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  1. Wasn't his deposition today, anyone know how that went?
  2. Thanks, really useful. I think flare will be huge and i will be buying more, not selling.
  3. Great posts Seoulite. Can you elaborate on the YFLR airdop?
  4. Does that mean we start another 1,2,3,4,5 pattern now?
  5. thanks to all for the good advice, much appreciated,
  6. I live in Australia and use local trading platforms, but I have friend in the UK that got into crypto last year and used eToro, however they have suspended all crypto buys for now, but she can still hold/ sell. Does anyone know if this applies to all UK accessible trading sites and are there any recommendations for alternate sites for buy/sell?
  7. I have also received 2 spam emails claiming to be from ledger, has a link asking to update the firmware and change my pin, looks fairly convincing at first, the sender email is different to the real ledger support one, I reported this the ledger by still awaiting a reply, so check any emails very carefully
  8. absolutely agree, been a rough couple of years, but now time to fasten the seat-belts and hang on for the huge ride up
  9. I am down on paper so much that that the possible upside is now so much better than it going to zero, for me no point selling now, may as well ride this out and see where it goes. I am sure the stock markets will roar back once this is over and drag crypto along with it. Stopped checking the prices of crypto and stocks, will sit back for a while, need to concentrate of my business anyway.
  10. This exactly, I agree 100%. Moderators, please act.
  11. Last year seasonal flu killed 640,000, just to put things in perspective
  12. Exactly this, he should take his issues elsewhere, leave and not come back, bored with his antagonistic and negative comments, got nothing to add to this forum
  13. I was wondering that also, maybe gone whale watching 😄
  14. Molten makes some very valid observations and it is up to each of us to use or not those points. For me, I am thankful for what he is doing, it critics think they can do better, why not share their obvious genius rather than bluntly criticise
  15. I would agree with that, to then catapult us up to the previous ATH. At that point I think I should change my name to HumphreyBull ha ha
  16. This correlates well with Bob Loukas's predicted 3 year bull run, started Feb last year, reach AtH late this year, then mid next year parabolic to new ATH ( that was for BTC, but general market trend)
  17. I was looking back to Feb 2019, watched a video by Bob Loukas ( a long-term trader and works on market cycles). He call Feb 2019 as the low for BTC at low $3000' s and this the start of a new 4 year BTC cycle, with a 3 year bull run followed by another 1 year bear market. His prediction has so far been uncannily accurate, indicated reaching last ATH later this year with next ATH $200,000+ late next year. On you tube - Bitcoin's 4 year cycle, Bob Loukas
  18. Try a buckie-bomb in the Wash Bar, Edinburgh 🍹🍹
  19. Thanks @Flintstone, I'll look that up and get her organised.
  20. Hi guys, I am from Edinburgh but been living in Oz for 20+ years. I have a friend in Scotland who wants to invest in XRP, I have previously mentioned E toro to her ( Blu Coo's tip). I am not sure if she has looked into it yet but I am heading back over next month and will help her get set-up. What sites does everyone else use, she will be a HODLer not a trader. Cheers .
  21. I am still here since Jan 2018, still HODLing and still optimistic
  22. Definitely not selling, still convinced that xrp has the potential to be the best investment opportunity in a generation
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