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    Rutski reacted to LeonidasH in Ripple Raises $200 Million in latest funding round   
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    Rutski got a reaction from mike91 in Uncertain Future   
    XRP will be a minimum of $53. Math and numbers don’t lie. Lets goo.
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    Rutski got a reaction from Lamberth in Uncertain Future   
    XRP will be a minimum of $53. Math and numbers don’t lie. Lets goo.
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    Rutski got a reaction from LetHerRip in Uncertain Future   
    XRP will be a minimum of $53. Math and numbers don’t lie. Lets goo.
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    Rutski reacted to DirectorCoulson in SBI holdings latest presentation   
    All delays and and PDF's are not as beautiful as it seems -
    I have read this news piece today about 80 Japanese banks joining JPM blockchain
    They were all ripple partners did anything change that they have no plans further with ripple ?
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    Rutski reacted to itcdominic in Interesting view from a Bitcoin Investor (Maxi?)   
    Long time friend and PRO-PRO-PRO Bitcoin guy, has finally opened up to me on his true feeling about XRP.  Forever bashing until recently I would have considered him ANTI-XRP.  He might be, but then this happened.
    On Monday night he openly shared with me that BTC has been good to him and he does make money.  He has a love relationship with BTC because of this. The new information I heard from him was a surprise; He does believe that XRP will become a powerful utility and used by banks, governments, remittance companies, etc., and the price will one day "MOON" (His words).  But,  he thinks that this will be a slow climb and thus allow him to shift his investments over time.  No hurry.  He believes the growth will be more gradual and news and mainstream media will do a fair job at providing legitimate warnings along the way.
    GAWD, I hope he is wrong.....
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    Rutski reacted to ElvisLives in Reality Check.. Uh Huh Huh   
    Okay.. let me be the first to say.. .this is retarded. We should be there now. Not only are we not there, we are looking for the abyss. The lowest of the low. You know what I love about all of this. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE, has mentioned the fact, that during the last epic run, there was no way to cash out... sure you could get transferred to Tether. But I mean you couldn't cash out. I calculated how long it would take me to take all my gains at $3.00 for XRP and it was 9.5 months to cash out at Coinbase. You know what it is today... a second. So I don't want to rain on anyones parade. But today... if you want to drop $10 million in crypto.. it's seconds. Let's all think about that for a minute... 
    Sobering yes. If the whales ever get their price, They can cash out so fast it would make heads spin. Well... for the lesser coins. Not XRP.. we know the actors there. And most are good actors. It's just that fuckin J. And his lost cause at burning 50% of his company will likely make him bitter... here's what I have to say.
    I have a hero... his name is C. I will only call him that. He bowed out of this company a long time ago. Pledged to charity.... rarely talks. That man is like a GOD. But let's not say or acknowledge that... let's have faith.
    Because in this market we need to have faith... you know who had faith... my dad... Elvis. So let's rock and roll this thing. Believe... 
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    Rutski reacted to cryptoxrp in SBI MoneyTap Expanding Its Services in 2020   
    XRP - My worst investment (until today) in the past 20 years. And holding for 2 years and 7 months now.... Will be holding at least until 2022 - 2023. A serious investor should have a longterm view.
    Sincerely hope that Ripple and MGI will get their liquidity act together in the months to come. With multiple banks joining in the ODL functionality they must surely be on the right track and XRP seems to be heavily oversold at present... Is Ripple playing a very dangerous game in ‘selling boat loads of XRP in a still arid XRPL landscape’? Ripple selling is surely undermining retail trust...
    At this moment my friends, family and portfolio club will not touch XRP as they ‘do not trust Ripple with near 50 Billion in escrow reserve’. They think I am absolutely crazy and do not see the value. Is it Ripple and Bank of America (Fed) plan to shake out ‘weak hands’? Whatever the case... the present price level does not serve XRP global liquidity and will deter retail investor newcomers from XRP. For ‘banksters’ an ideal moment to short or takeover the XRP market.
    To put the above in perspective: For a mere 12 billion US dollar investment you can buy up the remaining escrowed XRP (pre-allocate it) and dominate a quadrillion US dollar remittance (+ other usecases) market for many years to come. Any takers?
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    Rutski reacted to XRP2theMoon in SBI MoneyTap Expanding Its Services in 2020   
    These 4 new features/services will all pass through RippleNet and utilize the MoneyTap app.  

