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  1. The only problem with that is, and DS said it himself... they don’t have that much time to accomplish what they want, or something to that affects. If this takes a few years, competition will slip under the door and are ahead.
  2. Not comfortable with all the steps in claiming spark. Not going to risk loosing my XRP. Going to sitting this one out.
  3. Hey @CountZerpulaany idea why one would be approved for custody and not for listing? What would be holding it back?
  4. Heard he was spotted at lunch with Jed McCaleb a little over two months ago and leaving the Steller officers. Who knows what that means..
  5. Ripple has a serious PR problem. Get it together. Either they are doing this stuff for the community on purpose to remind them to hang on or they are absolute frauds from the BofA and now this...
  6. So xcited 4 dis bank of untied states of america deal/anouncement, Wen moon. Monay hungri.-
  7. Was fun reading from the first post of @WrathofKahneman to his news from Tuesday. Excellent work!
  8. Perhaps they know xrp isn’t going well and they know they can only sell software.
  9. XRP will be a minimum of $53. Math and numbers don’t lie. Lets goo.
  10. 2022. XRP should be rolling by then if not I’m afraid competition will catch up at the point and or technology will change.
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