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  1. Hi all, I have been following the development of Ripple since August 2017 and for the last 3 months, I have studied the company and the token daily. I try to read from multiple sources and listen to Youtube-videos etc - that kind of information is easily available if you know where to search from. But I noticed that in my local language there is close to no information available about XRP, the few pages I can find are only focused on Bitcoin, nothing more. I do not think BTC is the future, XRP is. This why I'd like to something for the community as part of my hobby. Another hobby I have is running a tiny, tiny company focused on sales-activities of household items. So this sleepless night, I had an idea. Since I'm anyhow spending this time with XRP-related news and articles, maybe I could evolve that in to spreading information in my local language. I'd be very clear of the risks involved in this and the last thing I wan't to have is feeling of responsibility over someone else's money. Could you help me out to develop the idea - I'm thinking of starting an FB-page under my company's FB Pages Manager -app and start sharing information. To incorporate small business to it, I'd like to help people to source hard-wallets, maybe sell XRP directly from my own wallet and market XRP-related novelty-items. What do you think - how could I incorporate these two hobbies as one? Please note that I only look for 100% legit business and I'd follow every law and regulation there is to make sure the tax-man stays happy. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I have been lurking for a month or so and finally decided to join as a member. Actually the main reason for that is to increase the head-count of this forum by one. It is amazing to see that when you google XRP-related discussion, it is difficult to find any other forum than this with good, legit discussion. Other than Reddit. The member-count of the forum is so small at the moment, which shows to me that we are in the very early stage. More importantly, I took a look on the amount of wallets and how they are spread - again this shows that we are in the very beginning of the journey. When I jumped in to the crypto-world in August 2017, XRP was one of the very first coins which caught my attention. I found the crypto-anarchist point of view laughable, that banks and goverments would be replaced by a peer-to-peer system. Sorry, that will not happen in our lifetime. I held XRP from the very beginning, but I was stunned by the shear variation of the crypto-market in September and made a lot of trading-mistakes losing part of my capital. I've been a hodler since mid-December and bought more in every dip after the ATH. I went from +250% to -60% in couple of weeks and didn't feel the pain anymore, as I felt in September. Actually I felt great about it since I've been able to more than double my holdings. I've been buying every dip since and looking to increase my holdings for another 10%, then my goal is filled and I'm ready to hold long-term. Looking to cash-in the first time with 10% of my portfolio when XRP hits $20. So thank you all for keeping the discussion at a high level, it is a pleasure starting this journey with all of you, one step at a time.
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