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  1. aren't you here because of this as well? or you are here for a tech? Burning supply which is not in the circulation wont do anything. Perhaps small pump and dump. i agree. CEOs and ripple dumped literally billions on retail unlike those listed above Failed again. They could have had an incentive to build on xrpl. But it was easier to just dump on the retail and make money while hyping the crap out of it. Xpring? What a joke, with Coil being the biggest one.
  2. They provided a calculator on their site back in 2018 or 2019 so people can "estimate" potential price of XRP. ODL and its price? Well, with 40 billions XRP in circulation and 50b in the escrow... with deep liquidity, ODL looks to me like a wash trading with minimum effect on the price.
  3. and I thought my **** country is full of corrupted morons and idiots.. It seems everywhere is the same..
  4. few trust lines and shitcoins and the network that wants to be recognized as IOV gets rekt.. I wish they received somehow few billions from retails investors to maintain the network
  5. why not? if I can find an idiot to pay my fees each year, I would be more than happy as Moneygram's CEO
  6. Is that good? I must admit that I lost all the hype around SGB and FN. What exactly are they waiting to release state connectors? Wasn't FN close to get launched?? I mean, all the audits went ok but for some reason they need months and months to release only one part of the network.. Are they waiting for big players to release SGB so they can see real the impact on the network? I do not expect FN until July 2022..
  7. it has been like that for years now.. it is not a secret, everyone knows Ripple owns bunch of XRP and some execs have few billions they secretly dump on retail... it is what it is, if you do not like it, do not invest in it.. simple as that
  8. I didn't say that. You probably miss read it. I wrote the ODL report is useless, not the product. I am ok with that and I do agree with you. My problem is the Execs screaming how Ripple is transparent while that same people secretly dump 600m on us. That is my problem!! If I can recall, they had internal emails circulating around how to increase speculative value of XRP. I am not that naïve to believe they had zero intention for shilling XRP. Like I said, they have full right to do so, but calling that idiot from Ether for not being transparent is a definition of hypocrisies. They are the same in my eyes. Greedy crooks. Well, at least they told the community. Do you think we would have any idea how much CL and BG dumped if there wasn't this SEC case? Sorry for grammar and if some sentences are poorly written, I am not a native English speaker. Thank you for your input. I am out of this discussion since it is off-topic. Good luck to us, I guess.
  9. why not? I had no clue CL and BG dumped 600m dollars on us, did you? I am not saying they should had informed us, but since they are bragging about their transparency they could say they were selling. On top of that, they were LONG on bitcoin, being very confident dozes banks will use ODL by end of 2019, and so on and on.. In regards to ODL report. I think it is good but useless. Again we are missing the crucial data. I do not care about percentage growth. Give me damn FIGURES. We all can divide few numbers to get the percentages. I remember a post from one of government agencies of a country where I used to live. They said the number of American tourists increased by wooing 350% in one year. After my research I found out number of tourists increased from 200 to like 870. For a tourist country these were pathetic and garbage numbers. If you want to hide clear picture you will use percentages.
  10. Can we conclude that ODL wash trading does not have an effect on the price? "To facilitate these instant payments, Ripple will source XRP from its balance sheet or from the market. " Great, dumping on retail users continues. 0 words on the amount bought back by Ripple (might missed it tho)
  11. Money laundering. No one is that stupid to pay millions for a picture of a monkey !!! Someone looking to “clean” dirty money could theoretically generate an anonymous NFT, list it for sale on the blockchain; purchase it from himself/herself from an anonymous, unregulated digital wallet with illicit funds, and then recognize the money as legitimate funds from the sale of the artwork.
  12. I might not fully understand you due to language barrier. If I clone XRPL and say it is now called BillyLedger, and it will be used as a canary network for XRPL. And lets assume people will use it for testing. Is my product made out of thin air since it is a clone of XRPL? If yes, how is that any different than songbird and FN? We 'know' each other for years now, sorry if I was rude. It was not my intention! Confused emoticons? it is above 1k
  13. I am aware that I am aggressive here, but I am happy that you understand everything. Songbird is the same network as flare network. They copied thousand of codes from FN. It is not a brand new product. I can agree that it is not fair to say that something is made out of thin air if someone spent their time to make a product. It is rude and arrogant. I see where are you coming from, but your logic does not make any sense to me. You claim that if someone spends time on developing a product, that product has value behind it. I do not agree. There are thousands and thousands examples where people spend years to make a product which in the end ends up being useless and no1 is using it. Who cares if you spent 5 min or 5 years to make a product? Time spent making it does not mean it has value in it. You are not the one to determine this, its markets job. I can write now 100k lines of text over 5 years period and shout that I wrote a book and that there is a value behind it because I spent thousands hours on it. If no one will exchange their fiat for my product, it makes my product completely useless. Is my book made out of thin air? It is not. I agree. Disagree.
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