    1.  Prepaid charging services
    2.  Salary prepayment service
    3.  The small amount of money transfer service
    4.  International money transfer service
    Benefits of network applications
    ✓Ability to purchase and pay in real-time
    ✓Diversifying the pay cycle
    ✓Building our proprietary payment apps
    ✓Coordinate with the authorities at low cost
    ✓Digitizing money collection services
    ✓Cash management between stores
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    Rutski got a reaction from RipplePiercing in What's your drop dead give up date?   
    2022. XRP should be rolling by then if not I’m afraid competition will catch up at the point and or technology will change. 
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    Rutski got a reaction from LetHerRip in If you want to understand some of the frustration by members that SUPPORT XRP..... READ THIS   
    Moral of the story: A friend with no money is no friend of mine. 
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    Rutski got a reaction from ZerpTidalWave in Ripple brings blockchain tech to Finastra banking customers   
    Bigger than Money Gram. 
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    Rutski reacted to Inequivalent in Bank of America hiring Treasury Product Manager for Ripple project   

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    Rutski got a reaction from ADingoAteMyXRP in Ripple brings blockchain tech to Finastra banking customers   
    Bigger than Money Gram. 
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    Rutski reacted to xrpmommy in Ripple brings blockchain tech to Finastra banking customers   
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    Rutski reacted to Mars in Ripple brings blockchain tech to Finastra banking customers   
    Ripple has struck a deal to offer its blockchain technology for cross-border payments to Finastra's banking customers.
    Under the agreement, Finastra's hundreds of customers will have access to RippleNet, Ripple’s global blockchain payments network, to provide what the firm claims are faster, cheaper and more reliable payments. 

    Customers will be hosted on Ripple’s cloud solution which promises to improve speed of integration with other network partners and allow for faster upgrades. They will also have the option to use On Demand Liquidity, which leverages the digital asset XRP for cross border payments.

    Meanwhile, Ripple’s more than 200 customers will get access to Finastra’s network of banks, allowing mutual customers to easily access and partner with each other, increasing overall volume on the network. Finastra's banking customers currently process millions of transactions each month.

    Marcus Treacher, SVP, customer success, Ripple, says: "This partnership will enable Ripple to expand the reach and solutions for our partners, and the footprint of RippleNet while allowing customers to transact directly with each other."

    Riteesh Singh, SVP, FMS, Finastra, adds: "Collaborating with a company like Ripple that harnesses innovative blockchain technology to provide fast and reliable cross-border payments is particularly beneficial for our customers in geographies where cost of correspondent banking is high."
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    Rutski reacted to XRP2theMoon in Bank Of America Set To Roll Out Real Time Payments   
    Bank Of America Set To Roll Out Real Time Payments this year and in the start of 2020.
    We already know BOA filed a patent for a Settlement System Naming Ripple 
    BOA also stated that the RTP will settle instantly
    Sounds a lot like BOA runs on Ripple
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    Rutski reacted to Fleshmeister in Partnering with Bitpay   
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    Rutski got a reaction from Bearmark in Checkmate Ripple   
    XRP about to do work on all the haters. Nothing can stop it now with that slap on wrist that eos got. Hi hatersssss 👋🏼
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    Rutski reacted to Blur93 in Has anyone looked at the new updates to Ripples website? No mention anywhere of xVia, xCurrent, or xRapid. Only RippleNet and “On Demand Liquidity”   
    A whole new design, not seeing anything about the three we know about, xVia, xCureent, or xRapid. Haven’t heard of the “on demand liquidity” thing officially from them, but on the site, MGI says it is utilizing “on demand liquidity”, instead of xRapid like it said before. Anyone think this mean anything? A merger of all three just being called On demand liquidity now?
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    Rutski reacted to hamasugu in Daiwa Securities Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank have invested in Money Tap Co., Ltd.   
    Announcement of capital participation in Money Tap Co., Ltd. by Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
    Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited Wiki:

    Daiwa Securities Group Wiki:
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    Rutski reacted to JannaOneTrick in SIBOS - R3 praises   
    Enterprise Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges
    23 September 2019 London
    David Bannister,
    Aite Group Mirka Skrzypczak,
    NatWest Maria Nymo, Den Norske Bank ASA
    Tom Poppe, SWIFT
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    Rutski reacted to fiik in Libra is starting to sound a lot like XRP and ILP put together   
    dave disagrees
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    Rutski reacted to 2ndtimearound in Checkmate Ripple   
    The article is very low on actual information, so I went here :-
    It's a messaging system, as I thought it had to be. 
    In other words, it competes with SWIFT and xCurrent.
    In more other words, NOSTRO/VOSTRO accounts are still needed to settle.
    You might as well say "Checkmate Ripple: SWIFT have 11,000 banks using their system". 
    Using the blockchain to guarantee the validity of information is a low barrier to entry service.  We can see this in how quick SWIFT launched GPI, and how quick JPM came up with their own blockchain solution for messaging. 
    The vastly more difficult service to replicate is near-instant cross-currency settlement, which is what xRapid and xVia can do.  Can someone point to a service competing with xRapid please?
    It just puts more pressure on Ripple to differentiate themselves with both xRapid and xVia.  xRapid could become a plugin to the IIN in the future, as well as a plugin for SWIFT.
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    Rutski got a reaction from MoonRockets in Breanne Madigan - OECD   
    So $200 per XRP? I can dig it.
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