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  1. I think there's two ways to make a profit with minimal investing skills:- 1) as you say - forget you own your investments, then remember years later 2) "I got rich by selling too early".
  2. I got into ETH a few months ago, and then put all my XRP into ETH on 23rd December....but now it seems a bit high to buy...both BTC and ETH's prices intimidate me from a buying perspective. I've been selling my ETH bit by bit over the last week or so.
  3. There's one theory that the pullback of 25% or so in BTC (about 10 days ago) was orchestrated to "free up" BTC from retailers who tend to sell in panic....then again, I've probably described what the market usually does: rinsing out weak hands in a particular price range. Also, according to here : https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-whales-are-betting-40k-isn-t-the-top-as-data-hints-bull-run-is-only-beginning .... So it looks like $29.3K or thereabouts would be an extremely solid support level. It's all adding up to look like a good 2021 for crypto...
  4. XRP would have to go to $100 instantly for your figures to work of course - but interesting post. In reality, it would get there over many years, and 95%+ of people would have sold a lot earlier than $100. Also bear in mind there's around 47 million millionaires in the world, so I don't think XRP going to $100 would be an event that's "not allowed to happen". I think some things that "aren't allowed to happen" though would be Ripple and certain individuals owning so much...maybe the SEC case will pave the way toward a future where Larsen, Britto and Garlinghouse don't become trillionaires.
  5. Fair enough, though it seems kind of odd since volumes can really mismatch across a few weeks....high volume a few weeks ago followed by a tenth of that volume today can essentially mean the intended purpose of Jed's sales not impacting the market won't work as intended (unless I'm missing something here).
  6. He's selling more than his XRP volume percentage, surely? He was selling 29M a day when XRP was 70c and had massive volume. Now he sells the same amount when XRP has a tenth of the volume?
  7. This is how I feel. This ridiculous notion of being "loyal" to an asset has to be dismissed once and for all too. We have the ability to change our course based on incoming information, and there should be no restriction to our direction of travel based on some weird notion of "loyalty" or sunk-cost fallacy. This is what annoys me the most about "maxis" of any asset - the idea of "holding strong" and "talking up" an asset incessantly and "not even thinking of selling". Also remember that not even the shills are what they seem. YouTuber XRP "maxis" are working a job. Their maxi-attitude i
  8. I am pessimistic in the short-term about XRP. As the Chinese saying goes, the second best time to change your mind/start something/alter your direction is now.
  9. I'm using XRP as a stable coin right now (who said it had no utility?)
  10. The vast majority of crypto YT channels that have a sizeable subscriber count always end up being stuck on the tramlines of their fixed narrative. For example, Digital Asset Investor literally never says anything negative about XRP. It's "the one", "all the world's a stage", "plans within plans", "only a matter of time", "the greatest digital asset ever created" etc. Conspiracy theories are a weak attempt to explain how things haven't happened yet. I feel like these guys are missing an opportunity to hold Ripple's feet to the fire more. When the select few YouTubers were invited to Swell
  11. To make amends to the retail traders, the new SEC team should allow Brad and Chris to pump XRP's price back to the exact price that XRP was at before the SEC news hit. In soccer, we call it a "drop ball" to restart play.
  12. Actually I revisited Binance to see if I was right, and it turns out I was wrong. Previously, I did a test send of £100, was given a fee of £1.50. Without investigating further I just thought "oh, looks like 1.5%". No, it's a flat fee of £1.50 regardless of if you send £20 or £100,000. Sorry for the confusion. So, basically you can on and off ramp for £1.50 total cost. The other thing to consider is liquidity in GBP pairs too (if cashing out to GBP).
  13. I like Bitstamp too, but my bank (TSB) blocked faster payments from my account to Bitstamp...they keep telling me "there's nothing we can do about it, it's part of our system". ANYWAY, I am using Binance now. To be honest, I actually prefer Binance to Bitstamp - their on and off ramps have been very good:- Binance use Faster Payments (as do Bitstamp), so there's zero costs to move GBP from my bank to the exchange I've sent GBP from Binance to my bank account - went in to my bank account within a few hours. There's a charge of 1.5% which is within my range of acceptability.
  14. I'm a fan of XRP's network performance and low costs, the XRPL, David Schwartz (since he's the chief developer, is a great communicator), Wietse Wind, the potential use-cases of XRP. It's exciting just focusing on what is possible. None of that has changed from my perspective regardless of Ripple. Ripple - the company - have really disappointed though:- xSpring, what's really happened with the projects? Some like Omni are now dead. Lots of hype, no delivery. They gave 1.5Bn to "Clover Coin" which then just dumped those coins on the market - hype, hype, hype: "a major
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