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  1. I'm an Australian, I honestly think there's too much political insensitivity amongst general Americans in general. Maybe that's not a fair comment as I'm not over there but that's certainly the feeling I get from social media in general. Relax and accept it for what it is. A former President who was the leader who was part of setting the path for full adoption and integration of the internet in society. There were barriers then and there are barriers now. His experiences will be a good insight into the political agendas involving something fairly revolutionary like blockchain.
  2. What we need is XRP usage. BG says major banks will be using Xrapid by end of the year so that's not too far away. Right now even bad news (Western Union) doesn't affect the price, we're just following BTC still.
  3. I think it may refer to previous work experiences of team members
  4. Whales, traders And personally I think BTC maximalists who got in early are selling to cash out and pull the market down to keep BTC #1 in marketcap
  5. Either smokescreens or they'll decline in market share. Their physical presence and reach will mean they'll stay alive.
  6. $0.85 but more focused on how many XRP. Have reached most of my goals for accumulation so I'm pretty much ready for blastoff now.
  7. Did Jasil select no from his 4 different accounts? Yes I'm still accumulating
  8. Those were the most bullish official statements I've heard from the man himself Once these banks/FIs have confidence on the legal side of things it will snowball as they will all want to unlock all that capital currently in nostro accounts. Some banks will take the step forward in 2018 to use XRP for international settlement and be the first to dip their toes in the water. As the industry gains confidence in the technology the snowball effect will start to happen. I'm not a legal person but I don't see why there would be any legal roadblocks. Maybe it would be good to hear from a leg
  9. I asked my Japanese wife to dig deeper for me and yes SBI control a huge portion of money within Japan. Many of the direct businesses/banks/companies under SBI are also parent to their own subsidiaries and arms so I got a bit confused after a while of digging but basically SBI is on top of a huge tree.
  10. I don't agree with everything Susie says, but I do appreciate her opinions on everything she's spoken on, it's certainly better than pretty much any other youtuber prediction of "$10 by EOY 2018" etc It is fair enough she is frustrated by the general FUD out there. Some of us here are professionals in our fields and I'm sure we get frustrated when we hear things related to our fields from uneducated people that are totally wrong. What's important is, is her professional judgement on XRP typical of other professional investors/investment institutions? Interestingly she says C
  11. She is not confused at all, I think she is a bit misunderstood. Her claims are that currently, the market is full of amateurs investors (us) who don't have the knowledge to appropriately value XRP. But as Xcurrent continues to be trialled and adopted, and once investment funds are confident to invest, XRP will jump in value. Her assumption/prediction is that investment funds will assume/predict that banks will progress to Xrapid adoption
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