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  1. Excellent work sir ?Hope you will keep it updated together with xrp's progress ?
  2. In the norwegian finace paper it sais Porche is testing with Xain. The blockchain will serve different purposes as: - paysolution - it will be a hub for technical updates - surve practical actions as lock and unlock the door Porche sais thay open and lock the door takes 1,6 sec which is 6 times faster then with to days phone apps.
  3. Any one who can tell me the duration of pilot testing? Reffering off course to xrp. I see some already using xrp but it would be interesting to know how for how long time they did the pilot testing. Also, it will give a indication on when we can exspect western union to go live.
  4. So the only reason for the xrp price to rise is to get less drops then? Since xrp is more like a helping instrument you really cant put a value on it, can you?
  5. Thanks, it is getting more clear to me know except from one thing: How will ripple solve the problem when the time come that there is lack of tokens? Will they just generate more? I know it might be a silly question but now matter how little it drops it will soner or later become zero if nothing more being added
  6. There you said for me, a few drops. What does that mean, that a little amount of xrp vanish/disappear?
  7. Exelent , thank you! Do you also know what happens with the tokens being used for a transaction? Something should happen, right, since there is a massive amount of tokens and more to come?
  8. Thank you very much for a good explination
  9. Hi, I dont get it. I read that for banks etc to use xrp they want a stabile xrp price. At the same time I also read that it doesnt matter what the price of xrp is when you transfer money. So, why does it matter if the price is stabile or not? If a person send 1 dollar and the price of one xrp token is 1 dollar , what happens with that 1 token when it been used? Thanks
  10. Hi, just a quick question regarding UK bank HSBC pilot testing blockchain payment. As far as I know HSBC has their own blockchain. Here is the question: If banks in the future develop their own blockchain, is there any chance they can sell the technology to other banks etc to then squees out other blockchain companies from the marked? Sorry my bad english but I hope this was a clear question
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