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  1. I'm relieved to find out that BeamNG is a video game and not a location!
  2. This is how I'm doing it - you have to have a reason to be happy whatever way the price goes. If it goes down further, I will accumulate from the sales I made a few days ago....but I'm not accumulating unless the price hits 40c (if it went that low). If it doesn't go that low, great! If the price goes up, of course that's the best scenario. I'm selling 0.5% of my XRP at intervals all the way to $3, but I'll have a "hold forever" amount I won't sell.
  3. Same here....I made the mistake in September 2018 of letting a price spike go to waste.....not this time. On the positive side, this could be a pull back before going to $1....either way, we have to gain something out of this kind of price action.
  4. If the price goes down further, I can buy more XRP and send it back to my airdrop wallet before the 12th. If the price goes up, it's always good.
  5. I've sold about 8% of my stack above 60c in the last few days....the more the price collapses the more I can accumulate...not that I won't be disappointed if the price collapses, but you need to get something out of a run. At the same time, I sell knowing it's just as likely I'm "selling early"....but I try to be good, not perfect.
  6. There's going to be a lot of regret in people if they watched it slide from $8+ to $1.30 even if $1.30 gives them a profit...but yeah, I also worry about 35 cents or lower too (not to be too pessimistic) hence I've made some small sales on the way up, and managed to accumulate some XRP in the process. Gotta get SOMETHING out of this if it all collapsed back to the doldrums.
  7. That's fair enough - no right or wrong here with people's personal targets. Here's hoping for $10.
  8. I'm not bearish...just think it's normal for a bullish event (Flare snapshot) to have a bullish run-up to the date and then a sell-off after it occurs. It's all good.
  9. How would you feel if the price got to $8.27 at the top, then spent the next 3 years at $1.30? You missed the bigger profits waiting for $10 and sold nothing. A lot of people were waiting for $4, $5, $10 in the last bull run and ended up holding 13 cents-valued XRPs in March 2020.
  10. No idea to be honest...it's a weird spanner in the works if it's contributing something significant as I imagine that it'll have a negative affect on XRP's price after the 12th December snapshot...but if we're (still) in the throes of a bull-run by then, it might not make a difference.
  11. A few people here saying they're not selling until $5, $10 etc...people were saying the exact same thing in the last bull run. Just be careful and take SOME profits (just my opinion!) - even 5% of your stack before $1, maybe another 5% between $1 to $2....take SOMETHING (again, just my humble opinion). If the price doesn't work out and it all collapses back down, you got something out of it - you can keep your profits (I'll assume they're profits at that point) or accumulate more XRP.
  12. Oh that's my goal too....I accumulated on the pullback, just felt like I should do something. I watched XRP go from 27 cents to 80 cents and back down to 25 cents in September 2018 over a matter of days without doing a single thing... !
  13. I've sold about 7% of my stack on the way up in this run, even grabbed a cheeky sell at 0.779 cents on Bitstamp before the pullback! Still holding out though with most of my XRP in cold storage...Spark airdrop is a few weeks away...I'll keep selling on the way up though...let's try to be good, not perfect.
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