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  1. "I've only heard Brad talking about being long Bitcoin, over and over. Never heard him screaming. In fact, the complaint on this forum was that he was NOT stating clearly enough to be long XRP." I must agree here. People were pissed off because BG he was not saying he was long on XRP. Well, if he has said that, that would cause him even more problems. He was aware that he shouldn't say that. Which is good, I guess. "What should the execs do with their massive holdings, sit on it? " Of course not! They have also full right to sell it! Since they have like 30% of CIRCULATING supply, they
  2. I am positive. I did not sell my xrp, I did not buy more. I think the outcome of this will be one big dump and pump. Of course, it is also possible that is deemed security. We will see. XRP is the biggest gamble now, you can lose a lot or earn a lot in a very short period in case this is settled really fast. I do no think Ripple wants this to take much time. This will literally destroy them. You don't have that income from selling XRP, you can't find new clients, you cant expend, retail investors are turning their back on you, etc. In case this takes over a year. I will sell for sur
  3. In my country "reading FOR understanding" is thought in First class of Primary school. I will use your methodology here. You either did not go to school or an idiot. You see? There is no point calling anyone an idiot. I do apologize. I have problem with 2 CEOs earning 600m dollars in bear market where they were screaming they were LONG on XRP. I have nothing against Ripple distributing XRP unless they are not honest how they do it. Btw, I invested only on pre-mined coins. I am not fun of PoW.
  4. Below is my opinion. I do not think it is possible to attack BG and CL without attacking Ripple. We have a long period where Ripple was selling XRP, and it seems that was fine. They have been doing that for YEARS. SEC knew what they were doing. Then you have one period where two CEOs earned EXTREME (why the F*** do you need 600m dollars?????) amount of money. On top of that, they were giving weird messages to public. "Major banks will use xrp by the end of 2019, 3 of top 5 remittance companies will use XRP in 2018, etc etc." Bunch of lies. People on this forum were mockin
  5. In my opinion XRP was "attacked" because two CEOs earned 600million dollars in 2 years while they were screaming they are long and were looking for ways to pump the price.
  6. "Look mom, Palladium price is higher than gold price. This clearly means Palladium is more worth it."
  7. Naysayers will say it is only 1% of their holdings. The fact is, one of the bigger players in crypto showed a middle finger to XRP and its uncertainty. Anyway, XRP has by far the highest potential to moon if is not deemed a security. On the other hand, it can dive even more. One of the biggest gamble in the crypto space. Place your bets.
  8. What boggles my mind is how someone can buy Bitcoin. It consumes more energy than a small country, it is slow as 90y old granny and expensive as a modest escort
  9. this hundred times.. people are to much focused on Security issue, while the main problem for me is the statement by SEC which makes you wonder if xRapid is really what Ripple claims it is...
  10. yup, screaming he is long on XRP and then earning 600m dollars with CL while dumping on retail investors. PATHETIC.
  11. BG and CL have 10 billion reasons to not settle. They do not care about, you, me or anyone else. They wouldnt dump 600m in bear market if that wasnt the case. Would I invest if I knew this? Or that they are giving 30% discount? Hell no. I know that DS once said on Reddit, "why would we give anyone discount?". If some1 could dig this out I would be thankful.
  12. Interesting point. One day Greyscale might have +50% of coins. What would happen if their staff started commenting on the price and looking for ways to increase it. Would Bitcoin become security then? Makes no sense.
  13. 1) If for some reason SEC force Ripple to burn the escrow. How can Ripple continue making progress with ODL if they wont have XRP to dump on market? Will this force them to make new technology? In that case they can ditch it and just focus on Technology market. This is what they claimed to be. A technology company. 2) I am confident Ripple knew what is going on. How does IPO fit into this? Is this the way out in case they have to burn escrow? Can they be liquid without it? 3) Both Chris and BG are a$$holes. 600m dollar in few years from dumping on retail while they were saying about
  14. I am not worried about SEC. America is not the center of the world. What worries me is that ODL is most likely not cost effective as Ripple claim it to be. How can this be sustainable??? "340. Between early 2019 and July 2020, the “Money Transmitter” conducted the overwhelming majority of XRP trading volume in connection with ODL. Ripple had to pay the Money Transmitter significant financial compensation—often paid in XRP—in exchange for the Money Transmitter’s agreement to help Ripple increase volume on ODL. 341. Specifically, from 2019 through June 2020, Ripple paid the Money
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