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  1. These scientific results might be the trigger for the next bull run. Thank you for making me rich.
  2. i saw that too. the only accurate point in this topic.
  3. thanks for your responses. any other opinions?
  4. i saw that already. to be honest...most of the threads are with less than 100 views and with 0 comments. i wanted to hear the opinions of the pro forum users.
  5. If you were forced to be invested in 2-3 other coins (if you arenĀ“t already), which would they be and why (in a few words)?
  6. Just writing to make sure that i was involved in the thread that someone will quote in 2020 when talking about the price in 2018 and about our thoughts. to the guy who will quote this thread in 2020: i am rich now, make sure you keep HODLing!!!
  7. @TheLion bro, you are getting quoted xD https://cryptovest.com/news/ripple-gains-16-all-eyes-on-coinbase/
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