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  1. lol actually my friend chainID is what’s being adopted and it’s a creation of icon. It isn’t an MOU. Samsung will be using ICON’s chainID for their new project Samsung Pass. This is the first blockchain joint identification service and it’s already underway. They’ll be replacing their biometric system on cell phones for authentication with the Chain ID. Also their partnership with Line is massive as well.
  2. BTC whales are just rich traders. They move the market in whatever direction they want with whatever asset they want. They don’t care who wins in the end because they’re already making billions by controlling the market/knowing when to buy and sell. If xrp somehow did “take over” they would just start trading xrp and then they would be xrp whales. These guys don’t care about the tech or the future. They care about amassing wealth. The only people who would feel threatened by xrp would be those who are simply holding btc long term and betting that it will remain the dominant crypto. The aforeme
  3. Tron def pumps hard on news. I don’t like it’s fundamentals and think it’s just another ether copy cat, but you can’t deny how hard it pumps. Justin Sun is pretty smart. I would hold it and maybe sell on the main net announcement pump then buy back after that. I like tron for scalping gains but I honestly don’t know enough to say whether I would hold it long term.
  4. Yes. Bullish uptrend on weekly. Cup and handle forming on daily. 5 min following the entire market trend. 4 hour bullish upward trend forming
  5. Actually icx is forming a strong cup and handle formation on the daily which is a very bullish indicator. Also they’ve partnered with many corporations (Samsung just being one) which actually use ICX for informational and transactional means.
  6. Just a troll that knows what I’m talking about. Keep ignoring reality and facts though. I’m sure that strategy will pay off.
  7. ICX. Just signed a partnership with Samsung to be used at their ID system in every phone they make from now on. Also yesterday they partnered with “Line” which is the largest and most popular messaging app in japan with 200 million monthly users. I’m an accredited investor so I’ve also been involved with 2 ICO private sales: Neurochain (French AI blockchain) and Constellation (first Silicon Valley DAG and blockchain project)
  8. My views are based off of EVERYchart you highly intelligent individual. The ignorance and denial is strong in this one.
  9. Lmfao I posted 4 different charts including your imaginary yearly chart which doesn’t exist. You can’t discredit me. And you can’t deny the downtrend ON EVERY CHART
  10. Hahahahaha the weekly shows the entire year smart guy. And traders use the 5 minute lmfao. You can’t deny the downtrend. You clearly don’t have the proper knowledge to be challenging me. Learn how to read charts you fool.
  11. That doesn’t make any sense but okay. And go look at the charts. XRP is in a strong bearish downtrend. That isn’t an opinion unless to you down means up.. which I wouldn’t put that past you or any of the other xrp leg humpers in here honestly. I included the 4 charts I mentioned above. Should be even easier enough for you all to read . if this doesn’t worry you then I dunno what to tell you. But this is cause for concern
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