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  1. With no due respect you need to read the link again.......in its entirety.....I think you read the first paragraph and dismissed the rest of what he had to say which says quite the contrary. Unlike some of these other guys on here Im not going to indulge you in a lengthy response because it's obvious of your intent. Once upon a time, I would buy cars off craigslist and resell them.......One time a guy got mouthy with me when i was trying to beat him down on the price.....He said a couple of bad words and my response was something to the tune of " Hey man, I'm just a teenage kid trying to buy my first car.....take it easy." I guess it takes one to know one...........but I would venture to say that you have no real interest in buying XRP and that's ok.....Maybe some will say that youre just trying to spread bad news and leave a negitive impression on this board to help drive down price to buy lower which is a possibility but I dont think it is probable. I imagine a real cunning response from you will be that it doesn't need help with the current market sediment ..........but be careful with that becasue if your're a btc fanboy that can be carried across to btc along with the entire rest of crypto market.
  2. I had an x girlfriend just like you....always the last word.........I showed her the exit.....your turn trollbot
  3. I've always heard the person who cares the most loses. You would think that would be me since I'm at the loss......but surprisingly it is you. I wonder why.....but i dont CaRe........Ive got bigger fish to fry
  4. Well I guess I better make haste.....god forbid we keep pistol pete waiting... claiming one account gets hacked does not necessarily mean several accounts got hacked. However, I do believe in this instance it is likely since I have seen the same exact circumstances written up on other forums.....for me this is proof, for you I imagine you can can always digress into claiming that I created those threads myself so I m not going to bother to ad links here as it would be a waste of time. Perhaps you have made a strong argument that I should not have disclosed the amount in my account. In hindsight I believe that to have been in very poor judgement on my behalf for it could have served as a trap in some shape or form to catch the culprit however, once again that does not necessarily mean that that equates to poor security practices with passwords and such forth. "We do not have to hack Polo to get you when we can hack a poorly secured forum and use those credentials to log in to your Polo account and trade for you." I must admit upon reading this from you earlier It's almost as if your begging the question and I must say my suspicions ran high. As for tracking I don't believe that will serve......The manner in which they traded off my assets looked like an attempt to manipulate the market in which they accessed my account, but high and sold low an had their account picking up easy profits. Again I think this is just smoking mirrors but hey, I've been wrong before. Again, the transaction fees is what ultimately drained my account balance and the exchange would be the beneficiary of that move. So I imagine if the "bad guy" did turn a profit on manipulating the market the gains were minimal. I would like to be crystal clear here not only to your benefit but to the on-lookers that might stumble across this thread as well. I am a fanboy of XRP. I have believed in it since 2013 and I feel very fortunate for having one friend introduce me to crypto world. He does not share my emthusiasm for ripple but that's ok with me. I personally think Ripple is going to be #1 and that is all I have to say about that. In no way shape or form am I here to scare anyone from rip because "whats good for the goose is good for the gander." I see your point about potentially scaring people away from crypto and that is not my intention. Again this thread was to serve as finding others because you are always stronger with numbers. Yesterday I was awarded with a response from polo. Its attached. As for proving that I am not the other guy, that said this happened to him, I believe is an informal fallacy, "burden of proof" to be more precise and it would be impossible to prove otherwise. But I guess you knew that already @creddit_ecksarepee before making the 200 zerp bet.
  5. Good Point.........One I've seemed to over look until you drew attention to it
  6. Yea I saw that too..........My crypto buddy suggested to me to get the ball rolling before polo does their exit strategy
  7. Thanks for the constructive reply! The IP address is visable on polo exchange.........IP address came from oklahoma and I'm no where near there but IP address could have used vpn. I've already submitted complaints with BBB and FTC and been in contact with some attorneys but I want to hold off to see if polo will step up and right the ship.
