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  1. noup, he is not right.. and this topic clearly proved that.. he literally has no idea what he is talking about.. the only thing I agree with him is that ODL progress is miserable.. oh yes, he reminds me of those idiots who hate certain streamers, but for some reason they keep on going on their stream talking **** about them..
  2. @LetHerRip The sad thing is, that I really thought you were bashing xrp for the sake of having different view on it. Just to bring the balance on this forum and to counter bearableguy morons and moonbois. However, now, when you are faced with real facts, and asked serious questions about your statments. You just ignores them. Pathetic. I will repeat my question again. If you are so certain that XRP is security and SEC not giving them a green light after 3 years. Why does that same SEC allow them to keep selling the security and keep scamming americans for 3 years?
  3. There isnt clarity for XRP and 2000 other coins. What bank in Australia has to do with a bank in Somalia? Do you really think regulations in both countries are alike? They are not. Do agree, even DS said banks can use ODL with multihop. Anyway, time will tell. My opinion is that cryptocurrencies overall are a BS (not blockchain). What has world got out from it? Nothing.
  4. What I wrote is the fact. People invested based on his statments. You can make a joke out of it as much as you want. Lets assume that he said banks wont be using xrapid in next 4 years and that they will buy shares in MoneyGram so they can show the world how good xrapid is. Now tell me what would to price?? Would you buy more, sell, or just keep holding because it is the same crap being 60% or 80% in red. Some people use dot-connecting to invest, some listen to CEO what he has to say. I was in second group.
  5. Hm, do you think this methodology can be applied to every single person in the world? "I am not lying, I am just being bad in predictions" This reminds me on on a politicians. He said "I do not lie, I sometimes do not speak the truth". The fact is, BG made lots of people invest (and lose money) based on his lies/bad predictions last couple of years.
  6. ODL volume is pathetic, 0 banks using it, the only significanr user is company they have shares in, but somehow people expect that IMF will use it. How????
  7. They wont use it because ripple doesnt have billions to compensate for fees like they do for mongeygram lol
  8. Dont be salty. I can mention you two significant research I did.. one on ripple accounts dumping each time there was a pump back then when we were in 0.3 zone a yeae ago. This was further investigated by Regal chicken and Robot where they came to same conclusion and called out Ripple doing it. Second research was on cryptohawk when I was saying it for weeks that he is a scammer when everyone thought he is insider due to Moneygram leak. Stopped contributing when Robot told me he will bann me if I keep talking crap about crypto-hawk. Guess what? It played out he was indeed a sad scamm
  9. If thats the case, which could be.. what is the reason behind it? Market makers are not interested in making money? Now we have ripple buying a share in a company so they can implement ODL, and on top of that, they are paying them to cover running costs. Now we have ripple playing a market maker. What is next? Ripple buying a bank so this bank can remove nostro-vostro account? Every stupid time when there is a great news coming out from ripple.. after further research it turns out thaz the truth is completly oposite.
  10. This report looks good, but yet again 0 info on actual numbers. So, they are buying back xrp. How much did they buy? $1,000 or $10,000,000? It is so vague. This repost is like a bikini. It shows us everything, but hides the most important thing. Why is so hard to give actual numbers??? ODL volume in this corridor is XXX, in this YYY. This is an increase of ZZZ compared to H12019. In last XXX months we bought back YYY xrps from exchange XXX. This is how a report should look like.
  11. Giving millions to snoop dog, clintons, ellen degeneres, and so on... while XRPL developers get a middle finger..
  12. Really? Well, in 2018 I bought xrp becuase CEO of Ripple said that 3 of top 5 world remittance companies will use xrp. I expected inital demaned for xrp due to this statment. I bought again when the same guy said that dozens of banks will use xrapid in 2019. So, who is to blame here? I guess myself because I have listened to CEO. In regular market he would pay enormous fee because of price manipilation. One more thing, I am not paying attention to any crypto clown.
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