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  1. I have few questions in my head. Let's assume there is a Data provider which does extremely good and he earns constantly the reward (Spark). Isn't it expected that this will draw attention to Spark holders, making them delegate their vote to that Data provider? 1) Doesn't that mean that the voting will get centralized over time since more and more people will use the same Data provider? 2) If one data provider gets like 70% of totals votes, how can 30% outvote him? 3) Can't that one data provider intentionally provide wrong data and get benefit out from it if he has like 80% voting power? For instance, can't he say that XRP price is 0.0001 dollar, making flare loan / mutual go mental and people lose money? @brianwalden @Flintstone guys, what is your opinion here? I would be happy to hear it. Thank you
  2. Thanks ! Yesterday I learnt there are Data providers and Agents. I thought they are the same, oops. Data providers send the price feed to FTSO and they get paid in FLR for doing so. Top and bottom 25% get nothing. Agents are responsible for minting F-assets (providing FLR as collateral), for doing that they get paid in underlying asset (they take small conversion fee). ************************* Lets say I have 100 FLR and I delegate 70 FLR to a Data provider. Can I move 30 FLR to Flare Farm or I can move all 100 FLR? Thanks Brain!
  3. Can someone clarify few things for me please? 1. Once we get FLR, we can delegate our vote to an Agent. If that agent is doing a good work, he will get payed in FLR and part of the reward will be distributed to us. Correct? 2. Can I move FLR delegated to an agent to Flare Farm, or they are locked? 3. XRPs we have, we can convert them to FXRP, and "give" them to an agent (?). For doing that, we will also get FLR. Correct? Can I move this same FXRP for Flare Finance or I can make a choice, 50% to an agent and 50% to Flare Farm?
  4. Hi, they say we will need to do KYC to be eligible for getting YFLR. Who is responsbile for carrying out KYC procedure? Is it Flare Finance? Any good argument to give all personal data to people we do not know who they are?
  5. are you paid by ripple to be so bullish on one more constant selling corridor?
  6. Combination of Chinese new year, wall street bonuses and xRapid testing
  7. Cant wait to use a service advertised by a fresh account where no registration or kyc is required
  8. Hello, thank you for keeping this updated! Greatly appreciated. I have few questions: Lets assume the price of xrp is 2$ and I decide to transfer 1000 XRP to flare network. This 1000 XRP will be "locked" and I will get 1000 FXRP, to get 1000 FXRP I also need 5000$ in Spark as collateral. (2000 dollar in XRP multiplied by 2.5 = 5000$ in spark as collateral ) 1. Is the above statements correct? 2. If I do not have enough in Spark, I cant get FXRP. Correct? Lets assume the second scenario, I have 1000 FXRP and 2500$ in spark. 3. What happens if XRP price goes to 4$? Do I need to provide additional 2500$ in spark to keep 1000 FXRP? Do I lose FXRP? Thank you
  9. USA was raised on forcing black people to work for white people, and killing natives and taking their land. I think this is called slavery and genocide. Do I need to go into the details what they did in lybia, syria, afganistan, iraq? So yea, people dont really have symphaty. Nothing personal. Anyway, why did you sign up for an airdrop if you knew it would cause you problem with taxation?
  10. I am not concerned, are you? If any of them use the missiles, world will pretty much be done with humans. This is very unlikely to happen. Just like Ripple unloading everything they got. If there is a tool (liquidity), which neautralizes the impact of dropping a bomb (dumping xrp or btc), one with bigger amount of that tool (that is bitcoin because it has higher liquidity) will easier absorb the bomb (dump on the market). This makes btc less scary. Btc = significant impact, unlikely to happen Xrp= profound impact, very unlikely to happen This is how I look into this, thank you
  11. Your argument would be valid if satoshi wallets are active. Which is not the case. They are inactive for years now. Once we see a movement on these wallets one can say that he is worried, because he doesnt know who is behind them ans what is his intension. We know now who was dumping 100s millions xrps, so yes, people were concerned with a reason, and that reason was proven to be justified
  12. Why do you think Ripple is transparent? They are in a silence mode for 3 years now. Writing a report every 3 months saying that ODL went up 20% is not a definition of being transparent. Ripple is not transparent, they just like to brag about it.
  13. Sup with mercuryfx , euro exit scam and that mexican bank that started using xrapid like 10 times in a single year. Did they go bankrupt? Took over the world? Or perhaps ripple didnt have moneyz to compensate for the fees? Sorry for my negativity, but I lost trust in ripple and their products. I am not convinced that ODL is what they claim it is. If it was really that disruptiv, something would have happened in last 3 years.
  14. What are you talking about? This came from the mouth of the execs, not some youtube moonboy retard. What kind of research should I have made based on that? Ask BG to take a polygraph?
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