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  1. Both win if they sold at ANY point in the last bull run. It is staggering that many people held all through the last bull run....massive profits a mouse-click away. The moral of this tale is sell on the way up, sell on the way down.
  2. Guys this is our last chance to accumulate above the 27 cent mark
  3. The Shane Ellis """"""""""""""theory"""""""""""""" relies on ignorance of how the wider market works. I can't believe this has to be debunked over and over and over. The theory takes an exchange in complete isolation and thinks ALL OTHER EXCHANGES would somehow (bizzarely) just follow the price of that single exchange. "Suzie Esoteric Systems" says that the exchange that sees a price spike would go to other exchanges and publicly buy XRP (since they're all out of XRP) and that would drive the price up on other exchanges. This is like a supermarket running out of fruit and veg so they go to other supermarkets and retail-buy fruit and veg from their rivals. It's like wholesale isn't a thing. It's like Ripple selling XRP wholesale (programmatic sales) isn't a thing and that an exchange could buy off Ripple with a couple of mouse-clicks. No, that can't happen apparently - the exchange would weirdly buy it on Coinbase's retail app like some 13 year old kid, driving up Coinbase's price. Then Brian Armstrong, in a mad panic, would log into his retail Bitrue account and buy up XRP there, to stock up Coinbase's XRP. Hurr durr $589. Also, apparently arbitrage doesn't exist according to this theory. Nor does the theory take into account that there's a sell on another exchange....so if the theory is correct, then the sell would have an equal and opposite impact on price....even though in reality two exchanges that represent a tiny tiny percentage of overall XRP volume have minimal impact on XRP's price on other exchanges. Let's even imagine that the theory works....who on earth is going to buy the $5 or $50 or $500 XRPs on this one exchange when they're available for 28 cents on other exchanges? Arbitrage smoothes out price differences across exchanges. Exchanges also put their own asks if a order book gets too thin....remember that exchanges buy XRP, right? Why do you think they do that? I shouldn't bother countering the theory....everytime I sever its head, two more heads pop up.
  4. The path to enlightenment is to over-invest in an asset, panic sell when it's months into a bear market, complain on messageboards about that asset you lost money on, then watch it go on a bull run, buy the top and repeat the process.
  5. This is the start of a bull run, believe me. I've predicted 27 of the last 1 bull runs.
  6. "Please be advised the SEC has not issued a determination on whether the cryptocurrency XRP is a security. Whether a cryptocurrency is considered a security will depend on when our masters tell us to act. For additional information, see Chairman Jay Clayton's statement regarding cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings at https://www.sec.gov/news/public-statement/statement-clayton-2017-12-11. Again, thank you for contacting the SEC. Sincerely,
  7. No leverage = no margin call. XRP can go down to 25 cents and you get wiped out, then it goes to 50 cents a week later.
  8. It seems lately that when the market has a green day, it's XRP that moves first. Might just be a coincidence, but who knows. Certainly it looks like BTC is losing some of that dominance. It just shows that there's always a return to the mean (of sorts) when it comes to BTC dominance....when BTC upside becomes too small and the downside too big, a return to the mean.
  9. Danny, that ft.com article (from March 2018) is about SWIFT's own blockchain experiment! I remember this news when it came out. Nowhere do they mention Ripple whatsoever, and they say it's their own blockchain effort! More info here : http://businesscryptonews.com/swift-says-blockchain-not-ready-for-mainstream-use/ It was their own Proof of Concept blockchain, not anything associated with Ripple whatsoever. The 2nd October 2019 article says:- This looks like a new development...but you say the author is stating he quoted an article from March 2018 (19 months ago now) that never mentions Ripple and indeed, actually states explicitly SWIFT have been making their own blockchain (read: NOT using Ripple) :-
  10. It's not like they will switch dramatically from using nostro to using xRapid....it will be done gradually over time. It might even just be 0.5% using xRapid, 99.5% through existing system...then 1%....then 1.5%. It will be (in my mind) a gradual build up of xRapid liquidity over time.
  11. This is a question for Ripple to answer. I am hoping SWELL will give us a detailed and specific roadmap regarding liquidity for xRapid. I'll be disppointed if nothing specific is mentioned and instead it's just vague promises.
  12. I don't think utility will have a direct affect on price because for every buy, there's a sell. If utility does have an affect on price, then it would be negative at the sell end, particularly when the flow of XRP is asymmetric. However, asymmetric pricing is something arbitrageurs love to take advantage of, so those price differences would flatten out in seconds. I do think utility will have an indirect affect on price. Increasing usage of xRapid will encourage more market makers to hold XRP. It will also encourage more investors to hold XRP too - it's seen as safer the more established it becomes. So to sum up, yes of course utility matters - it's the measurement of success. Ripple want xRapid's usage to steadily increase over the months and years ahead. If it doesn't, then conversely, it's flatlining/decreasing usage will be seen as a failure. I know I'm just typing out obvious things here, but that's what I think Ripple mean when they talk about utility differentiating XRP from the rest of the cryptospace.
  13. Where does Ripple say that price value follows utility? All they've said is that XRP needs a higher value to deliver more liquidity (which is obvious).
  14. He's talking at a SWIFT event. He's more likely to use figures they can't refute than any high-balled estimates that can get shot down (as you've done yourself!). And it looks like nobody has refuted his numbers.
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