues out! /s
  15. Absolutely. I remember back in late 2017 when we had the "Coinbase rumour" of whether they would list XRP or not. The conversation was overt - it was about "hmmm maybe Coinbase are worried about the SEC thinking it's a security?". This was RETAIL TRADERS talking openly about XRP, Coinbase, the SEC, and whether XRP should be deemed a security or not. What happened? Coinbase listed XRP months later - not as a security (of course) - I mention the "not as a security" because Coinbase acquired a licence to sell securities, but in order to sell a security, you have to make the investor understand they are buying a security. This was all out in the open, on SEC's watch. The SEC "playing dumb" about XRP is a real joke, just as their false pretense to care for and protect retail traders...that is a SICK and disgusting lie.
  16. Ripple are really putting the SEC under the spotlight in this case...we're in the discovery phase, and IF the judge allows even some of Ripple's discovery to be a part of the case, then the SEC are going to be on the back foot:- why didn't they say "NO" to exchanges when they asked the SEC if they could list XRP in the first place? By not saying "NO" (even because of doubt, not certainty that XRP was a security), the SEC themselves gave tacit approval to US exchanges to sell "unregistered securities" (if that's what the SEC are ultimately claiming XRP to be). I think that the SEC are under as much pressure now as Ripple are here.
  17. I've certainly been there. All I know is...if your investment is making you exhausted, you need to change it around a bit until you're more comfortable...even if it means taking some losses.
  18. That was your original prediction - then you said you were "right". Put a buy limit low down....I have a few laddered on quite a few cryptos....no idea if they will trigger, but if they do, all good. Exactly...attributing coincidence to a false cause and effect is all I'm pointing out here
  19. Everyone ALWAYS believes the dip is before a take off. As often as not, the dip is before another dip.
  20. You're kidding, right? 22nd was yesterday. XRP hit 64 cents earlier in the day on the 22nd (opposite direction to your prediction) before a market-wide crash happened and XRP finally relented and fell to low 50 cents later on the 22nd. Today - because of a continued market-wide pullback where every token has crashed 25% or so - XRP briefly fell to high 30 cents (for about 5 mins) because of this crypto-wide crash. You can believe you "predicted" this if you like.
  21. Looking here :- https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/XRPBTC/ (looking at the 3 month view)....XRP is fairly much (after the SEC crash) following BTC (forget the pump and dump spike which was an outlier). It's moving up slightly against BTC, but then alts are moving up massively against BTC in recent days so you'd expect this. I just think XRP's price is being moved by the market in general. People are throwing money at everything now...we're very much in a bubble...it's just a case of how long it's going to last.
  22. Yes it is (an opportunity cost to hold crypto in a bear market) according to crypto's short history. The bull and bear markets have coincided with Bitcoin halvings. Maybe that will change in the future, but if it doesn't, then we may well see a 2 to 3 year bear market after this current bull run. I'll problably just reduce my positions by 90% (many tokens I'll sell 100%) once the bull market tails off. A lot of the price action we're seeing now is new money, nothing's really been back-tested - so it will end up - at some point - like the bear market that really kicked off in February 2018. Even if I'm wrong, I'm still selling in profit...but it's better to be wrong in profit than hold on through a 2 to 3 year bear market to be eventually proven "right" (maybe) 3 years down the line. Rather than tie up money holding tokens for 3 years, I can invest that money in something else.
  23. This is it. Sell little bits and sell often. I'd rather have a profit than have my exit price points not reached at all. I sold fairly late in the last bull run (late January) but made a decent profit. Holding through a multi-year bear market just because XRP's price didn't hit $5 is not only uncomfortable, it's an opportunity cost.
  24. Sorry to hear about what you've been going through @stickynoodle69 - as @Julian_Williams says, it's like being drunk when you take those sorts of losses. All I can do is share my own experiences: I learnt it's never good for me to hold too much of one token, or put too much into one asset class. The emotions are magnified based on the stack size / initial investment. I spread my bets. I hold precious metals, crypto, some real estate, even...whisky (yes), and always with a decent amount of cash on the side. Wouldn't I make more money if I just threw a LOT more into crypto? Probably...since everything is going up, right? But I know myself - it would rob me of my sleep and the ability to make good decisions. I know that, because I've been there. The smart money has the luxury to invest more deeply and take "shallower" profits on the way up. A lot of us retail traders are trapped in a "moonshot mentality" - damn it, I'm hodling until I get my x100! Lots of people won't take profits in this bull run (just like they didn't in the last), even though they're staring at x3 or x5 or x10. It's not "life changing" enough. This market is as dumb as a bag of hammers. It was dumb in 2017 and it's dumb in 2021. My portfolio is ridiculous right now - I'm holding over 30 tokens. Having said that, I've invested ZERO extra money into this bull run. I've recycled and recycled and recycled. The last time I put fiat in was a couple of months ago. 2017 was a lot of fun for me, but stressful too...it mattered a lot, and the dips were stressful - probably slept 3 to 4 hours a night over 3 weeks. I would feel offended when people talked about taking profits back then. What?! I was a true believer. Now it's almost the opposite for me in terms of how I think about it: I see new speculators saying "I'm hodling for the next 5 years!" when their only experience is a 2 or 3 week bull run that hasn't even been properly back-tested yet (certainly a lot of the alts haven't). A lot of alts aren't going to recover (just as many didn't in the last bull run). That's just me...we all have different mindsets, strengths and weaknesses.
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