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  1. It’s real and been on their page for 4 days. This is good for coinbase and XRP. Egos being put aside and realizing business is bigger.
  2. Rutski

    Hi! I'm Bob

    He doesn’t give financial advice. Read through previous comments.
  3. Rutski

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob, can you give us any insight about XRP being deemed a secuirty? Do you know 100% xrp is not a security. What can you tell us about regulation and what you guys were told at Ripple working closely with the lawmakers. Thanks!
  4. Is this an actualy legit site or someone who made it up. I see no check mark and they don’t have a big following.
  5. not sure what you guys are talking about, I see xrp available for purchase credit cards and that’s in the US.
  6. Interesting to here videos games are being built on the XRP ledger. Wonder who’s behind that?
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