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  1. Gotcha, thank you sir! Will do, and i'll post whatever they say.
  2. So I check all of my wallets including uphold (which is where my XRP was on 12/20, and they all show that I only had 20 XRP there. If I look at the transactions, I can see me sending to uphold before the deadline, and still bithomp says 20 XRP. any suggestions for next steps?
  3. Did I need to do something special with the Ledger Wallet in order to 'register' for this airdrop? I thought I did everything Flare required, which in this case has me worried about the FLR airdrop when that happens.
  4. So I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I had XRP in a Ledger wallet, and I have well over 100 XRP in that wallet. When I connected to Songbird via MetaMask, I got 3.2 SGB. I'm not sure the distribution / ratio of how many XRP to Songbird, but I figured I would ask here to see if I'm doing things right. I followed the instructions on the Flare site to connect Ledger to MetaMask / Songbird. Am I doing something wrong, or is that just a normal value to receive when you have substantially more than 3.2 XRP? Is the ratio of SGB to XRP like 100 XRP to 1 SGB or something?
  5. has anyone on Uphold received their FLR yet? I had mine there which participated in the drop, but I haven't received anything yet.
  6. nope, but express vpn has a month to month for 15 bucks. 15 bucks for 3k ain't a bad trade off.
  7. it seems very apparent that most people here are from the United States. The world is much larger than just you. You are not the center of earth, nor does what happens there matter. I thought Ripple the organization was quite clear about that. World Economics are shifting AWAY from the United States. Not that you won't be involved, but you certainly will not be able to retain the control that you currently have. I believe the entire point of crypto is exactly that, for people of all countries... that centralized anything, including regulators, will not have nearly as big of a play.
  8. all of my XRP was on Uphold when the snapshot was taken, but I haven't seen anything in the way of Flare as of yet. Is there a date as to when this would be happening, or did I just miss out?
  9. short term gains are usually better attributed to penny stocks, or ETF's and things. Hell you can even get some long term gains if you pick the right ones. Investing in crypto is investing in an entirely new market space that will eventually replace transaction banking as we know it today. maybe not in our lifetime, but both the potential and the players are very real. Crypto is really for those who can (or at least are willing to) give their $2k to the cousin who they know won't be able to repay that loan they are asking for to 'better their life'. Meaning, everyone has a family member that asks for money, and they all know that they won't repay it, but everyone hopes to see that glimmer of hope that he/she actually uses that money to better themselves in the future, and appreciate the 'starter loan' to change their life. an investment in crypto is the same type of investment. 'hope' that it will pay you back, but expect that it will not. You may just end up pleasantly surprised, but there's no love lost if it doesn't. This technology is on the bleeding edge. Not the cutting edge... the bleeding edge, which means it could be huge, or it could fall flat on it's face and ass everyone out of their money. This technology has the ability to change the world as we know it if it's applied to the current systems properly. This technology has the ability to be complete 'vaporware' that goes up in a cloud of smoke and all the project heads disappear. I know i've seen that more than once personally. Diversification is the most fundamental of all risk mitigation, and not doing so in the burgeoning of a completely new asset class (if crypto tokens are actually deemed an asset class by regulatory bodies) is an unhealthy way to grow your investments. The burgeoning of this new class of investment tools is something I've only seen one other time in my lifetime in ETF's, and those have made an exorbitant amount of money thus far. MY (only my reasoning) to not buy penny stocks in place of crypto, is because crypto will overtake almost all asset classes in the future. maybe not even in my lifetime (which is another 60 or so years) but eventually, they will if the world keeps spinning on it's current trajectory. it just makes sense for value to be transacted with the speed of computers. ifyou're in it for the short term, Penny Stocks are probably a better bet. me personally.. I trade almost all asset classes while I accumulate a variety of the top ten crypto tokens slowly on the dips.
  10. if you're looking to run a validator, the answer is yes.
  11. Ripple has no obligation to any of us. We are not 'investors' in the classical sense. If you're looking to assist in increasing the value of something inert that you have invested in, I would encourage you to come up with a new solution utilizing the token itself. If you believe yourself an investor, I would encourage you to begin trading securities and attend the meetings that shareholders have annually or biannually. Or... if you can prove $1m+ in assets, then invest in Ripple the company before it goes public. They owe you nothing, including an open ear. IF (big if here) they choose to listen, it is because of the kindness of the people that created the token you purchased, and run the company you believe in. All of our 'feelings' are absolutely irrelevant, including impatience.
