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  1. Actually I do.. people were buying all kind of ponzi schemes in early 2018.. However, suing a company because you were that stupid in believing you were buying their stocks, can only particular sort of idiots
  2. Oh come on, do you really believe in that crap that it was gifted??? Some people in here repeat like parrots every BS that comes out of ripple. I wonder why they do not call them out when CEO predicts dozen of banks will use xrp in 2019?? And yes, when you are a CEO of a company that is being worth 10 billions you cant predict wet dreams. Every stupid sentence that comes out of your mouth has weight and has influence on the price. Oh ye, they had been saying for years its their asset and then out of the sudden they changed the agenda to "it was gifted to us". BS !
  3. 80% of that volume is fake. It was calculated ripple with their programmatic sells do 4% of sell pressure. Add to that all the xrps donated/gifted and you get -40% in a year. If nothing significant changes with xrp adoption in 2020, I can see xrp going below 5c. I just cant see a reason something being valued for few billions when it is literally used by company they invested in. No, I do not. What ecosystem? Internet of value when the ledger is built for 1500 tx/s? Not gonna happen. I mainly invested in xrp due to xrapid. I do not care about xpring, xsong, xrandom, xcrap...
  4. Assumption? Lol If selling 1.2 billion worth of xrp is not dumping I do not know what is.
  5. Haha, I am wondering how many people decided to buy csc, tron and now vet due to shills done by people with 10k likes.. lol
  6. If micropayments will clog the xrpl and make such payment system useless due to incease in the fee. Why would ripple donate 1 billion xrp to such company?
  7. With current ODL volume it can be half cent haha
  8. Again 0 information on xRapid volume. Show me the numbers!!!
  9. How can something used only on exchanges be threat to financial stability? You cant even buy a bubblegum with CC. Overall adoption of CC is pretty much dead. We still have to see the result of MG purchase and SBI. Oh well, time will tell. Did ripple have even single one moderate announcement related to xrp adoption this year? I dont count MG adoption, they literally bought it.
  10. After all the lies they spew over the last 2 years you find them honest and square. Lol. 3 out of 5 remittance companies will use xrp in 2018 , major bank by the end of 2018, dozens in 2019 (yet to be decided if it is pure hype to trick investors), xpring will only invest in companies that will utilize xrp, and so on and so on.. If they were honest they would show xrapid volume and tell everyone how good is xrp adoption. Everything else, in is meaningless ********. I dont care who runs on ripplenet, I want to know who uses "game breaking" demand settlement and what is the volume. Show me the numbers!!
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