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  1. It's never going to happen. I don't know why people are still questioning this, a 'Plan B' isn't required. I don't get to the checkout on Amazon and think "hmm today I'm gonna pay for these batteries with .45673 Apple Shares" What would happen to all the independent projects being built on the XRPL if XRP was deemed a security, would they cease to exist? become the property of Ripple? Going down that route would create a giant clusterfuck of sin and just isn't worth it for the SEC. We're already crawling and way past the point of no return. XRP is NOT a security.
  2. My XRP socks are the most comfortable socks I own, worth every penny. Just a thought..do you require David and Brad's permission to use their face? Future idea? XRP Underwear "let your partner know you've both struck gold"
  3. I think my only worry is with exchanges. Since David Schwartz mentioned all xRapid transactions will flow through preferred exchanges it got me thinking how they're a single point of failure, after all they're just businesses and as we know, they tend to fail. What's to stop Bittrex for example being hacked or making a string of bad decisions leading to a collapse? Is the likes of Bittrex and co purely for the remittance industry, will large scale banks fund their own exchanges?
  4. Genuine question but what really is the difference between a company developing the ledger and say TRON's dev team? Are Justin Sun and co all developing with one vision? Aren't they a company in all but name anyway?
  5. My answer to those who throw the'Rich' statement at me: 30 years ago the thought of someone being worth over One Hundred Billion Dollars was unheard of, it was the stuff of fantasy. Digital Assets will create the first wave of Trillionaires and 30 years from now we'll look at these people as we look at the Gates' and Bezos' now.
  6. So... Financial Institutions/Wealthy Individuals buy OTC which has no immediate impact on the price of XRP The rest of us with our pennies generally buy from exchanges which do affect the price. Personally I can only see two options: 1. A BTC led Bull Run. BTC rises and the rest follows suit, hype fuelled with high risk of a massive crash soon after (last year) where all the sensible people take their profits. 2. Utility. Real world use of XRP and high volumes of it 10+ Billion USD of Daily Trade Volume, actual XRapid use for settlement All the talk of Moon! when Institutional Investment gets involved really bugs me. Institutional Investment is already involved, we only have to look at Ripples quarterly reports to see this. In your opinions what will be the cause of Buy Orders outweighing the Sell Orders on Order Books causing the Bull Run everybody dreams of? Edit: I wasn't one of the sensible people last year!
  7. I personally want to thank CW for his recent actions. Proving to the world what a joke BTC, BCH and all other mined coins are, all credibility they once had has vanished by the actions of a madman.... Yep, would get a high five from me!
  8. I don't think anyone cares anymore, XRP will succeed with or without Coinbase. Threads like these need to end imo. Edit: My apologies, I reacted before watching the video. I saw the title and assumed it was just another opinion from some random YouTuber!
  9. I think many on here are beginning to get ahead of themselves. Remember Ripple's primary target was always the remittance industry which was worth $613 billion in 2017, think about that in terms of daily trade volume, not a lot. I'd hazard a guess right now that less than 1% of that market has been captured....Any bull run between now and eoy will most likely be hype fueled and BTC led with another crash soon after, Institutions buy OTC and the money invested by the masses will soon dry up leaving nothing but sell orders and very little liquidity to sustain the rise. Utility will drive XRPs value and it won't be happening as fast as people think, only a major announcement such as Swift, SAP, Temenos etc could change things and that's pretty unlikely considering we have no regulations or liquidity to cope with such high volumes. My predictions for EOY are a BTC led $5-$8, followed by another crash.
  10. Ripple didn't create the XRP Ledger nor does it control it. Independent projects are being built on the XRP Ledger right now and there's not a damn thing Ripple can do about them, not all will want an association with Ripple. Not a security in my eyes.
  11. I'd be very surprised if Swift does comply. We have a little over 2 years (Jan 2021) before US politics returns to 'normal', complying just forces the rest of the world to use alternatives.
  12. This is going to sound really selfish but right now my worst fear is changing the mind of an XRP FUDster only for them to buy in at these really low prices and profit. If they can't figure out for themselves just how life changing XRP can be then they don't deserve it.
  13. I've been invested for about a year now and have accumulated quite a decent stack, I'm as happy now as I was when I started. Biggest lesson I've learnt over the past 10 months is to ignore web chatter. I now stick to facts rather than opinions and focus on the tech, the new partnerships and anything Ripple and it's employees have to say. In the early days I'd be reading every article these so-called 'Crypto Websites' had to publish, now I ignore them like the plague because they exist to influence peoples emotions and we all know emotional trading = bad decisions. I've stopped fighting FUD. This was a conscious decision made only a few weeks ago, I just don't care anymore. I don't want to change the mind of someone who's done no research, constantly bad-mouths XRP because it's the majority mindset. I've spent hundreds of hours keeping up-to-date with Ripple & XRP news, I've lived through this bear market. I have quite a large circle of friends and family all with varying interests in Cryptos and they all have 2 things in common: 1) They all hate XRP 2) None of them have done any research on XRP I refuse to help people who can't at least show willing to help themselves, I get asked all the time "how's your bankers coin doing?" to which now I respond with "great thanks" and leave it at that. If they ask anything more I direct them to Hodors blogs and say we'll talk after you've read some of them, none of them do. I'll talk about XRP til I'm blue in the face with anyone, just meet me half way please. Anyway that's how I'm doing!
  14. Apologies if this has been answered somewhere here before. Buying direct from Ripple doesn't affect the price for obvious reasons but what about other OTC buys? All I keep hearing is institutional investment is coming XRP will fly, now if they're all buying OTC then surely the price won't be affected? My head has always told me the value rises and falls based on exchange order books ie if combined buy orders outnumber sell orders then the value rises. Feel free to rudely educate me if I'm devastatingly wrong Edit: I've always been of the opionion that real world usage (xRapid) will be the main factor in XRPs rise - wanted to get this in before anyone points it out!
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