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  1. nice! is bitstamp available in USA? I am starting to do my research for US exchange that will support Flare. Otherwise I might just use an online wallet such as Exodus which I believe they have said will support Flare
  2. They are in the UK during this interview (he also did interview with Fortune in London on same day - 07/25), so that's the reason he is using GBP as an example.
  3. Great article!! It looks like Oscar is really milking his interview with BG; this is his 2nd article in 2 days and he's done a great job. This should all be from his July 25th interview that Ripple had requested.
  4. No, the title of the article is misleading but accurate ; the title of the OP is straight out wrong with the omission of ", Blockchain Capital, others" I corrected that on twitter a few days ago but nobody actually reads the article for themselves or cares if it's accurate or not LOL.
  5. Yeah I agree that they don't want to hold XRP (unless it's basically given to them by Ripple) ; or at the least we're very far away from that. And liquidity would be the determining factor for those large transactions, but at the same time, the current known xRapid corridors (MXN, PHP) don't have that much volume / liquidity comparatively, and it works. Although that may be because those are small payments. I've also been wondering - why would banks even want to hold XRP even if they were allowed to in their regulatory environment? The only reason I could think of is so that instead of be
  6. Ah thanks for the education. Let's meetup on our yachts soon.
  7. I don't really agree with anybody that says that the price needs to be X in such and such scenario and therefore price will shoot up to X as soon as that scenario comes into play. To me, if that is true, that is a bad thing. That means to me that if the price doesn't appreciate to X, then the use-case wouldn't work and Ripple would fail for that use-case, and at current price, many use-cases would already be dead. I think the more important thing is liquidity and trade volume. If the price of XRP was $0.10 and trade volume was 100 billion USD a day, it'd be much healthier as a bridge curr
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-07-29/ripple-s-senior-vp-on-the-u-s-senate-cryptocurrency-hearing-video July 29th, 2019, 7:37 PM EDT Monica Long, Ripple Senior VP of Marketing discusses the upcoming U.S. Senate hearing on cryptocurrency and how she expects to change lawmakers minds on the subject. She speaks with Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology." (Source: Bloomberg)
  9. https://fortune.com/2019/07/25/ripple-ceo-regulation-facebook-libra-trump-tweet/ Looks like Brad is London today, with this interview with Fortune in London today, and a scheduled interview with Oscar Williams-Grut as well from Yahoo Finance (see below). So in a span of a few days he's been on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg (all of which were televised), and now Fortune, Yahoo.
  10. If you don't know what problem XRP is trying to solve, you're just trolling, or you haven't done any research - just watch any of the BG interviews, any of the Ripple insight videos, etc ; or even just watch a non Ripple/XRP related interview of these financial institutions (SWIFT, Western Union, banks, etc.) and their presidents, execs when they say they are looking into upgrading their dated legacy systems and acknowledge that they need to innovate or get left behind. Even if you're an XRP hater or Ripple hater, and you care even a little bit about the space and these issues, and these
  11. Ryan Zagone is Director of Regulatory Relations at Ripple; As per Clyde Vanel, NYS Assemblyman and Chair of the Subcommittee on Internet and New Technologies: New York State Digital Currency Taskforce: Body consists of 13 members: 6 appointed by the Assembly and the Senate Joseph Lubin - co-founder Ethereum Project, founder ConsenSys Sandra Ro - CEO Global Blockchain Business Council Yaya Funusie - Chief Strategist Cryptocurrency AML Strategies LLC, Fellow at the Center on Economic and Financial Power (Foundation for Defense of Democracies)
  12. Not sure if it deserves its own post, but this was posted an hour ago by Scooter Braun (meeting with BG): Posted an hour ago from President of Raised In Space... maybe they're getting ready to make an announcement?
  13. Link to video: https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6061533037001/#sp=show-clips CNBC yesterday, and now Fox Business today! I wonder how long until he returns to Bloomberg now.
  14. They said they would look into it just yesterday, and today announced they are running their own validator:
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