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    no-action letters from SEC

    Here's a great conversation about this very topic of institutions having discipline on buying low, having zero emotion (you can do that as an institution), and holding for positions for multiple years (versus the typical irrational and emotional retail investor) : https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ypJdOWLnbYGW?t=537 (I've cued up the interesting conversation)
  2. 2ndtimearound

    no-action letters from SEC

    This. People think institutions just do a single mouse click to buy their entire position. They wait for a buying range and average in. Just remember: institutions buy low and sell high. Trade secret.
  3. It's not difficult. You make a few copies of it (literally write it out on a various sheets)....then keep them in different safe places. The toilet paper anecdote - hardly believable.
  4. 2ndtimearound

    XRP / XLM Chart?

    I can create XML from my computer, there's no control over the circulation....and CSS, and HTML (sorry, couldn't resist ).
  5. 2ndtimearound

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    It's only a bit of fun and intrigue. It's only embarrassing if someone takes it completely seriously as if it's investment advice. Every single asset that's tradeable is subject to rumour and conspiracy. XRP is no different.
  6. This. Go to /r/cryptocurrency on reddit and it's full of bitterness and despair. A lot of people there think blockchain is dead tech - didn't work, nobody adopted it. Game over, we got suckered. No, they were just too greedy in the last bull run and now they are too fearful. Same old same old. People get hysterical at the extreme ends of bull and bear markets. Irrational exuberance in a bull run and despair in a bear market. These emotions make people do the exact opposite of what they should be doing (buying when they should sell, sell when they should buy). People over-extend themselves or simply have no patience. They need to think like institutions - here's a great video giving great investing tips in the cryptospace (IMO of course):- https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ypJdOWLnbYGW average in on the way down bottom has very little liquidity so don't try to time it anyway and price doesn't usually stay there for long price moves up fast after the bottom is established buy a distressed asset (70% off its ATH) if you've done your research and believe it has a solid future Particularly here:- https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ypJdOWLnbYGW?t=532 retail investors lack discipline, react to emotions institutional investors buy with a longer timeframe in mind, far more disciplined than retail investors retail investors buy when they wish they should have already bought earlier retail investors sell after they wish they should have sold earlier retail investors seek comfort which leads to poor decision making
  7. For sure on paper there’s plenty of XRP supply, it’s just the supply for xrapid is limited by exchange volume which is a problem.
  8. Well I once held 6 figures of XLM. I only hold XRP now because of the size of utility volume that's looking to come through XRP and the sheer number of partnerships - especially if you count R3's client list (which has got me buying XRP again). I think XLM is a riskier investment...it relies heavily on IBM delivering something. Put it this way - the problem Ripple and R3 have now is not demand, it's supply. They have WAY more demand than exchange books can handle...lack of liquidity on the supply side.
  9. No a thousand times. XRP will have utility volume run through it. If XRP was 100% a speculative asset, I'd never have invested into it a second time. Might as well take a punt on some low-cap coins. You have to stop interchanging "crypto" and "XRP" as if they are one and the same. They are not the same. The 2000 sh!tcoins on offer will never have utility volume of any meaningful kind run through them - EVER. They are 100% speculative plays. XRP - if it is to succeed (if) - will see utility volume DWARF speculation volume run through its ledger. Think supply (on exchanges) versus huge demand from banks and FIs. That's what I've invested in. Am I early? No doubt. I can't time the market and I see the price being higher in the years ahead than its average price in 2018. You end up buying into bull traps if you take that strategy, or you buy high into a bull run only when the bull run is confirmed, which is normally too late. I get that this is a strategy, but it's far closer aligned to day trading than investing. You're trying to time the market by buying after confirmations. This strategy is NOT "buy low", and you are in danger of buying into so many bull traps if you try to "buy early into a recovery" (when they end up being false recoveries). It's like selling when a bear market is confirmed. Way too late. As for me, I see bull runs when they're absolutely confirmed as a time to sell (not buy), and bear markets when they're absolutely confirmed as a time to buy (not sell). See my first point. I'm invested in XRP because of future utility volume. It's useful to know when manipulation is occurring, but that's just so you get a good idea of what's going on and don't get weak hands when manipulation is driving down the price. Again, you think the future of XRP's price will be dictated 100% by speculative investing. Or you don't understand (or believe) that utility volume will pour through the XRP ledger in the future (if all goes well, of course). Think about supply, think about demand. A demand for utility versus the supply of XRP. What can that do to the price? Are you still holding XRP?
  10. Sure, we can only guess who's buying now OTC though we CAN know that hedge funds like Grayscale and Morgan Creek have been buying like crazy this year (they're open about it). Yale have committed $400M to buying crypto....and I will sound like a broken record talking about Bakkt, Fidelity etc...point being that it's unlikely that regulations will somehow kill the market as so much infrastructure is being built for this market...I don't believe the SEC decisions are all "black box" - the smart money knows what's coming up...us small fish will never know - we're just here to sell low in panic and help drive the price down
  11. Well, for sure a lot of trades have been made OTC this year:- https://www.ccn.com/otc-is-much-larger-than-bitcoin-exchange-volume-where-real-whales-trade/ That was from July this year when prices were higher than now. I don't believe big institutions will wait on the sidelines for rock bottom and make a single purchase there and then (there may not be the liquidity if all big players are waiting for that single moment).
  12. Big institutions won't buy on exchanges - they'll buy OTC. We can't know for sure how much they've bought already, but my guess (and all of us can only guess) is that they're averaging in and looking to hold long term. They won't be looking at the very bottom...I don't believe the manipulation can be that mechanically co-ordinated, nor do I think all cryptos have that volume of supply ready for multiple institutions over a very short period of time. One thing that's become obvious in recent weeks is that retail speculator sentiment has become utterly bitter and hateful to crypto. Clearly, a lot of retail speculators never sold this year....they're pi55ed off. That much is very clear.
  13. Proof of work is redundant - consensus and proof of stake show there's no need to create huge mining farms that suck up so much power. Even if nothing is announced this week, it's inevitable governments will disincentivise proof of work and thus kill it.
  14. 2ndtimearound

    Swift Fights Back

    Ok so you’re saying we shouldn’t rule out that swift might create a digital asset that’s publicly traded across multiple fiat pairs and becomes more popular than XRP. Technically it’s possible, but that kind of liquidity and value takes years of work to achieve that through marketing, networking, etc.