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  1. The final pullback down to 1500 sats would happen if BTC push up to $25k and we remain steady around $0.40. It could also be that we have a slight increase to $0.60 but where btc increase to $35k. I find this a somewhat likely scenario. At least btc increasing for a while longer while we remain steady. Our bullrun will likely happen as BTC is pulling back a bit. Possibly retracting down to $20k. Us being at 25k sats would put us around $5. I don't expect to go as high as $20 in the next run, since it would probably put us around 100k sats... Hopefully I'm wrong though, haha
  2. I know! It’s ridiculous! Do you also have to consider the fluctuations of dollars and euros in pounds?
  3. I would love this, but man... the taxing nightmare after using this... having to report EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE and pay tax on it...
  4. You don’t necessarily have to sell in order to profit. I think that eventually you will be able to take out a loan which is backed by btc. It would allow the early buyers to cash out significant amount without selling, and thereby causing a price drop..
  5. As I said before: DETH is imminent 😱😱😱
  6. You’re right. This is the sign of DETH! People selling xrp to make money 😱😱😱
  7. Interesting choice to use the analogy of the foreshock. Because for earthquakes it is impossible to know if a quake is a foreshock or the main event until afterwards. Same goes here. Only time will tell, but I do hope this is only the foreshock
  8. When XRP begins to go upwards, and when we start to approach ATH of $4 I think this will really matter. From this platform we will reach a broader community which has never had the crypto-FOMO before....
  9. Easy to say in hindsight :p I agree that most things point towards a bull-run. And I think it will be greater than the 2017 one. just look at the ease by which BNB surpassed its previous ATH... it was a slow but steady increase over three months i think we will begin to similar growth for some other digital assets soon! I am pretty sure we’re in for a good summer
  10. Let's assume that it is David Schwartz. And let's assume that he was sending the XRP to coinbase with the purpose of selling them. Two questions: 1. How much XRP does he have? (i.e., what percentage of his holding did he sell?) 2. Why did he sell? So much speculation, so little knowledge, and so many flaws... haha
  11. They said that in one year from now XRP will be at $0.0 which is down 90% from now.. I wouldn’t trust their math, lol They have no fundamental analysis backing any of their claim. Just some wide speculations. Kinda like saying that “I think England will win World Cup because they have good fish’n’chip”
  12. It's not. It was lower a couple of years ago It will most likely be lower at some point far, far away in a distant future... haha
  13. Something I've been pondering on for a while, but not yet thought through to a satisfactory degree is this: Let us begin by assuming that there are large xRapid volume on a specific corridor going form Market A --> Market B. By "large volume" I mean volume such that it affects the price. As everyone here understands this will drive the XRP price up for Market A and down for Market B. I think it is fair assumption that the direction of the volume for this corridor does not change direction. For instance that Philippines does not start sending money back to their relatives in J
  14. If you are asking if it is possible, then yes. The probability of this happening is strictly greater than 0. In fact, it is pretty large. I would say that it's close to 100 percent. But not in anytime soon. We will see a wonderful flourishing ecosystem for XRP, and XRP will reach highs you couldn't dare dream about. But eventually, a better system for transfers will come along and make XRP obsolete. Say in 50-100 years (probably quicker, but you get my point). Then the probability of XRP going to 2 cents is rather high. So if you wish to buy at 2c I suggest you wait a couple of decades
  15. In my opinion it takes time. We need time with many exchanges living on without being hacked or people loosing their funds. Regular people are not willing to risk their hard-earned life-savings on some "shady" crypto exchange like Binance. Yes, we all know that Binance is a good exchange, but I recall the first time I pointed my web browser to binance.com... It looked like some weird gaming website. My initial thought was that I got to some World of Warcraft fan site, and not a serious exchange. And eToro.. the name itself does not exactly spark confidence, haha... Try to find a single ex
  16. Nice! With the J-coin it would only be even quicker to transfer money form/to Japan. Note though, that J-coin (which to me sounds a bit gangsta, haha) is not something that will replace XRP or compete with XRP, it's just a better version of Cash. The reason it won't compete with XRP is that when transferring between two types of fiats (USD-->YEN) there is still a need for an intermediary asset, like XRP. A lot of countries are pursuing the quest for a digital version of their cash. The reason is that this has the potential to give back some monetary control to the central banks. As it
  17. @Snavedog Sounds like you have shorted the XRP with leverage. Have you? Just curious if you put your money where your mouth is...
  18. Not true.. Depends on what you are trying to predict. Is it governed by physical laws? If yes, then obviously the past can be used to derive models of those physical laws and then those can be used to put forth a prediction of what's to come. Most things are governed by physics, in one way or another. But that does not mean that we can predict prices in Crypto. We don't have the proper models for it. So yeah, past behavior of BTC will not predict the price movements. After previous major corrections there has been a run of %1,000 - %2,000. But in past times the interest of th
  19. Good contribution @DanB, I like the thoughtfulness that wen't into it, and generally agree with you. Especially the last part about diversifying. If people on XRPChat don't understand that it's a high-risk investment I think they should think again.. It's always good to put things into perspective SEC... I think this can be a really good thing (although it sucks for the XRP investor in the short term..) I think they want to highlight the fact that their companies success is NOT reflected in XRP. Not true. (discussed above...) For the same reason that when a majority of peopl
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