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  1. Don’t think that was it.
  2. Rutski

    Binance announce XRP - USDC trading Pair

    I only care at this point as it adds more liquidity. If i were to ask my family or friends if they could name any crypto exchanges... coinbase might be the only one and that even if they could name one.
  3. I’m just here for some likes. Screw coinbase.
  4. Seems fake, a lot of info to be telling some random person all this.
  5. Rutski

    doubt about XRP

    Hello I’m earth, have we met?
  6. Rutski

    Any truth to Ripple / Trump rumors?

    Truth. Kushner as well connections.
  7. Why would you think its Arthur Britto and why would he have to sell them. He’s still helping the growth around xrp happen.
  8. Actually you can. My friends uncles brother in law’s sister son did that. Sounds crazy but who what of thought?1!
  9. Great post @2ndtimearound