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  1. short term gains are usually better attributed to penny stocks, or ETF's and things. Hell you can even get some long term gains if you pick the right ones. Investing in crypto is investing in an entirely new market space that will eventually replace transaction banking as we know it today. maybe not in our lifetime, but both the potential and the players are very real. Crypto is really for those who can (or at least are willing to) give their $2k to the cousin who they know won't be able to repay that loan they are asking for to 'better their life'. Meaning, everyone has a family member
  2. if you're looking to run a validator, the answer is yes.
  3. Ripple has no obligation to any of us. We are not 'investors' in the classical sense. If you're looking to assist in increasing the value of something inert that you have invested in, I would encourage you to come up with a new solution utilizing the token itself. If you believe yourself an investor, I would encourage you to begin trading securities and attend the meetings that shareholders have annually or biannually. Or... if you can prove $1m+ in assets, then invest in Ripple the company before it goes public. They owe you nothing, including an open ear. IF (big if here) they choose
  4. I suspect that's far too much patting ourselves on the back here. A company that specialized in institutional sales doesn't require the input, acceptance, or opinion of any community besides their own. Make no mistake, that while some people here may belong to both communities, your opinion and effort is irrelevant to the success or failure of this project.
  5. So this wouldn't be able to done in without a larger firm's back end, such as Venmo or WU to get the FIAT currency into the destination account within seconds?
  6. I understand there are apps out there like western union, and venmo, but I didn't know if anyone had heard of any app being created leveraging XRapid, and allowing people to send money P2P internationally, and deposit in FIAT currencies? Or even if something like this is in the works? say if I had debit card account in the US, and wanted to send money to a friend in Japan, I could open this app, send them 1000 yen (I think it's yen?) from my US bank account, and have Xrapid do the heavy lifting to deposit in my friends Japanese account?
  7. I had heard of bitcoin, as well as blockchain, but I read something somewhere that said 'if you really want to know how good a project (coin) is then google the question "what problem is <name_a_coin_project> trying to solve?" When I did, Bitcoin had it's standard anarchistic custody concept (which I still love, but it's unrealistic), Ethereum had smart contracts which can potentially affect the real estate markets in a positive way, and then there was XRP. The coin itself isn't terribly striking, but the potential behind it went beyond my imagination. I could imagine a world w
  8. Under international law a privately owned organization has almost the same rights as a person. If the TPP goes through, a corporation will have the same rights as a person, internationally. This may seem harmless, but I assure you that it is designed by the wealthy to take advantage of multiple countries human rights laws in accordance to profit. That being said... the US government would be forced to recognize Ripple the company, as an individual entity according to international. XRP itself is a currency, so they have no stake in that, but RippleNet is managed by Ripple, unless i misse
  9. GS will never enter into an ETF before they have enough invested into the actual coins. Think of them as the casino, they only bet on things when they're sure they can win a certain percentage. With enough coins, they can begin to fix the market to suit their portfolio, and with their subsidiaries, i'm sure they're collecting coins. ten layers of companies before any major name, will be the guy in his basement collecting the actual coins... and he might not even know he works for them. There will be no news about their activity because that's deliberate. There will be no investigations i
  10. This is an indicator of how far this crypto currency has penetrated our social consciousness. Context is irrelevant, but the existence of this article on such a conservative site, is a very positive sign.
  11. $1mil please. I'll spend 500k on XRP, have my 1mil XRP, and then buy a new house. There's always a better way to have your cake and eat it too. =)
  12. would it be accurate to say "RippleNet has a 100% uptime for the last 5 years?"
  13. XRP price being high to banks isn't a good thing, that's for investors. Banks are not investors of XRP... maybe a few, but the value is in the utility to them. In a bankers mind it will be the lower the better, because they will back charge customers. imagine the cost of a 40 dollar transaction, going to 4 cents, when cost to you was 25 dollars. The 40 Dollars the customer pays won't go down until their is price wars for those kinds of transactions. other than that, a bank will simply keep the 24.99 and call it 'cost savings'. that means they get back over 1000% in margin for at least the
  14. You'll need to use your imagination a bit on this one, but you may be able to see the lines between the dots. First thing to be said... no one thing is going to force banks to do anything at all. They will not relinquish their grip on the masses so easily. The only thing that I could see possibly forcing banks to move money through an alternate value transfer system (such as RippleNet) is Global Depression, and all nations wanting to release the current lot of their USD in exchange for something else. keep in mind that the USD is used for almost all major transactions. No natio
  15. How would I get in touch with RIpple to ask them about this? just use the contact form on their website?
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