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  1. Do you think this W thingy would pop up in case Ripple did not announce MG acquisition? I never ever give price prediction. But I will this time. My guess is price will go down to 0.40 and stay there until Ripple reduce selling pressure or there is major increase in BTC price. Even if Btc dive to 8k, it will drag xrp down to 0.38. After week or two it will go back to 0.40 and stay there.
  2. Maybe you should check Volume of this amazing 150% pump from "wall street".
  3. Finally company everyone heard about starts using xrp.. and xrp price pumps like 4%. Where is fud here? And what the hack mgi stocks have to do with xrp price???
  4. How does one make a payment between two former USA states after the collapse of the States?
  5. They are all under NDA so they can not discuss it. Haha
  6. Why does it matter where it go? One of main arguments for those who support ripple dumping on public exchanges is to make xrp disperse. Thats what Jed does.
  7. I wonder why those who says that Ripple dumping their stash on public exchanges is good for xrp ecosystem, but when Jed is doing exactly the same thing it is not okey. It is literally the same thing. We should praise Jed for helping Ripple building ecosystem. /sarcasm off
  8. I can agree with most of it. But I am looking for new xRapid official customers. Banks joining Ripplenet, new corridors being open, new offices around the world. These are all great news, for Ripple. But not strictly for XRP. I am looking for XRP adoption and I can not see it. It seems everyone is under NDA or there is no adoption. Yes, it is chicken and egg problem. But as far as I am aware, there are plenty of corridors (70ish) which means there should be plenty of potential customers using xrapid/xcurrent. Where are they? PS. I am not big fun of Glagitrons analsys because everyone can fake these transactions to look like xrapid. I do hope he is right though. I do hope in Q2 2019 Ripple will provide us more details regarding xRapid volume.
  9. Or perhaps because there is no official xRapid news for half year now?
  10. It is easy to say you are not being fun of HODLing when you are like 30000% in plus. I wonder what would he say if he is like 50% in minus. Thanks to HODLers his company could sold 500m million last year and will probably much more this year. Hypocrite.
  11. Why is regulatory environment clear for settlement coins like USB and JPM coin but it is not clear for XRP? I do not get it. I am losing hope here. Where is xrapid adoption in last 8 months? Even unknown remittance companies are quiet, I really doubt everyone is under NDA.
  12. Thats what you think. Most people here thinks something else about you and things you write. Go figure. Afterall, you are trolling this topic. What the hack does 51% attack and double spend has anything to do with Bitcoin epic pennant??? If you want to discuss such matter go open topic on your own and see how many people do not give a f$$$ about you and your moaning how bad BTC is. Yes, btc is an old technology with many flaws. But it will stay here for quite some time. Is TA accurate in crypto? Well, dependa whom you ask. For me, it is not, but I do not talk s$$$ like you and flame others only because they think different then me.
  13. In the end, everything will be decided by who offers the best technology (cheaper, faster, and so on). If this let big boys to keep status quo, I do not see any reason why would they use xrp or any other DA. Will smaller banks keep paying those guys to make cross border transaction or will they pick xrapid? That is more important question. If small banks dont want to use xrapid, I cant see any reason why would big banks. Yes, they could probably save some money, but so they will with their technology, and plus they can be payed by small banks for using it. In my eyes, if nothing major changes with xrapid in year or two Im out of it. Tbh, I have expected higher xrapid adoption since Swell. I am glad xcurrent has progress atleast.
  14. Moderators should really do something about this. Lately all I can see on this forum is people advertising their youtube or coil channel. Cant we have designated place for this? @karlos
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