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  1. ill email them who do I email and send me the template to send to them
  2. i dont care if your Russian you said 8-8 we will know if XRP is a security ******* 3 2 1 BLOCK
  3. wait you just said Aug 8th in your above post why is the date all of a sudden changing !!! Are you an insdier !
  4. so according to you your going to try and kiss me on 8-8?
  5. You dont know anything about law lol If you had half a brain and read the comments Robert Lee who is a lawyer in real life said all they will be doing is determining if the case is to complex or not just wow, I am blow away by people sometimes A+++++++ Thomas666
  6. lol do you know what Aug 8th is? Please tell me You ever hear of FinCen?
  7. I think this right here is the best news ever "It means that users will be able to send payments in BTC using XRP (or other currencies available on ILP) and vice versa in a seamless way via ILP." And its not just BTC it could be any asset
  8. Red no been around for over a year buddy thanks though ( do some research you can see the price when I got in) just dont like trolls and you are one of them WAIT A SECOND-----------werent you the troll who said we are lucky if XRP gets to 75 cents or if the crypto market survives at all lol byyyyy troll
  9. Your laziness is disgusting use the search button and you can look up all of this information by your self
  10. wtf is wrong with you XRP is not a security this has been discussed over and over again Please learn to read the forum or use the search button or if you are here to troll just leave
  11. BTC dominance almost back to 50% was around 37 earlier this year deff sell off into BTC to ride the title wave 20k-40k EOY
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