  12. I suspect that's far too much patting ourselves on the back here. A company that specialized in institutional sales doesn't require the input, acceptance, or opinion of any community besides their own. Make no mistake, that while some people here may belong to both communities, your opinion and effort is irrelevant to the success or failure of this project.
  13. So this wouldn't be able to done in without a larger firm's back end, such as Venmo or WU to get the FIAT currency into the destination account within seconds?
  14. I understand there are apps out there like western union, and venmo, but I didn't know if anyone had heard of any app being created leveraging XRapid, and allowing people to send money P2P internationally, and deposit in FIAT currencies? Or even if something like this is in the works? say if I had debit card account in the US, and wanted to send money to a friend in Japan, I could open this app, send them 1000 yen (I think it's yen?) from my US bank account, and have Xrapid do the heavy lifting to deposit in my friends Japanese account?
  15. I had heard of bitcoin, as well as blockchain, but I read something somewhere that said 'if you really want to know how good a project (coin) is then google the question "what problem is <name_a_coin_project> trying to solve?" When I did, Bitcoin had it's standard anarchistic custody concept (which I still love, but it's unrealistic), Ethereum had smart contracts which can potentially affect the real estate markets in a positive way, and then there was XRP. The coin itself isn't terribly striking, but the potential behind it went beyond my imagination. I could imagine a world with bitcoin as a store of value, except it didn't have the TPS, or the compute power, or the security to scale globally, Even with the lightning network. plus, we still have to depend on standard pro-sumers, and in truth it would end up corporations, to throw gobs of money at compute power to run the infrastructure. highly unlikely (IMO). The only problem solved was people taking back custody of their money, which no government or bank will allow in any lifetime.. even if it was truly agnostic, secure, and dependable. Ethereum expedited real estate contracts, and other long drawn out contractual deals (maybe even corporate mergers). This was a positive, because your turning months into days, which is fantastic, and if Ethereum has some more TPS, it's doable in that niche, so it had more potential (IMHO), but it still depends on pro-sumer/private compute power, so it would naturally end. The incentives simply aren't there for the average person (globally. I know american's believe that everyone has the same money they do to spend on this kind of thing, but they do not, and belief is not required for that to be the truth) to spend the money on the hardware and power. Eth is a great token, and never to be underestimated. I simply don't believe that banks or governments will allow this type of thing in an open market. Humans are too selfish, and be it that they believe money is power, it's inevitable before the system is corrupt, or it fails in light of another more malleable system. XRP (and the set of ripple products) had the potential to reshape how money flows globally, as well as open up the locked doors on Trillions from banks locked in nostro/vostro accounts, potentially creating a world of new opportunities. Their hardware was paid for by corporate entities that believed in the product, and a few tech savvy fan boys, which is more than enough to get their technology off the ground. Be it that they are partnered with lots of central banks, that is a great sign of adoption, granted it's not US money, but Asia ain't to shabby, especially when you look at how many countries there are. Also, the fact that XRP acts as a 'wildcard' token between currencies, and reduces time to value to seconds from days, and has plenty of TPS to start with, and is suitable for global scaling. It has potential. It exists within the current power structure (banks), which means there likely will be a level of control at some point. Then, with the paired with addition of Codius, someone could create a global exchange, with all sorts of financial instruments, as well as derivatives to completely revamp the investment world, and settle in seconds TO ANY CURRENCY IN THE WORLD. This.... is a game changer for financial institutions. I know because I've seen it with my own eyes. The pain of trading globally with fiat currencies in multiple accounts is hidden to the people who aren't institutional investors. When those people can trade any exchange in the world, with a single currency (be it XRP / Stellar / or whatever other currency that has yet to be created) the world itself will be unrecognizable to the people living today. Now that, is solving a damn problem! creating liquidity, and adding Trillions (if not Quadrillions) of dollars to a global economy is nothing but healthy for it. Making speedy and efficient cross border payments in any denomination is also healthy for the lei person, as well as corporate and government entities alike. That's when I realized I had hit the limits of my imagination.... and I have a biiiiiigggg imagination. If for no other reason, than to invest in a dream that has the (realistic) potential to change the world as we know it.. i'm in. We're nowhere near any of this, but when I measure an investment, I look at the potential, and if I am measuring the potential of 10 blockchain projects, I would still put XRP and the Ripple software suite as #1. If (big IF here) it truly takes off... there's limitless potential.
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