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  1. Hi guys, What are your plans for selling once we actually have a a full on parabolic bull run. The general consensus of opinion is that we will hopefully get up to $25-30, but who knows for sure, do you cash out a small % and hope for a moderate correction down to say $15-20 or do you pull 80-90% out and hope for a massive drop off and back into a bear market again and we've dropped down to $2-3. Just interested to hear people's thoughts.
  2. If we're expecting a pullback after the next bull run, then surely the sensible thing to do is sell your stack at what you hope is the peak and then rebuy back down at the bottom. I did this in the 2017 bull run, but with a much smaller investment. This time I'm older and wiser, with a 10x larger investment , I just wanted to get a sense from everyone if that would be the best strategy again this time around.
  3. As a long term hodler and first time poster, I have a question. After the next bull run and the price of xrp for arguments sake is $20, do we think the price will then hover around that mark, maybe drop a couple of bucks or repeat what has happened in the past and drop 90%. I'm asking because if we have utility at that point, surely the price would stay higher for xrp and the lesser coins drop back down to a higher low. I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on this. Cheers guys. 👍
  4. Hi guys, First time posting, been a hodler since Dec and I'm purely invested in xrp. I've been slowly buying more over the past few months, but I'm reaching my limit now, I've managed to accrue 7000 xerps which I know is not a huge amount compared to some of you out there. I have one more buy in left, just wondering if you have any advice as to when. Can it really drop below .50, should I wait a few more weeks? Any advice gratefully received.
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