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  1. If anything, without a UNL, there would be more diversity of validation (as far as my understanding goes). A "bad actor" would need to convince at least 80% of validators to create a ledger with bogus data (again, as far as my understanding goes).
  2. The XRPL would not use the 6 or so Ripple validators (since they would now be offline) and rely on the other 142 validators in the XRPL - source : https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators Any node can add any other node in its list of validators it uses to validate - the UNL is merely a recommendation.
  3. These are not mutually exclusive - both or neither can happen. XRP could fail all on its own while BTC and others succeed (e.g. XRPL suffers some fatal flaw). Conversely, XRP could be used more and more as a cross border bridge currency AND enjoy the rising tide of a rising BTC valuation. It's honestly anyone's guess at this point how things will go. I've given up trying to predict XRP's future, but I'm very comfortable holding XRP to zero or will cash out on the way from around 50c upwards if we go into a bull run.
  4. I say give it the full 4 year Bitcoin cycle before you can call it (XRP) a failure in terms of an investment.
  5. A bullish post about XRP? How very dare you! @LetHerRip @Archbob and other gestapo will soon be here with their truncheons to sort this thread out!
  6. For sure, there are many reasons to support/be a fan of XRP - maybe you think the fundamentals are great (and don't care about price in the short term), and conversely maybe someone else doesn't care about fundamentals, and they just bought a bag of XRP and 100% only care about the price. However, whatever your reason, you're still more likely to have a bias toward XRP (be it for fundamentals, or 100% only because of price) and therefore post favourable things about it / upvote favourable posts. Bias is sneaky....even though I'm very much a believer of XRP's fundamentals because a lot of thi
  7. Everybody has bias on this kind of forum, including me of course. The XRP holder bias is obvious and understandable. They hold an asset and "talk it up". It can be unrealistic at times, sometimes downright annoying....but the motivation is obvious. The negative voices are the ones who feel the need to pretend they are unbiased. And yet, their bias is so predictable. @Archbob and @LetHerRip (not to pick on those two alone, there are others, but they are contributing to this thread) ... will continue to make posts that have a negative spin (in some way) about XRP. You see - bias is predic
  8. You are the like a mirror version of the Digital Asset Investor. You're both wrong.
  9. @LetHerRip you say you hold XRP, so name 3 reasons why you hold XRP. Looking into my crystal ball, I see you reply with "I have a small bag, just speculating". Maybe change the future and come up with another reply?
  10. How come I've seen these kinds of posts for the last 2 years though?
  11. @LetHerRip just flings sh*t. Don't expect a technical critique of any service out there by @LetHerRip - he's just here to say "hurr durr XRP is doomed, but have you seen this other service I know nothing about, and will never criticise because-it's-not-XRP? XRP is doomed I tells ya!". This thread could be so much better if it was started by somebody else...I feel like RTGS Global aren't getting a fair crack of the whip in this discussion...none of the technical criticisms/questions have actually been answered by the guy who claims this service is going to be a big problem for Ripple - because
  12. @Valhalla_Guy hasn't responded to mine either. He thinks making your XRP wallet known on these boards (i.e. tying a wallet to user) is exactly the same as Ripple sending 100% anonymised data over XRPL....therefore if you don't disclose your wallet details here ("hurr durr it's called a PUBLIC key for a reason, though I won't share mine!1!!") ... somehow that makes you a hypocrite. Tying ANY crypto account with a user on any messageboard is the absolute opposite of anonymised data, and is actually ill-advised to say the least.
  13. If someone had used a quote from Brad Garlinghouse where he said something like "we're making our product available to every bank in the world", and then twisted that to say "There's a roll-out of Ripple's product to every bank in the world!" ... I kinda think @LetHerRip would be all over that calling it delusional nonsense.
  14. I guess English is not your first language, because their press release didn't say that at all. It said it was being made available to 43,300 banks. :- As for "roll out", they said that about stage one of their operations:- By now, it's obvious that you haven't done your research on RTGS Global's service because each bank requires a "new RTGS account" that money is sent from/to for their proprietary network to actually function. Maybe watch their explainer video? It says it right there. So you think 43,300 banks have all simultaneously agreed to setup these new accounts,
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