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  1. Anyone seeing a move on the horizon? I think we're up 7-9 cents by thursday.
  2. To me it goes without saying that xrp will only gain from ripples expansion. They're building the infrastructure to accommodate all currencies which is exactly what they should be doing. When everything is in place, there is no reason to believe xrp won't be the choice for a large % of all transactions. This announcement/demo is the first of many, and as long as the technology continues to grow and adapt so will xrp. I'd put money on it! Matter of fact I just added another 27% more xrp to my portfolio this morning.
  3. There's a ton of speculation all over the net on whether a high price or low price is an advantage or ripple & banking. I would think the higher the value of xrp the better period. If I was a financial institution I would definitely prefer the company who's valuation is as high as possible, and who's method of transfer is most secure & able to cover any loss that might occur when I use their service. In essence a company that is capable of self insuring the transaction, if for instance their insurance provider refused to cover it. Consider xrp at a $1 valuation (38 billion $ and change) or $100 billion $ all in. Sure theres some liquidity there at $38 billion.. But with say $500 billion / day moving through a day or more $1 xrp doesn't come close. Might not be how they plan to use it exactly, but if xrp reaches a $50 valuation wouldn't it just provide more security to financial institutions? Even indirectly? Ripple could use multiples of 100x, 1000x, and so on so I just do not see why there'd be any benefit for anyone to keep the price of xrp low. Also on stability of xrp - shouldn't matter one bit, as they could use a particular metric to adjust based on the current valuation to the second, even provide a safety net of a partial percent to allow for any change in xrp value during the (3-8) seconds it takes to send a transfer. Think about how they move fiat currency that takes days, if they can do that successfully and have both parties happy on both ends with exchange rates, I'm sure ripple can accomplish the same in a few seconds!! Bank I sends $100,000,000 to bank II using the RIPPLE protocol, xrp is the representative currency that is used.. if xrp was valued at $26.21 at the time of execution but over the 8 seconds it takes to complete it's value jumps to $28.11 is there any reason an adjustment couldn't be sent, and any remaining balance left just be returned or other.. I'm not a banker, but seems like there must be multiple ways to accomplish this in a satisfactory way for all parties. Back to my original question - what's preventing ripple from becoming THE currency for trading and transferring to and from fiat, and other cryptocurrency? Right now if we want to sell some dgb for example to use those to buy eth or any other we have to sell into bitcoin first, and then buy eth or whatever crypto. Same thing when you want to just buy xrp, most places you have to buy bitcoin and transfer it to an exchange that has ripple where you can then trade for xrp or others.. paying big fees, and wasting valuable time. Time which often costs far more than just bitcoin fee because in the hour to 8 hours it often takes for your bitcoin transfer the crypto you were hoping to invest in just shot up 15+%.. or worse! If xrp provided the exact same service, even for 50% of the cost, but saved 99% of the time bitcoin would have taken I know for a fact everyone is going to choose xrp! Any reason this isn't happening? I believe this is where ripple / xrp would be most effective, and it would become a powerhouse in the industry.. Maybe bitcoin fees are so high because the exchanges get a % we aren't aware of? This would keep bitcoin in this position possibly. Or maybe not.. I'm just speculating but would like to know if someone can answer..
  4. Might be more than a day, but in a short amount of time xrp will reach a new high. Probably as all the eth news dies down. Maybe even tomorrow when we see a big sell off of eth, to all the Chinese that buy it when huobi starts eth trading tomorrow.
  5. Possible that ripple could strike a deal with exchanges to enable all trading pairs / xrp? This would save everyone a fortune not HAVING to go through bitcoin every time. If you guys even made this possible on one or two exchanges, you would take over the entire market. Kraken recently enabled xrp/fiat, so they must see potential I would think, but whichever exchange decides to move away from bitcoin and into xrp where the time & cost are far lower would completely corner the market. Who wouldn't want to eliminate long waits, and high fees? Any reason we havet seen this change? Thanks
  6. What can I say. Some times I just don't have the energy, though I do get why you'd question it.
  7. Speculation on my part but I really think we are about to see a much higher high for xrp and others on the market. Sooner than we think. Traditional forecast, is about to go out the window! It will commence with the next down turn of the traditional stock market. Will become commonplace for traders to move back and forth from the stock market into crypto and vice versa. The last 80+billion $ high in the cryptocurrency market was just a test of potential and rinse and repeat on a similar scale will be the new norm. In my opinion xrp will continue to gain market share likely challenging bitcoin for #1. Could be wrong sure, but we will see.
  8. Yes i agree. Total crypto marketcap is on its way to 100 billion $. When we hit that milestone we will begin to see some real $ flow into crypto for sure. 5 billion $ / day will become the norm. Stock traders, are really only beginning to accept crypto is THE space to move into. When even 10% of their investment moves over here, xrp will dwarf the #'s its doing right now!
  9. Well said. Right now virtually no one outside the tech world even knows what ripple is, much less the investment opportunity. Only thing that will change that, is attention due to potential investment. In the past 2 months ripple is beginning to get traction in the real world finally.. but far more can be done to bring the recognition ripple deserves. Price is low right now, great time to invest.
  10. 4bn or no 4bn i have a feeling we are in for a good couple weeks ahead!
  11. I agree. Its perfectly normal for xrp to go through a correction after reaching incredible highs like it did just days ago. Its just difficult to see how virtually every other crypto including some that have no real use case or true value gained 20-50% over the past week while about 10 billion $ of new investor money enetered the market.. Strange xrp didnt see any of it.. but after speaking with a couple old schoolers in the markets, im convinced xrp is performing as expected. They both expect the same old for xrp, that is a new higher high is on the way. Lots to learn in the crypto space, glad to see others like eth, and btc seeing huge gains.. and others.. Im confident now xrp will regain its recent #2 spot on coinmarketcap in the short term. Thanks joel for dropping in to share your insights.
