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  1. I was looking for number of contracts for weeks and was like.. why is there not single one? Now I know.. Codius is dead. They talk about Coil but I feel it is like xrapid.. you know it is there somewhere but it is has no influence on price. Xrapid adoption is extremly slow. Volume on xrapid exchanges is pathetic. Mercury fx sends tens of thoudans monthly which has no influence on price. Bitso volume is funny. Ripple dumping 100 millions when price is at -90%. One of the smartest people in Crypto and creator of xrp out of nowhere decides he must reduce his risk because he agreed with his wife to do so. Not looking good!!
  2. Since the price is stable, that means sell pressure and buy pressure is the same, which means sell volume and buy volume are the same. They sold 108m, which is 0,32% of global volume. That means: GLOBAL VOLUME = 108m / 0,32% = 34 billion If we assume 80% is fake, real volume is -> 34 billion x 0,2 = 6,8 billion As I wrote buy volume and sell volume are same.. that means sell volume is 3.4 billion How much % ripple holds in sell pressure? 108m / 3.4billion = 3,2% (of sell volume) That is 1,6% of total real volume.
  3. In topic Q1 2019 markets report there is a discussion about Ripples progmatic sells. It seems like some justify Ripple with dumping tens of millions XRP daily because they are building XRP ecosystem that way. I would gladly hear your opinion on it. Mine is this. They do not build ecosystem that way since there is NO new people in the market. Even if there is, I really doubt they buy daily tens of millions xrps. Those who justify Ripple doing it says "it is the only way to make distribution", which I completely disagree with. There is multiple ways. 1. Donation 2. Dumping on BULL run. 3. Attracting new investors (e.g. start burning xrp daily instead of dumping it) Must of people got in crypto in late 2017 when they heard on the news about bitcoin. Why was Bitcoin on the news? Because it was raising, rapidly. Why did you buy crypto? Because you smelled money. So, lots of new people got in crypto while the price was INCREASING. This is when the distribution occurs. How does Ripple distribute XRP if they are dumping on exchanges in BEAR market? Price is literally 30cents for 3 months. Do you really think average Joe will buy something that doesnt move while other shitcoins rise?? Of course not. They will ignore it. Because it is not attractive. Please do enlighten me how does ripple build ecosystem while dumping on exchanges?
  4. I dont get it. How do you exactly distribute XRP while dumping tens of millions xrp daily? Do you really believe there is thousands of NEW people that buys it on CHINESE exchanges ??? You want to bring new investors? Go burn tens of millions xrp daily, reduce supply, demand will increase, price will increase and you will get MORE PEOPLE IN. Thats other way around. Way you can bring more people in xrp ecosystem and INCREASE xrp price and xrp volume. But Ripple is smart. They know how to MAKE money. They make by dumping on exchanges. Go figure what price would XRP have if they didnt dump 2 billion xrp last year.
  5. Yea, because taking into account exchanges with clearly fake volume and then brag about how you are being transparent is way to go. I wonder how much they would sell if they used xrapid volume, lol.
  6. Good, institutional sell increased, progmatic sell also. Progmatic sell is 0.32% of global volume. If we assess 80% of global volume is fake and price didnt move for all quarter. That means ripple did 4% of daily sell volume. Which is freaking a lot. No wonder price doesnt move.
  7. No1 knows. But if everything moon shots without a reason.. I cant see reason why xrp would not follow.. Yes, it is annoying as F to see bitcoin and altcoins moving up like 90% in 3 months and xrp just being stuck.. but thats how it is.. If you dont like it, sell and buy something else.. if you can live with it, enjoy life and hope for the best Or just sell portion of xrp and enjoy gambling..
  8. You forgot 3 of top 5 transfer companies and one major bank.
  9. Indeed. It is enough to check bitso volume, new xrapid exchanges and xrapid offical partners. Soon we will see what Q1 2019 report gives
  10. Good read Hodor. Didnt know about Bittrex. From 4 xrapid exchanges down to 3. Well, atleast we got one less exchange to keep track of volume on. It seems like regulation is really killing xRapid. If exhange cant get license to trade xrp, image how hard is for banks to use it. =(
  11. So, R3 asked Digital Assest to test XRP performance? This does not make any sense to me. And they clearly mention performance of private DLT, one they used to test this. Isnt xrpl public one? Confused.
  12. My guess is.. holders sent their holdings on exchange so they can sell since they anticipate increase in price. Soon we will get Q1 2019 report. We will see how much ripple dumped on us and how much they sold to institutions. In Q4 2018 we had significant decrease in institutional sell compared to Q3 2018. I hope it wont go lower in Q1 2019. Cant wait.
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