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  1. Record ODL volume yesterday of $16.8m. Smashed the previous high by $5.5m
  2. I think the price action so far is very healthy across the crypto space....big run ups, smaller pull backs. Of course, I've just applied the kiss of death, so expect a massive 20% crash today across the space in the next 60 seconds.
  3. OK, fair enough - you're specific - that's quite refreshing. Let's see if you are right. I guess you are selling a decent amount of your holdings now (or soon) to accumulate, right?
  4. Good one on VET. I hold some....and I made a profit in 2017 with it too (as VEN). In retrospect, I got very lucky just accumulating like crazy in autumn of 2017 a whole bunch of tokens. I profited on some that were proven scams (PRL, SUB to name a couple). Pure dumb luck, but I didn't know it. I thought the whole market was based on fundamentals, but the 2 year bear market proved me wrong. Really, it's a big casino. Still way up overall, but it's been humbling to see how it has unfolded. Still hoping for a good year this year, but anything can happen.
  5. Impressive if you've watched XRP since early 2018....if you got in late....like later in 2019, then you're lucky....it's been a long ride down. It could STILL go either way...the whole thing can still collapse down to 10 cents, or we could make new ATHs. People are good at saying they called things that've already happened...then I always say to them "OK, chief, what's next?". So, what's next?!
  6. I have my sells lined up through 33.9 cents to 50 cents with an extra stash....learned my lesson and to sell SOME part of your stash early as insurance...if it goes back down, then you get to accumulate. Greed is not good.
  7. I read this as "I kept choosing black on the roulette wheel, but lately in choosing red I've picked more winners lately".
  8. And cheers for that! I guess the amounts being sent are well within a threshold then, so price fluctuations even between 18 cents to 27 cents won't make so much difference IF the ODL software is sending amounts way way within a particular slippage threshold. In other words, they probably COULD do $30M ODL (example figure) volume a day comfortably, BUT they're sending a much smaller amount to guarantee service (guaranteeing service is vastly more important than risking service by testing the limits of the order books). Just speculation, but makes sense.
  9. @JASCoder thanks for your contributions here, even if I only understand it partially! I'm guessing that in Ripple's ODL software, there must be a slippage threshold where a payment can be fulfilled (is within the slippage threshold) or can't be fulfilled (payment is too big, falls outside the threshold, will cause too much price slippage). Let's look at two scenarios:- 1. XRP price is average of 30 cents (example). There's X amount of XRP on the US exchange and Y amount on the Mexican exchange. A payment of USD$5000 can be sent since it only causes Z amount of slippage - it's sent to Mexico and converted to MXN. Now let's keep the variables the same on the second scenario, EXCEPT an XRP token is now only 15 cents 2. XRP price is average of 15 cents (example). There's the very same X amount (as example 1) of XRP on the US exchange and Y (as example 1) amount on the Mexican exchange. A payment of USD$5000 cannot be sent since it causes Z*2 amount of slippage - it's sent to Mexico and converted to MXN. They key here is the $5000. It's the same amount, BUT it would cause way more slippage at a lower XRP price than a higher one assuming the same number of XRP tokens on the ask and bid books of each exchange. Yes, "Z*2" is a gross simplification - it depends on the specific bids and asks. It's just a general point that there's only half the value on each exchange with the same amount of tokens, as each token is half the price of example 1. I know it might be argued that there would be more XRP tokens on exchanges at a cheaper price (as people deal in fiat values mainly), but I would argue it wouldn't be a commensurate amount of value in USD....essentially, the higher the XRP price, the more fiat value you will find on exchanges....therefore more liquidity and less slippage. Just a theory....could be completely wrong and Ripple are dialling up the volume in another way....maybe they got more market makers on their books and that's causing the ODL ATHs.
  10. I've had disbelief that prices have fallen as far as they have. Everytime the price goes up I think "about time!", then it dumps, and I can't believe it. I was born in the wrong universe I think.
  11. @JASCoder apologies if you've mentioned this before, but do you think that the rising price of XRP (over the last week or so) and also rising volume that we see here : https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard ....where daily volume of ODL is consistently making new all time highs...are they correlated? In other words, a rising price of XRP gives more liquidity to ODL with the assumption that exchanges have roughly the same number of XRP tokens on the books. It makes sense to me that Ripple / ODL could facilitate more payments with a higher priced XRP.
  12. It's quite a thing to say, since it's so very easy for such a thing to not age well.
  13. I'm convinced we'll see rising prices this year...this really is the crunch year. 2020 is the year I sell a big chunk of my crypto regardless - because I think I'll be profiting later this year, OR if 2020 turns into the 3rd year of the bear market....then I'll probably just reduce the size of my position considerably. Either way.
  14. It hit a new ATH on Friday of $7.5M. Let's see what it will do this coming week....weekends are always slower, but even so, yesterday was an ATH for a weekend day as far as I could see.
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