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  1. That was your original prediction - then you said you were "right". Put a buy limit low down....I have a few laddered on quite a few cryptos....no idea if they will trigger, but if they do, all good. Exactly...attributing coincidence to a false cause and effect is all I'm pointing out here
  2. Everyone ALWAYS believes the dip is before a take off. As often as not, the dip is before another dip.
  3. You're kidding, right? 22nd was yesterday. XRP hit 64 cents earlier in the day on the 22nd (opposite direction to your prediction) before a market-wide crash happened and XRP finally relented and fell to low 50 cents later on the 22nd. Today - because of a continued market-wide pullback where every token has crashed 25% or so - XRP briefly fell to high 30 cents (for about 5 mins) because of this crypto-wide crash. You can believe you "predicted" this if you like.
  4. Looking here :- https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/XRPBTC/ (looking at the 3 month view)....XRP is fairly much (after the SEC crash) following BTC (forget the pump and dump spike which was an outlier). It's moving up slightly against BTC, but then alts are moving up massively against BTC in recent days so you'd expect this. I just think XRP's price is being moved by the market in general. People are throwing money at everything now...we're very much in a bubble...it's just a case of how long it's going to last.
  5. Yes it is (an opportunity cost to hold crypto in a bear market) according to crypto's short history. The bull and bear markets have coincided with Bitcoin halvings. Maybe that will change in the future, but if it doesn't, then we may well see a 2 to 3 year bear market after this current bull run. I'll problably just reduce my positions by 90% (many tokens I'll sell 100%) once the bull market tails off. A lot of the price action we're seeing now is new money, nothing's really been back-tested - so it will end up - at some point - like the bear market that really kicked off in February 2018.
  6. This is it. Sell little bits and sell often. I'd rather have a profit than have my exit price points not reached at all. I sold fairly late in the last bull run (late January) but made a decent profit. Holding through a multi-year bear market just because XRP's price didn't hit $5 is not only uncomfortable, it's an opportunity cost.
  7. Sorry to hear about what you've been going through @stickynoodle69 - as @Julian_Williams says, it's like being drunk when you take those sorts of losses. All I can do is share my own experiences: I learnt it's never good for me to hold too much of one token, or put too much into one asset class. The emotions are magnified based on the stack size / initial investment. I spread my bets. I hold precious metals, crypto, some real estate, even...whisky (yes), and always with a decent amount of cash on the side. Wouldn't I make more money if I just threw a LOT more into crypto? Probably...
  8. The market is crazy now...I've been throwing money at it like a drunken sailor and it keeps rewarding me. At least I have the experience of the last bull run...back then I thought I was a genius, and that the run would last forever. I was just an idiot in the right place at the right time. I'm still an idiot. Of course, any old fool can make money in this kind of market if you throw enough at it (and the key is to spray it around indiscriminately ). I look at somewhere like /r/cryptocurrency on reddit and I realise there's tons and tons of new speculators in this space, all saying "I'm
  9. I think it will be suppressed while there remains this uncertainty with the SEC. Having said that, all it would take is some kind of positive news regarding the case and then all bets are off....could shoot to $2 in a day.
  10. Fair enough. I would say though that you can still take profits on the way up, and accumulate XRP in doing so when the price pulls back (it will always pull back). I've seen it so many times where people don't take profits because they want to go from < - > to < ----------------------------------------------------------------- > in terms of profits and nothing less would do. That sounds good in principle, but it MIGHT mean you miss the bus in this bull run and the price doesn't reach your target...and you might (that word again) have to wait 2 or 3 years for the next opportuni
  11. The biggest problem he has is he's blaming other people.
  12. Well back to the OP, this redditor puts his whole life savings into GME and then blames other people when he's at a loss? Who even puts their entire life savings into ANYTHING?
  13. You can deposit fiat (EUR, GBP) with Nexo too and get around 10% return if you are happy to accept Nexo tokens as the interest (8% if you want your interest paid in fiat). Having said that, I still think it's wise to spread your money around despite what any individual platform says about insurance.
  14. I picked CTSI purely because I kept hearing about it...talk about a speculative bet. I think Eri's right about basically throwing money at enough coins, and you'll see a decent return in the bull market. At the same time, you have to really focus and be prepared to take profits regularly and never ever get complacent. I have bought back into XRP...though sold some off in the last "pump and dump". The amount of XRP I hold is maybe just 1% to 2% of my overall crypto holdings though. I am just wary of XRP's price action. It's prone to whales dumping as soon as the price rises. Essentia
  15. When the SEC news became official (23rd Dec?), I sold my entire XRP stack for ETH. I'd already held ETH at that time, but just added to it. I've slowly been selling my ETH (have about half left) on the way up. I've been rather promiscuous over the last 6 weeks or so: UMA (since $8), GRT (since 33 cents), ATOM, AVX (since $5), SNX, ADA (added more), VET (added more), XLM (added more), ALGO, ZIL, NEXO, DOT, HBAR, CTSI (my "#647 coin"). The only under-performer for me has been IOTA.
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