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  1. @iLeeT, KoinFollow currently uses VADER Sentiment Analysis to tag posts. If you know of an even more accurate sentiment analyzer, I'm always looking for even the slightest improvements. As for Google Trends, I am also always looking to add more data sources. I will look into it and see if the data is accurate enough for KoinFollow, thank you for the suggestion. Where would you like the Google Trend's graphs to be shown if they were added? I'm thinking of adding them under each coins' Coin Profile. KoinFollow currently has a feature (I'm not sure if you've seen it already) called the "Popularity Chart," for instance here is XRP's Popularity Chart that shows the popularity of XRP over time by counting how much XRP has been mentioned in the news and on social media each day. We just started tracking this on Dec. 26th for each coin, which is why there are not a lot of days plotted. Although, these charts will grow as each day passes which will allow people to see the growth of all 1,945 coins over time, and when new coins are released, it will start tracking those coins as well. This process is also done for each coins' Sentiment Analysis Chart (XRP's Sentiment Analysis Chart), News Mentions Chart (XRP's News Mentions Chart), Twitter Mentions Chart (XRP's Twitter Mentions Chart), and Reddit Mentions Chart (XRP's Reddit Mentions Chart). Both @GiddyUp and you would like seeing the XRP TipBot. I'll add a note about adding it to the XRP Feed to allow tipping of users when you see a Reddit post you like . Here is KoinFollow's XRP Donation Address: rMmonkxUYYRf6qCjBKsBnoU1f4wavwsUo5 Thank you.
  2. @Julian_Williams, this is what I posted on Etoro: https://etoro.tw/2LH59KM (I created a banner for this post as well). Hopefully, my post has a chance of being read and does not become washed out in Etoro's feed due to my account's newness. Thank you again for the suggestion of posting there. I can see it has an active community of cryptocurrency traders.
  3. @Julian_Williams Whoops, not in 9 minutes. The newsletter is sent out at 9 AM UTC (09:00:00 UTC). I will check that out and get back to you. Thank you.
  4. In around ~9 minutes you should see the new newsletter color scheme. Feedback on it would be great. Thank you, @Julian_Williams.
  5. Hi @xippix, It should save your session (and your coin selections) so that when you visit again on the same device it will automatically input "XRP". I've added a note in "Top Priorities" for allowing people to access a coin's feed via a direct URL. I'll be honest, this feature will not be implemented till next month, as Dec. 28th to Jan. 28th is specifically blocked out for growing the user base, gathering feedback, and seeing if people are actually interested before any large construction (such as new pages being added) is done to KoinFollow. I am just fixing very small things right now that hurt the usability, such as @Julian_Williams's feedback about the newsletter text color—As my main focus is spreading the word. But, this is a really good idea (for the user-experience & SEO purposes), and now after writing this and thinking more about it, I can see how the current way of selecting coins may be cumbersome to users who simply want to visit a direct URL and not have to deal with de-selecting and re-selecting. Thanks to you, this option will be added in January.
  6. Thank you @Julian_Williams for posting that on Etoro, could I get a link to that thread? That would be very appreciated. As for the newsletter colors, I will actually go fix that right now. If you have any more critiques it is very nice to have a fresh pair of eyes.
  7. If you click on the website name either when viewing the article, or when viewing the main feed on koinfollow.com/news, it will take you directly to the post. I will definitely add a note to make that more clear. Thank you for the feedback, and Happy New Years!
  8. @P3T3RIS I mention/mix "I" and "We", but, the majority of this project was done by myself (UX/Front-End & Back-End) which is why the development took this long. I have many ideas for features that would be very useful to traders, and publishers. And, features that would help clean-up the overall cryptocurrency media-mess to create a better image for the general public to see, and a better experience for crypto enthusiasts who have to wade through this mess every day. If there is interest, and people use the website and like the current state of it, I will hire more developers to drastically speed the development up and form an actual team. Peter, and everyone—If you really like KoinFollow, share it to people who you think will use it, such as Day Traders, Crypto-Writers looking for interesting analytics for their next article, Crypto trading groups, et cetera. If those groups like and want to use KoinFollow, then that will confirm that people find it useful. At that point, I will continue development and hire more developers. (FYI: Those that help in spreading the word will receive a special acknowledgment on KoinFollow.com )
  9. Hi Crypto, At the current stage server costs are around $70 per month (using DigitalOcean), which does not seem like a lot, but, it adds up. The server costs are this much mainly because of the CPUs we are using (4 vCPUs), and our memory (8 GB), to run all the CRON tasks frequently without harming the user experience to the point of KoinFollow being unusable. There are definitely improvements that we want to make to reduce the costs, and with the features we are looking to implement, we are definitely going to need to do some refactoring of the code and server setup. If you have any ideas I'm open to listening to them .
  10. Thanks MBP, here is our official Twitter account https://twitter.com/koinfollow. I need to find people in the Day Trading market, do you know of anyone?