  8. LOL....a certified copy.....ya all just run to the bank and get it notarized .....if polo had responded and sent me any kind of an acknowledgement minus the robot email acknowledgement stating that they have received my costumer support ticket and they will be in contact soon. Today is the 12th btw and still have not heard anything but I had low expectations since some of the other peoples stories had to wait literally months. I don't think I'll be sending ANY addresses either for that matter however I'd be much obliged to send the 9 pages of trade history that occurred on the 8th of july in the span of 40 minutes. But its alot, and lots of numbers and messy......if you feel up to the task smart guy. I feel at this point it would only be to prove that Im not lying in the whole matter and still for the life of me I can't imagine why anyone would.............The reason for this post was to get a hold of other people to see what their plan of action was and if there was any recourse......Not to prove my innocence........However like I said I'd be much obliged to screen shot 9 pages of trade history IF its constructive
  9. ???? Why would you say that?? You know after I got "hacked'" I got online and started researching if it had happened to anyone else. I'll save you the surprise..... In short it did. And on some of the forums that they posted their "hack experience," on there were certain replies to the original thread that I couldnt help but think that the replies came from employees of the exchange. They were so heated and emotional and I thought why would anybody be so emotional on something that didnt happen to them let alone reply to it or google search it to begin with. I mean if I don't have a dog I'm not going to go to the supermarket and waste my time figuring out which is the best dog food to buy. You understand my point? They pointed fault in all other different directions. "Your email got hacked. Your password is too simple, your computer is compromised,etc." The fact of the matter is if my email got hacked they could have withdrawn the funds for a straight 10K although that may have been traceable instead of supposedly" very minimal gains buying and selling to manipulate a market("cough cough transaction fees). Secondly, I have lots of accounts.......real world accounts like bank accounts, and insurance, and other exchanges that I only access from my phone and computer and none of the above were hacked......... I dont know the guy that replied stating that it happened to him too......I feel bad for him though because I can empathize for his situation .I have a question for you though.........do you work for any exchanges
  10. No.....Thank god! I took those off a long time ago.......ltc, SC, digi
  11. What is his plan of action do you know? Is there any recourse?
  12. Thank you for all the helpful advice. To answer some of your questions firstly I'm more of a Horder type......I don't day trade much so I think it would have raised some huge red flags when 450 transactions occurred in ~ 40 minutes on an account that hasn't made 25 transactions over the life of the account. The trades that occurred were buy high sell low type transactions......They first converted to Btc...them nxt xmr then to bcn. My account funds were depleted by transaction fees. I did not have 2fa and i do now. Honestly one can make the argument that they could have manipulated the market with low volume (BCN) and sat on their account to profit but that doesnt seem lucrative at all to me although looking at BCN chart it did some weird things in the given time frame. Again I cant stress enough that my funds were depleted by transaction fees and the fees profits go to the exchange. I created a support ticket but have not been contacted minus the bot generic response
  13. Im sure you've created a ticket with customer support(crickets).....Have you done anything else!? I hate to point fingers without any evidence but it seems the only beneficiary of such a move would be the exchange itself with all the transaction fees
  14. So I got burnt the other day. My poloniex account was "hacked." 10k in the account but it was never withdrawn. Whomever did this made ~450 transactions for nearly no gain. I suspect the only money that was made was through the transaction fees. (No I did not have 2 FA enabled.) SHM I have been reading online and it is clear that I am not alone. The purpose of this post is to get a list of all the other people that this has happened to and see if any action is being taken.
  15. Before I post my question I want to disclose that I am a firm believer in ripple and am invested long term. Lots of good Q &A on here so I thought I’d pick at other people’s brains. Is it completely outlandish to think that Ripple the company would want to keep price of XRP down? I’ve considered this for quite some time and always end up being on the fence about it. 1. Ripple owns a lot of XRP ……so no………..because if the company owns a lot of XRP and XRP go up in value Ripple profits 2. If their business model is a top down approach and want to allow Banks, FI, and other big institutions to get in at a cheap price then maybe? If Ripple owns the XRP that they will distribute to companies mentioned than they can sell them for whatever they want I suppose. 3. Maybe Ripple wants to keep price down or (appear stable) so that it will look like more of a safe bet for companies mentioned to buy in Please feel free to share your opinion as I’d love to see what other people think on the matter Please take into consideration I’m not nearly as bright as most members on here so if this offends anyone I apologize in advance Kindest regards
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