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  1. So basically, Ripple bought a lot of Moneygram stock. Incidentally, Moneygram will use XRP because why not? I think the market is reacting appropriately at only a modest rise. Or maybe things have not sunk in yet? The implications, etc.?
  2. I think it is possible to become wealthy off XRP. I do not subscribe to moon fantasies that predict 50 to 100 dollars in the immediate future. Thats not to say that XRP couldn't hit 50 to 100 in several years upon full adoption. My realistic short term (one year) price prediction is anywhere between $3 to 5 dollars. I want to believe $10 is likely to happen soon, but at 30 pennies right now, its hard to imagine that happening. I really hope I'm wrong. I think a spike to $10 is possible given a FOMO situation like last year, but I doubt it would last. You can bet I'd have my computer on call for such an event to capitalize. In any of the aforementioned scenarios, to become a millionaire, one would need a sizable stack of XRP (over 100k). To accumulate 100k xrp may not be that difficult in this market if you have brass ****and some cash lying around.
  3. This. If you can read between the lines, its right there in the email.
  4. Good points. I thought this steemit article had some good information on the likelihood of any particular crypto being classified as a "security." Its older, but still relevant. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@basiccrypto/which-cryptocurrencies-will-be-regulated-by-the-sec-cftc
  5. I thought this steemit article had some good information on the likelihood of any particular crypto being classified as a "security." https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@basiccrypto/which-cryptocurrencies-will-be-regulated-by-the-sec-cftc
  6. This is a great question. Would love to hear responses from people with more knowledge than me!
  7. Its an issue if the SEC calls XRP a security. Coinbase will not list XRP if thats the case. I think that was what his comment was getting at.
  8. So this is the reason that XRP was never added to Coinbase. Coinbase is uncertain as to whether XRP is a security or a digital asset and this regulatory uncertainty scares them. If the SEC classifies XRP as a security, then we can kiss coinbase hopes goodbye. I hope they do not!
  9. I rewatched the video and I am not sure "Market cap weighted" means what you think it means. I think what Coinbase meant was that for the coins currently listed (i.e., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin), the performance of the index fund would be weighted by the market cap of each coin. So, for example, because Bitcoin has the largest market cap, it would be weighted the most within the index fund. Ethereum would be weighted the second most. Thus, the performance of the fund would be largely determined by Bitcoin, because it has the largest market cap. Litecoin would have the smallest impact on the index fund because it has the smallest market cap.
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