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  1. It’s almost like they are desperate for anything and also have nothing to go off. From listening on the call it already seems like Judge Torres is annoyed with the SEC lawyers. I can’t wait for her reaction when she hears this....
  2. The SEC wanted to stir the pot and boy do I think they regret it now... ripple lawyers should eat them apart with this info... who else has dirty secrets? Get em all. So corrupt.
  3. You’ll be missed when it hits $20
  4. Seems like an overreach to want their personal information. They already disclosed the money assets regarding sales of XRP. They are trying to embarrass the defendants. Gross
  5. Don’t forget Central banks using XRP as a bridge assets causing the price to be $300-$500 per XRP.
  6. I wasn’t aware he owned ETH. He’s so brilliant and likable.
  7. He’s a bitcoin maxi. Once again, people are afraid XRP is going to take a piece of their pie and I would be too. Jeremy is correct. If this went in front of a jury what do you think they would say... You allowed this for 8 years and were asked by exchanges and companies if it was a security and gave them no answer but now you want to punish them? No-way, pound sand.
  8. I’m happy Matt works for ripple and tells it straight up.
  9. Lol there’s always going to be haters. I once was in their position lol. SEE THE LIGHT
  10. You new? Lol XRP is the bridge asset.
  11. If they treat 97% of all crypto like this... coinbase valuation of a 100 billion will no longer be that and cant see it even being in the stock market anymore only offering a few coins. They wont survive.
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