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  1. Trend line is almost the same for 0.2% to 4% brackets. And your conclusion is there is a mass accumulation??? No dude, this trend show there is more dump going. Do you see how trend line for 0.01% and 0.1% have lots of jumps and downs and it is not smooth like the rest of trend lines?? It means they are transferring their holdings. Go figure where...
  2. I am not protecting anyone, and I cant care less about anyones money. If someone will invest following an unknown guy on the internet... I hope they do so.. You cant fix an idiot.
  3. I do not know what is more funny. OP or people who believe in him. We had hunderds of posts, predictions and what not in last few years, always the same crap over and over again.. and yet, people still fall for it.. Pathetic
  4. But it is totally fine that same company in the early 2018 says all kind of sh** just to create additional hype. Its all about the money, I cant see why they wouldnt pay someone to shill them.
  5. Are you saying that ripple is paying MG to use odl? Ermm.. So they invested like 50m in MG and on top of that they are paying them to use odl? No way..
  6. How certain are we that these volumes are ODL? Are people 100% sure in this numbers? If thats the case, seeing this is encouraging
  7. For me the escrow is just a marketing trick. Even if for some reason ripple decide to dump all 1b per month, they would tank the price a lot. There is multiple reasons why that is not in their interest. Frankly, I am not concerned with ripple having that amount of xrp, we all knew that before investing. Thats why I think banks will never buy xrp direct from ripple. But what they can do, is invest in ripple and get their xrp. And thats the main reason why ripple is going IPO. We will see. Happy times.
  8. For me is the bigger concern random companies receiving billions of xrp from ripple who knows why. We have no idea how they dump xrp and what happens with xrp if they bankrupt..
  9. I do not know nor care about other crypto. I have mainly invested in xrp. Even if we were at 1 dollar, I would write the same. To make it clear, adoption of xrp and other CC/digital asset/securities/token is a joke.
  10. Haha, even you have wrote few times that you are shocked ripple is doing it. Back in time when chicken and robot called them out. If selling few billions on the open market through out the year is not duming I do not know what is. People are saying that ripple will dump xrp after IPO. What a BS. If they were up to, they could just keep "distributing" it until they completly dry up the buying pressure. What makes me happy is that in less than a year we will know if buying xrp was good or bad idea. I am 55-45 that is was a bad idea. Mainly because of really pathetic xrp adoption.
  11. massive increase? lol why do you think 4m in wash trading would effect the price? Wait until we see hundreds of millions going through xrapid..
  12. Do you think DS knew about IPO coming? He probably did. What exactly did he do with his coins? Why tifany changed her mood 180°? Why so many high profile employees left ripple in last 6 months? Why exactly does ripple need to do IPO? You do IPO when you need money. Does ripple need that kind of money when they earnes billions through dumping xrp? Something is brewing, thats for sure. And we are about find out in less than a year. Doom or gloom, so be it. Very excited
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