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  1. Here is @Wandering_Dog's style:- short, unexplained and content-free response to a detailed comment That's it. I am blocking him because he's boring.
  2. It's being used as a bridge asset right now, settling transactions using xRapid - so I'm afraid reality doesn't resemble your statement. Reality is awkward sometimes. Printing more units of something just dilutes the value of each individual unit. Read up on the purchasing power of any fiat currency (all are subject to increased circulation). As for a fixed circulation asset such as XRP, a single unit can (and here's the magic) gain in value if it's bidded up on exchanges. Therefore, XRP can bridge higher values if each individual unit has a higher value, AND the exchanges xRapid uses has the necessary liquidity. Not about number of units, dog!
  3. XRP spiked exactly a year ago today...from 18th September 2018 to 23rd September 2018 or so it go to 80c.... ....once a year....IT FEEDS.
  4. Well, with XRP being at 25 to 30c for most of 2019, what do you think?
  5. From now on, I'm replacing "gnat's chuff" with "XRP's bollinger bands" when describing someone's lack of willingness to part with their money.
  6. ??? XRP is a bridge asset. Its use case isn't to buy coffee directly with XRP. Its use case is to bridge two fiat currencies to make cross-border payments faster and cheaper. The idea of crypto being a replacement to fiat is a very difficult argument to make. Nano and Bitcoin maximalists seem to be stuck on this argument (I do hold some Nano by the way!).
  7. When I pay with my debit card in a foreign currency, my bank rips me a new one with the not-related-to-reality currency conversion rate they invent. It's often tantamount to a 5% to 7% cost. Then there's fees. So I'm clobbered with fairly much a 10% cost to transact. I'd love to have an xVia app that I used at the OP's hotel reception that allowed me to pay in my local currency and the hotel receive CAD in their bank account, confirmed and settled in a few seconds for a negligible few cents cost (ding! "the payment's arrived, enjoy your stay!"). That's the future. How long it takes to get there - who knows. edit for clarity: don't think "I want hotels to accept XRP". DO think: "I want an app on my phone that allows me to pay anywhere in my local currency, with XRP as the bridge between my local currency and the foreign currency that the vendor receives in his bank account".
  8. Go to zero or ride the next bull run, but selling up after a 20 month bear market seems like the worst time to sell.
  9. Well said. BTC has an impenetrarable barrier to lasting success: it doesn't scale. I know I sound like a broken record about it, but this is becoming an ever-more concerning problem for Bitcoin as the years go by. People are starting to get used to instant and/or free (or near-free) payments. If not free, then certainly instant payments are the norm. The problem with BTC is that when it gets popular, it starts to slow down and become more expensive. It can't sustain growing adoption because of this. It's a 100% speculative asset, and the best you can do is try to ride a bull run with it, then get out when its lack of scalability rears its ugly head yet again.
  10. BTC's dominance is around 72% right now - about as high as it's been in the last 3 years. Sure, it can go higher, but there's less and less money that can pivot from alts to BTC, and you'll find that the higher the BTC dominance, the less likely people are to pivot. There's only so much market that BTC can capture before the upside just looks sh!t. If BTC's dominance was 50%, sure then the case for alts bleeding more value is a strong one. Right now, not so much. From my perspective, BTC honestly looks like an awful asset to buy at the current price and dominance. It's at $10,700 with 72% dominance. So think about it - let's say BTC goes to $15,000 (40% increase) and the alts go up say 20%. That would take BTC's dominance close to 80% and It has well established technical problems when it gains traction (becomes too expensive and too slow). These technical problems AND low satoshi values (for alts) make alts look more and more attractive to traders. So...to me, there's way less upside to BTC when instead you could be buying particular alts now, which is buying low from a historical price perspective. Even if new money comes in via Bakkt, it's not going to prevent BTC becoming slow and expensive to trade with. And let's even imagine BTC goes to $30,000 - alts will follow, even if it's only half that gain. So you have alts going up AND they lose satoshi value at the same time....so their upside potential gains while they gain in value (IMO). This is all based on a longer-term holding strategy.
  11. Likewise, many thanks for your expertise No doubt that traders can make good money using TA on very short timeframes. A "whale-less" session can see the price predictably bounce up and down the extremes of bollinger bands / RSI (or whatever indicators a trader likes to use, just using examples!)...TA really does work wonderfully well and concepts like Fibonacci really capture human psychology accurately. I also think as (hopefully!) this space becomes more liquid and less volatile through the years (with more distributed assets), TA will become more and more important as whales will have less and less impact on a more liquid market. As for whales - well, they're not all bad. I guess the whales give us the volatility, and perhaps they are the fuse that can light up the next bull run (with some big buys), so sometimes I raise a glass to the whale God. Indeed, I think there's a lot of whales who've bought OTC who want a bull run as much as we do. Optimistically, I think the whales ultimately will help us....we just have to put in some regular sells along the way when the next run occurs!
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