  11. The XRP tipbot is for tipping users in XRP, that is the main feature that you are referring to, right?
  12. Thank you. Where do you think the XRP tipbot would fit in / where would you like to see it implemented?
  13. I've always been interested in how the popularity of cryptocurrencies affects their price, and so, for the past 6 months, I've been working on (and now have released to the public) "KoinFollow", a way to follow your coins through the media. Accurately tracking each coins' mentions in the news and on social media, over time. Right now KoinFollow processes around ~40,000 news and social media posts every day from Reddit, Twitter, and over one hundred popular news websites. These posts are then used to create the current features, here are the current features: https://koinfollow.com/news is a live cryptocurrency news feed. You can customize & curate your feed to any cryptocurrency/cryptocurrencies you would like and start receiving the latest news about only that coin/those coins. I've developed a very good algorithm that accurately finds which coins have been mentioned in each post. One that does not get confused between "Bitcoin" and "Bitcoin Cash". The feed automatically updates when news comes out. I use it while day trading to see how people are talking about the coin I am trading and find it very helpful. Currently, we do not include Tweets in the feed, although, we will add an option later that allows you to turn on/off seeing Tweets in your feed—for the brave-ones. https://koinfollow.com/newsletter is a smart crypto newsletter that allows you to keep up-to-date on the latest news about your cryptocurrency portfolio (or whichever coins you select that you want to receive news about). You can curate it to the coins you want, and every day you will receive an email with news curated to those coins from the previous day. Unsubscribe at any time, no need to create an account. It is nice if you just want an overall summary of the last day's cryptocurrency news related to a certain coin/coins, and don't want to sit and watch the live news feed all day (or, do both like I do to make sure everything is covered). https://koinfollow.com/ is where you can view very accurate "social stats" about any coin you would like. Right now it lists "The Top 100 Coins by Popularity" in the past 24-hours, but, you can search and compare any of the 1,945 coins we currently have listed using the search bar—Later we would like (if there is interest) to add a page listing all 1,945 (and growing) coins together ranked by popularity. You can actually use this page to determine if a coin is being "pumped n' dumped" by seeing an abnormal amount of Twitter tweets, and a spike in popularity out of nowhere (you can also click on the Twitter section under the coin's Coin Profile and see some of the recent Tweet to determine if they are spamming, etc). Clicking on a coin name lets you view it's "Coin Profile - Overview" which shows specific 24-hour mention stats about that coin and lets you see that coin's popularity graphed over time to see how it has grown (right now there are just a few days shown, but that is just because we just started tracking each coins' mentions over time on December 25th, 2018), here is Bitcoin's Coin Profile. In the Coin Profile of a specific coin you can also see that coin's sentiment graphed over time, news mentions graphed over time, Twitter mentions graphed over time, and Reddit mentions graphed over time. This is the main feature and the main "idea" of KoinFollow, which is why it is on the home page. We plan on spicing up these sections and the website itself with more useful features and an even nicer user-experience, that is—If interest grows. As the server costs I am paying alone are very expensive for myself. I just wanted to get the word out to see if there is interest. If you have any feedback or if you find KoinFollow useful/interesting, tell me about it, and I'd love to read it. You can also help support KoinFollow by spreading the word and sharing. Thank you. If interest grows, here are some features we will implement first: A feature for eliminating "pumping & dumping" and price manipulations through the media. As well as eliminating Twitter cryptocurrency scams. Such as this one, which shows the coin "DACC (DACC)" spamming highly-likely malicious Tweets with different bot Twitter accounts. As you can see DACC was never mentioned on Reddit, or in the news. Only on Twitter, as that is the best place to reach thousands of people without being ousted, and be able to post every minute without people catching on that you are spamming (unless, of course, they use KoinFollow, ). On Dec. 26th, DACC was Tweeted 1,257 times, all Tweets saying the same thing, "DACC Cofounder Generous Christmas #Airdrop 10,000,000 DACC Giveaway, No KYC request DACC Already listed on #Kucoin [...]," only with slight changes (user profile names, and Telegram link variations which help them hide under the radar). Pages that would be implemented: All 1,945+ coins ranked by popularity (instead of just the "Top 100"). A page for dedicated tracking of the overall cryptocurrency market sentiment, over time, instead of just the 7-day "Overall Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment" you see on the Coin Popularity page (KoinFollow's home page). A "Cryptocurrency's Most Wanted" page ousting maliciousness in the cryptocurrency market (as I talked about above). And, tracking of cryptocurrency exchanges and prominent cryptocurrency people/teams, as well as user accounts which will allow you to simply "Follow" the coins/people/exchanges you are interested in. Help pay for KoinFollow's server costs (~$70 per month, currently being paid by myself alone) and support KoinFollow's development by donating: KoinFollow's XRP Donations Address: rMmonkxUYYRf6qCjBKsBnoU1f4wavwsUo5