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  1. Hello there, I have a rippled validator v 0.90 running on Ubuntu Server 16.04 hosted in DigitalOcean (4Gb 2CPU and 80Gb SSD). It has run correctly for 3 weeks now. The default installation sets the DB to use RocksDB. After reading a bit I wanted to try NuDB. I tried modifying rippled.cfg [node_db] type=NuDB path=/var/lib/rippled/db/nudb online_delete=3000 advisory_delete=0 However, after restarting rippled, nothing happens aside of folder /var/lib/rippled/db/nudb is created. Checking debug.log, no messages at all, althought the server status is active. First question, is it possible to change this setting after the server has been setup up? If so, is there something else to be done besides changing rippled.cfg?
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