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  1. Try a buckie-bomb in the Wash Bar, Edinburgh 🍹🍹
  2. Thanks @Flintstone, I'll look that up and get her organised.
  3. Hi guys, I am from Edinburgh but been living in Oz for 20+ years. I have a friend in Scotland who wants to invest in XRP, I have previously mentioned E toro to her ( Blu Coo's tip). I am not sure if she has looked into it yet but I am heading back over next month and will help her get set-up. What sites does everyone else use, she will be a HODLer not a trader. Cheers .
  4. I am still here since Jan 2018, still HODLing and still optimistic
  5. Definitely not selling, still convinced that xrp has the potential to be the best investment opportunity in a generation
  6. Hi Bob, 100% sign up to your terms, you provide great insight and encouragement to the hodlers here, Hamish
  7. Must remember to repost this in 2023 , think they got xrp and Btc the wrong way around
  8. Good site, easy to register and good support
  9. Hi guys, does anyone know if you can buy CSC on an Australian exchange?
  10. xrp is without doubt the best long term hold, best case use and IMO best upside potential, may take 2-3 years, ignore the current price ( unless buying as is cheap) and focus on its long term value. Will soon leave all the others behind.
  11. Newbie here, been reading and learning for about 2 months now. Got into xrp because my cousin in Scotland knows an exec in the Royal Bank of Scotland and he told her to get into it. I bought in at Aud 2.15 but have kept adding and now my average is down to $1.20. Holding for 2-3 years and fully believe that we will all be richly rewarded.
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