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  1. Looks like their automated news bot has a glitch.
  2. Xspring does select projects with XRP embedded in their use-cases to help further XRP adoption. But it is still funding growth - which ultimately requires cash.
  3. Really? I've seen otherwise in the past: https://fortune.com/2019/03/12/ripple-forte-blockchain-games/
  4. Some who are critical of Ripple have valid concerns. Ripple has an aggressive 'fund the ecosystem' strategy which may help things play out well long term. However, it creates a lot of selling pressure short term. They recently announced they would reduce income generated by programmatic sales of XRP. But then they give 1 billion XRP to Coil who will need to sell XRP to fund operations along with the other Xpring funded startups and the Universities + (Jed). Again this can all be positive long-term, but is there XRP demand short term to support it? Even the Moneygram deal involved a 50 mil. investment. Institutional demand is required. Insert big announcement here...
  5. Facebook announces Libra on the heals of all the facebook privacy concerns and congressional hearings. Then we have political leaders tweeting about crypto with scepticism. Ripple takes out an ad to remind congress that they are not Facebook and XRP is not libra. I don't see this as desperate - just part of an on-going awareness campaign.
  6. Interesting stuff. Did anyone think last year or even a few months ago that CB would list XRP and then promote it as the best choice for cross border transactions?
  7. It's interesting. But it's in partnership with Goldman Sachs, an investor in Circle who launched their own stable coin.
  8. PG1

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I think you hinted at part of the answer earlier in the thread. Low value, high volume payments with balanced flows and less trapped cash.
  9. PG1

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I gather Anna See is now Anna Tong at PolySign? Any insight into if/how PolySign fits into a Ripple grand vision? And no image of Arthur Britto on Polysign team page - like a superhero without an alter ego.
  10. Tests are for XRP and Swift integration with Corda Settler, not each other. A fiat or digital currency method of settlement. Two different payment rails. is XrpSettlement -> verifyXrpSettlement(obligation as Obligation<DigitalCurrency>... is SwiftSettlement -> verifySwiftSettlement(obligation as Obligation<FiatCurrency>...
  11. Here is the part you're not grasping. Messaging and settlement happen simultaneously for RippleNet participants. Messaging and settlement only happens if all participants of the transaction confirm the settlement. David is of course right, xCurrent doesn't care about the means of settlement. It doesn't matter if it is fiat, XRP or moon dust. Unfortunately, your interpretation of what he is saying is wrong. My, original posted opinion remains exactly the same. We shouldn't assume XRP/xRapid is used just because the phrases 'real-time' and 'instant settlement' are used. Congratulations, you made us jump through a bunch of hoops and contributed nothing.
  12. I don't think you know what a link is. So now you don't think xRapid is necessarily used by Bank of Dohfar? No idea what you opinion or point to all this is. You talk about xCurrent in a vacuum. The whole point of xCurrent within RippleNet is to connect bank ledgers so that real-time settlement can happen. And by settlement, I mean the payment is final and irrevocable. Of course, a liquidity arrangement is required. I never said otherwise, despite how you keep trying to frame it. Ultimately, it really doesn't matter to me how you arrange your words on this page. I'll go with how Ripple says it. https://ripple.com/ripplenet/process-payments/
  13. Its late here and I've wasted enough time. I'm going to go laugh myself to sleep.
  14. Next time post an actual link to the tweet so we can understand the context. There is always a means of settlement used alongside xCurrent.
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