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  1. He's a hoax. He admitted it on twitter once too. I assume his twitter is gone now. He said he was a kid and he admitted he was doing a lot of drugs or something.
  2. Thought they still had all that money from wall street bonuses and Chinese New Year. edit: oh don't forget the tax refunds
  3. 10 Million with a 15 month break even is great for a software/process update.
  4. The institutions that are using RippleNet and the exchanges that work are partnered with xRapid are probably using banks that are already on RippleNet so the speed is there. Mexico already has pretty fast payment rails
  5. Crypto is regarded as a commodity in terms of tax in USA. So, yes can get the deduction for the year. It is not a wash sale
  6. It's quite obvious what is happening: 1) Wall St got their bonuses 2) Chinese New Year! 3) Tax refunds 4) SBI VC
  7. Sagar is a really good talker. He basically just said that xRapid will be in production on or before Dec 31, 2018 but not in September. October-December.
  8. I stumbled on a question asked on R/cryptocurrency. The question was if i happen to use my own list of validators what stops me from allowing to double spending? The website says you can choose your own UNL. Can someone explain this in more layman terms for me?
  9. Well they changed the logo so that’s a good thing. Someone from Ripple must have called or something
  10. Some of us invest to increase our Fiat which will be used in our lifetimes.
  11. I believe the price won’t get 100+ high until XRP is fully distributed through sales from escrow. My reasoning is that it will be harder to sell all of this XRP at higher prices but this can be countered with M&A with XRP funds. I’ll be looking out for M&A positions at Ripple in next couple of years
  12. The guy shouting “consensus of the global balances” reallly annoyed me. The whole purpose is to solve the double-spend problem. When that specific problem is solved it leads to a consensus of the balances in each account.. but i don’t understand the argument. How did it lead to the point of consensus, bitcoin, and proof of work. They both solve the double spend problem, but xrp does it in a more efficient and “green” way. They talked about lightning as if it was some sort of heavens gate LOL when it’s not even in production. the xrpledger has been running for years and efficiently been doing what lightning is trying to do now LOL. I really don’t understand their hypothetical government shutdown convo. The same can be applied to bitcoin
  13. I’ve followed cryptocurrency mainly bitcoin for a couple years now an Ripple for about two years. I’ve been following this forum for a couple months! Wish to join the tin foiled hat club just to check out what’s there. I’m a regular poster in reddit and I contribute to a lot of Ripple Discord’s. Finally decided to post on here as well. Could someone please accept my request? Thank you! Nice to to meet you all.
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