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  1. The answer is obvious: we are all going to sell our XRP, and then spend the rest of our lives on this forum talking about XRP.
  2. Really bizarre article headline and theme given this is part of it :- Seems like other cryptos are likely to be impacted in a bigger way than XRP in the short-term...yet the article is all about XRP? Also a really bad typo in the first sentence : The fourth-largest digital currency XRP has been having difficult years since January 2020"
  3. More like the Scheisse Crypto Ratings. These guys come very late to crypto, and then point out things that everyone has known for months like they're oracles. That these guys are now saying XRP is in a bear market - a contrarian signal if ever there was one.
  4. OK, you seem to want to lock horns, so I will happily engage. I sold my first (6 figure) stack of XRP in late January 2018....my average sell price was well north of $1 which explains a lot of posts I made in 2018 when the price was well under $1 (that you pick those posts apart 2 years later is really pathetic). XRP was far from my only holding in the last bull run. I made more profit from other cryptos than XRP, but XRP was my biggest gain for a single crypto. I've put in maybe 20% of my profits back into crypto, 50% into gold/silver, the rest in the bank. The 20% profits I put back into crypto are down 50%, so I don't figure I'm doing too badly overall. Oh, and Raiblocks.....a similar experience to you....I also got huge gains with Xtrabytes when it nearly hit $1 (bought loads at 2 cents), had 6 figures of XLM sold at 65 cents on and on.....2017/18 was a wave of exuberance and profit. I held zero crypto in late January 2018 and slowly built up smaller positions through 2018 and onwards. You come across as a small minded individual with a grudge to pick apart individual prediction posts made 2 years ago (in full hindsight). The entire cryptospace took a hit. I still made some good gains last year buying a lot of BTR (Bitrue) presale and selling my AVA at 3x a couple of weeks ago. I hate this willy waving, but I also hate being misrepresented by someone who obviously has a chip on their shoulder. I don't know where your ire is coming from, but clearly you're unhappy about something. You seem to have done well in the last bull run too....all good, right? None of us has a crystal ball. I hold my XRP because I can do so without a bead of sweat. I am an honest guy, hence my exasperation with recent events. I'm not a "Digital Asset Investor" type to always cheerlead XRP no matter what. Every investor will take hits as well as gains, and I take mine on the chin.
  5. It's a weird thing. I haven't invested in 10,000+ assets across all kinds of asset classes that have gone down in value in recent years. Heck, 95%+ of cryptos have gone down 70%+ since the last major bull run. I guess I could find cohorts of people who have invested in those assets and start bugging them with my incredible 20/20 hindsight. But....frankly, I'd find it boring. Not even sad or pathetic so much....just boring.
  6. They already are at a loss, as I mentioned...we (and XRP) are living rent free in their head all the time. That's a loss for anyone who is reasonably mentally healthy.
  7. Well what do we have here....looks like XRP hodlers like me are living rent free in your head... Since you spent probably 30 mins on this personal attack (I'm feelin' it) - I'm still well in profit overall thanks to the first time around....I guess a dunce like me gets lucky sometimes. Did you profit from XRP? I guess not as your comment history is highly concentrated with sodium chloride. If you can resist looking back and stop being *that guy* for a moment, tell us what's happening in the next 12 months, genius?
  8. Disappointed yet again...what's happening with Ripple? I feel like we're heading down to 10 cents and oblivion - this is one unloved token - even Ripple are sh*tting on it at every opportunity.
  9. Who knows...but I think 2021 will be the "new 2017" if we go by Bitcoin halvings...just got to keep your XRP in an old sock in the attic, then dust them off and sell them next year.
  10. My Delta app had this issue back in Dec 17/Jan 18....took them nearly 4 weeks to fix it.
  11. I thought my eyes had lost the ability to see the colour green. Good to see a bump...
  12. Record ODL volume yesterday of $16.8m. Smashed the previous high by $5.5m
  13. I think the price action so far is very healthy across the crypto space....big run ups, smaller pull backs. Of course, I've just applied the kiss of death, so expect a massive 20% crash today across the space in the next 60 seconds.
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