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  1. XRP has popped up another 1 cent - Chris Larsen has gone to bed! Let's do a coordinated pump and then sell just before Chris wakes up and mashes his SELL button!
  2. I like Peter Schiff in regards to his take on macro-economics and precious metals, but he also suffers from this weird disease where he always says "Bitcoin" to mean cryptocurrencies. In a recent livestream he did (naturally, about "Bitcoin"), he picked up on some bizarre use case of Bitcoin - the ability to leave a "tag" in a block to link to a video. He ran with that..."hurr durr, so cryptos [now he widens the wording to mean ALL cryptos] are either a store of value or you can leave a URL to a video in a block...kinda pointless". In his stream, I could see many people saying "XRP", "bridge asset", etc - but he skipped over those to deliberately misrepresent cryptocurrencies to be "Bitcoin" and then say how pointless it all is :-
  3. Brad G: "we've done deals with Amazon and Google to use XRP, and the price is shooting up as I tell you the news!" Chris Larsen, Jed, all the whales: "hold our beers"
  4. I have bought back in since March 2018 so under water in this second investment, but way up overall. To state something obvious, but so all-encompassing: at any given moment in time, we simply cannot know the future (ahead of that moment). I regretted selling my zerps for three or four weeks...I was really kicking myself for buckling under pressure. Of course, now we have a different perspective, but hindsight is easy. It could be the case that XRP could collapse to 1 cent and we would wonder why we just sat on our behinds doing nothing while it was stuck at 30 cents for months, with an easy opportunity to escape the nightmare collapse and buy our zerps back at a fraction of the cost. We'd question our lack of action in not getting out sooner. That COULD happen (I doubt it will, but it's to illustrate the point). OR, XRP could shoot to $5 in a few weeks and many will wonder why they didn't buy XRP at 30 cents when it was stuck there for months and they had ample opportunity to buy. Investing is messy - but I still remember being relieved in locking in a profit no matter what. Even the guys who bought Bitcoin at $10 and sold at $50 did a good job - they made a decent profit and decided that was a good time to sell, and they were RIGHT - they made a very good profit. Hindsight scolds us as if to say "why didn't you know the future?" - because we can't. All we can do is work with possibilities and be prepared to "messily" take profits KNOWING we might regret taking those profits, but nevertheless, we achieved a certain profit along the way. We can have extra strategies too - sell, accumulate at dips, keep a percentage of our stack as "forever HODL" so we can achieve those amazing highs years down the line.
  5. I nearly joined this forum in January 2018 with a post entitled "I sold my stack at the bottom - AMA" (sold most of my stack at around $1.05, average sell price of $1.10). In the end, I couldn't even stomach writing such a thing...although I sold in panic, I was determined to profit from the bull run no matter what...and there were decent profits ALL of us who participated could have taken / did take. The last 18 months have been pretty brutal, but if anyone has learnt anything it's to profit take because this is one incredibly manipulated market and you never know how long you will have to wait for the next opportunity.
  6. I'm getting bored of the commentary about this space...that is all. Maybe a break in nature for a few months with my phone just used to listen to music...ahh, innocence.
  7. Nobody knows the future...that's all I learnt about crypto.
  8. In for a penny, in for a pound. At 30/31c, it's pocket change (to me) if we go to 20c or 10c. Big deal, XRP is a flop, and I lose some more money (shrugs), or it's a moderate success and I get back in profit this second time around (much better!)...or a massive success (life changing money)....I like the risk/reward from where I'm standing, especially given the fundamentals of XRP.
  9. Well that guy took one for the team - our zerps are even rarer now!
  10. Nice to see the old bullish sentiment back again.... - totally agree, and I'm falling into that very trap you've described. I've already lowered my short-term goals...I've got orders waiting to be filled at 29c and 28c respectively....I've put in some sales in the 35c range. If the price goes to 50 cents, I'll sell 20% by then (5% at 35c, 5% at 40c, 5% at 45c, 5% at 50c) - IF the price is going up slowly to that range. That's my hedge against yet another darned price drop back to the 20s. If the price goes up after that, then great - I still win, and I can live with the regret of selling 20% of my stack a little early. Whatever happens next, I'm hedging (I guess the whales have beaten me up enough). If we receive life-changing news about XRP, then that's another story. If it's a paradigm shift event, then it would be silly to sell anything at a low price. It just depends. In the end, investing is messy. The person who holds forever waiting for maximum profits might find their asset stuck in the doldrums for years when they could have traded 10% of their stack and at least accumulated a bit or worst case scenario sold a bit of their stack early. I think I would leave about 25% of my stack as a "forever" pile - a kind of pro-XRP-forever hedge, so long as things are generally progressing.
  11. It is weird how they keep using the "level playing field" phrase without actually explaining what they mean by it. It is a meaningless statement without elaboration. Anyone can use that vague platitude about anything - it demands elaboration. It's like saying "we like fairness" - well, that's kind of a given (at least, as an official position to take - of course everyone will say "we champion fairness") - if someone says such a bland statement, they should give details as to how they would achieve that.
  12. The sell walls force sellers to sell at a lower price or they won't sell anything. Not every seller simply waits for sell walls to get eaten up, so they put in a lower price. Then the sell wall isn't being sold into. The sell wall can even be 4th or 5th in the list, but every seller sees it's there and it's a threat to their ability to sell. These walls also pop up and disappear via a script, so they're not truly looking to be eaten into - they're just there to ensure sellers put asks in at a price cheaper than the wall. This is illegal in every other market (Dodd-Frank Act). Then you have entities like Clover Coin:- https://bithomp.com/explorer/rHbw8qLiKFya7atqxmMEegnh7uCoSZ23nJ They move 1.5 billion XRP to https://coincheck.com/...and are apparently selling a million XRP a day - full details here : If you read the above tweet's thread of tweets, you'll see that they've been dumping 1 million XRP per day since March 2018. It would take 4.5 years (to September 2022) in order to dump that 1.5 billion on exchanges.
  13. No doubt about it - very very easily. You can put up sell walls that only get chipped away with small buys. You could do that for years and years with a big stash of XRP and zero regulations to stop you spoofing. Then of course, every now and again, you just dump 5 to 10 million XRP in a market sell and panic the market. Rinse and repeat.
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