  12. What is the reason for not locking up ALL of the remaining 60-62 billion $ Being able to still release 1 billion $ a month, does basically zero to build confidence. Wish they would explain, and do more to be honest.
  13. What I do know is after we get through this period, I suspect we'll see another great rally for xrp!
  14. I think you're exactly right actually. Couldn't have said it better. With the first big rally late March, it would have likely continued up to a significantly higher # until supposedly poloniex suffered a ddos attack shutting trading down (just to convienent if you ask me) Then with each subsequent rally again and again poloniex gets hit again, stopping or at best slowly it all down... Just interesting how when every other currency rallies it's not ended with ddos or similar.. I get that ripple is locking up 55 billion, but two questions.. why not 62 billion. Also being able to release 1 billion to the market every month during the lockup shows they're not particularly serious. If they already only release 200-300 million / month, and are failing to lock up the additional 6.5-7 billion on top of the 55 billion.. The whole lockup does absolutely zero to ensure confidence. I know ripple & xrp have real potential, I've been holding for the most part, but I think if whoever's manipulating it would stop xrp would climb to incredible heights and without a doubt take the #1 spot. I'm not saying it's the company doing it, but in my opinion someone must be. It's the only crypto that performs or should say doesn't this way. Anyone know the math and value equation to find out how much the current xrp price would go down if 1 billion xrp were released to the market? And if you could break it down to how 100,000 at a time would effect it too. Maybe the 21% loss today could be attributed to a release? Probably not, but interesting none the less.
  15. Ya i read this today. I think he's right. Xrp will be the universal crypto in time, we're reaching the tipping point!
  16. I definitely have no plans to part with my xrp, and I see it reaching .65-.90 this year for sure. I just have to wonder how it just seems to be moving up then within a few minutes drops back down. Like there's something or someone preventing it from another rally possibly. Then when we see massive investment flow into xrp and it's usual steady & fast gains maybe whoever keeps it down doesn't have the $ ability to compete with so many investors $ flooding in. Who knows. Just acts very differently than the rest of the market. I'd say we're going to see .50 very soon regardless!
  17. If what I'm asking can be explained it would be helpful to have comparative examples in other cryptos. Thanks
  18. It's interesting, have to question this. Anyone make any sense of it?
  19. I'm a strong advocate of Ripple, and specifically XRP in terms of investment. Have made a huge return on xrp, like many of you. But I have to question how it performs in the market. Everyone has come to realize the potential as an investment, and interest in this sense has been gaining virtually non stop but if we pay close attention to it's movement in the market something is off. Today for example just about every other cryptocurrency made significant gains, with an average 20-40% for a large number and for the most part they were smooth transitions upward. Almost the entire first page of marketcap was green and then some with the 3-4 billion $ of additional capital added to the market. But you'd never know it for xrp. Itd make a slight gain, followed by loss...then up 1 -2 cents, and immediately down by 2-3.. Sure it had another massive rally last week, and corrected in the 30 cent range which was expected.. But it really appears as though someone or a group of people could be directly influencing the market preventing it from climbing like every other. Just when it appears to be moving upward, there's always sell off there to stop it. I don't see this with any other crypto so have to ask the question here. The market gained what 3-4 billion $ today, I'm supposed to believe xrp saw none of it? Considering we all know xrp was in the 40+cent range days ago, I find it difficult to believe it's just casual investors pulling profit right now that's causing this because most would be waiting for the next rally realizing they will gain at least another 15-20% if you go by the last peak. Any ideas?
  20. I have to admit i thought itd take another week. Hitting that quarter will be a clear sign where things are headed. Congratulations everyone - HARD WORK PAYS OFF!
  21. Their thing is the 2 billion unbanked people, & plan to use innovative methods for ident. I personally think if they expand their market to everyone including those already using traditional banking they will have expansion beyond anything they could even imagine. Consider what it'd be like if you needed a loan, and all you had to do was open a link, ask and receive! I'm sure at first the loans will be small, and in proportion to certain parameters but when you apply it's no longer a drawn out painful process and you receive payment minutes after completing the app. I'm not sure how everything is going to be structured, but could be that the HMQ or whatever currency you receive will come from multiple token holders. Instead of just the company loaning you the entire amount it instead comes from hundreds if not thousand of token holders... Maybe each person agreeing to loan 1 HMQ or even less.. and for lending that token or even partial token they receive interest over the course of the loan provided. Could wonder what about trust, and how will we know if we will be repaid. I believe that once this extremely convenient system is in place the majority of borrowers will find it so much of a benefit that they'd ensure not to default on their loans. Not to mention the potential of also becoming lenders themselves and profiting as well. Last upside ofcourse is with the success of humanIQ itself the token value will increase.. I believe we are looking at the beginning of one of the best investments of 2017+ Just don't pull your $ out of XRP to invest! It's great to see a significant % of investors staying in xrp this time. Says a lot about the future of XRP. We will soon see XRP .40-50 cents, and $1 early 2018 HMQ is trading at 6-7 cents at bitterx, my prediction for it is 20-25 cents by July.
  22. Ripple is my main investment, but another crypto was released today called humanIQ or HMQ. I put a moderate amount of $ into their ico. Ripple is solving transfer issues (cost, time, security, complication) HumanIQ is providing banking & loans or will provide to those outside banking. I believe both will be giants in the industry in the near future. Possibly even working together somehow. Anyone here had a look at them yet? They started trading on bittrex today.
  23. A reason you stopped liking them?
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