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  1. I don't see why they would choose ETH. The vast majority of its liquidity is as a base pair for other alts - and it's very SLOW compared to XRP. XRP has been setup to have liquidity with fiat currencies. It's still not really there yet, but surely banks would see XRP as the only viable option. I own a bit of XLM by the way....but also I don't see how XLM can be used given how illiquid it is compared to XRP....unless the tech somehow does not require fiat/XLM liquidity and they simply buy the digital asset and trade it directly for fiat to the receiving bank (which I'm not sure how well that will work, but...).
  2. This is like saying the weather will be the same tomorrow as it was yesterday....."because must be a pattern". 2013 to 2017 saw XRP having trade volume of well under $1M a day for much of the time. Now it's consistently above $500M. This tells me there's a lot more going on with XRP now. It also tells me that even if you are right, then GREAT - because factoring in the difference in scale, XRP's price will go crazy in 2021, far far exceeding its previous ATH....and that essentially holding XRP today is like earning $XXX(X) a day for someone with a reasonable amount of XRP....even if they have to wait another 2.5 years for that to be realised. Being paid to be patient.
  3. Look at the volume chart over the last 2 years. early 2017: about $1M a day volume. Now 14 months into a bear market: averaging above $500M a day. That's a 500x fold increase in volume. Oh....and now price. XRP's price is about 64x its price 2 years ago. Discussion over. Zoom out, cultivate patience, develop hobbies, let your bamboo grow and harvest at the right time.
  4. I'm still looking for an XRP/XRP pairing to buy XRP with my XRP.
  5. Spot on. I've had this conversation more than once:- friend : "Wow, you're so enthusiastic about XRP - should I invest in XRP?" me: "NO, unless you decide to really do some deep research and get enthusiastic about XRP yourself - from your own research" friend: "but...you've already done your research, so as a short-cut I'll just buy XRP since you've done all the work and I won't blame you if the price goes down" me: "the point of research is that it strengthens your hands if/when you're deep underwater on your investment. If you don't know the potential of what you're holding, you're more likely to dump it when in doubt. There's no real shortcut to that" There's so much ridiculous FUD out there that my own influence on such an investor is very limited - without your own research, it's easy to fall for FUD and fall into that "inbetween stage".
  6. The stunning irony of the crypto-marxists is that XRP can actually HELP the poor send money back home at a much cheaper cost. No, the crypto-marxists would be happier if BTC shot up in value purely as a store of value play (only the rich/early adopters benefits i.e. the 1%). XRP can actually scale so it has a use case and can help the poor send MORE money back to their families (as just one use case, remittance). Never mind the hundreds of millions of workers who benefit from this, let's focus on the ten thousand or so people who will get rich from it. This is always the moronic problem of socialsim - their envy of success is such that nobody can be successful, even if it means hundreds of millions are worse off (so a tiny minority can't be successful). Of course, that's just speaking of the dullards who think socialism is actually an ideal. In reality, it's just a tool to make a few hundred people stinkingly rich while literally everyone else suffers.
  7. She made some horrible "assumptions" through her sickening bias against Ripple (which is utterly obvious) saying that magically, all banks know the future so they don't need to have a BIG store of money in various currencies held in their nostro accounts in other banks....because somehow they know what all of their client's future transactions will be...so with that magic foresight, they ONLY stock their nostro accounts with JUST as much as they need for the near future...all you need to be is a prophet, it's simples peeps! And if they need more money? Well, they order more! Do we talk about the delay and cost of ordering foreign fiat to your vostro? No we don't, because we're Frances Coppola! It's all magic, because those processes "are not Ripple"! Anything "not Ripple" is frictionless and magic! She doubles down on the potency of her verbal vomit by describing xRapid with such grotesque inaccuracies - imagining that banks "won't want to hold a volatile asset" (arrghh, such OLD FUD, they don't need to hold anything...3 to 4 seconds transactions, or ZERO exposure via MultiHop).
  8. Full list of bots are found here > https://www.zerpslurp.com/spam.asp Seems they've stopped in the last few hours.
  9. Thanks. Also, every institution and government desperately need the extra liquidity that fast and cheap money transactions can provide. Too much money is trapped in this world.
  10. Even as patient as I am with XRP, I think this kind of time line is too long because it surely means for the next three years, XRP is not proving to be suitable "transport" for value - it won't be liquid enough at low prices. There's only so much time before businesses lose interest in something if it's not actually working as intended over many years. Your time line means XRP is essentially useless for the next 3 years...too long IMO. And as bullish as I am about XRP, I will be bearish if the price is not moving much by even the end of 2019. Something has to give. XRP has to show itself at some point (though to be fair, it's performed incredibly up to now if you look over the last two to three years...incredible).
  11. ZOMG!! Brad is doing the illuminati gesture with his hands.....ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!
  12. I thought I was the shiiiiit with my Gold.....then I saw Hodor's profile and realise there's a Platinum level above Gold....
  13. A couple of interesting points here (forgive me, others might have raised these, commenting quickly):- the job itself has been eliminated - they will not replace Cory as the job title itself has disappeared they say "due to market conditions", the job itself is no longer necessary ...I think it might be something SEC hinted/requested to Ripple. Maybe Cory's role evangelised XRP too much, and SEC noted that to Ripple. Remember when David's Schwartz job title changed from Chief Cryptographer to Chief Technical Officer? That was surely Ripple separating themselves from XRP. Cory did talk a lot about XRP and maybe that raised a flag. Or maybe it's even more obvious - they literally don't need that role any longer because everything's in place.
  14. The biggest problem BTC has is it doesn't scale. It becomes very very slow (literally days to move money) and very expensive (such as $50 to move $50) once the Memepool gets overloaded....been there, done that - and I'm sure a few here have had first-hand experience of it. "but....but...Lightning Network!" - there are a lot of problems with the LN that are deal-breakingly bad - here's a detailed list of them > https://medium.com/crypto-punks/lightning-network-ux-centralization-b517037b92ec So BTC is dead on arrival when it comes to scale - it just can't manage it, and there's nothing viable in the works to solve these problems for BTC. It really is dead, but only some of us know it. I can't support any technology that I know is going to be made obsolete, and that there are better alternatives out there. BTC maximalists just bang on about security as if speed, scale and cost are irrelevant. Security alone is irrelevant if people want faster, low cost alternatives. Ironically, people will be buying tokenised precious metals in the future for their store of value - quickly and cheaply. They will not need wallets or need to know what memepool or "mining fees" are, or have to look at a spinning icon that next to a confirmation count for a transaction. All the neckbeard quirks of Bitcoin will be eradicated because they are just roadblocks to a good user experience. The Internet of Value will be about instantaneous transactions performed at worldwide scale, each transaction being a few specks of dust off your balance.
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