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  1. Every time there is a negative news (this time: ODL drastic decrease in volume) there comes a partnership few days later. What is in common with XRP price and ODL volume? They are both down 90% lol
  2. I like this toilet seat at the end of the video
  3. They said all kind of BS that made people buy XRP. I am still waiting for dozens banks in 2019, 3 of top 5 remittance companies using xrp in 2018, and so on and so on. These deeps you mentioned, please check what happened with Bitcoin in that very moment. My guess is that big whales had liquidated longs/shorts and bots just traded xrp accordingly to these swings. Ripple is still looking where they can sell their utility. They changed from banks, to remittances, and now to SME. Xrapid is live for 2 years, and their volume is now 2m per week. For me, this progress is utter pathetic. With 1 billion dollars they have earned by dumping xrp I would expect drastic expansion of xrp usage and volume. But yet, we are still here, and ripple is still paying others to use their technology.
  4. of course not.. it is much cheaper and convenient to buy a company which is 900m in dept.. if ODL is so superior and game changing technology Ripple wouldnt need to pay others to use it.. it would be other way around
  5. Ripple drained out the living cr** out of XRP. I can't see they have done anything significant with one billion $ in one year to help xrp gain some traction. Oh well, at least they are 80% in red with MGI, just like me with XRP. Karma.
  6. I do not agree with you. They said the increase from Q4-2019 to Q1 -2020 is 294%. They didnt say, increase in Q1 2020 is 294%. So, 294% increase is for 6 months period.
  7. You forgot to add that XRP is true Store of value, unlike Bitcoin. Price in 2017 - 0.15$ Three years later, its still the same.
  8. Trend line is almost the same for 0.2% to 4% brackets. And your conclusion is there is a mass accumulation??? No dude, this trend show there is more dump going. Do you see how trend line for 0.01% and 0.1% have lots of jumps and downs and it is not smooth like the rest of trend lines?? It means they are transferring their holdings. Go figure where...
  9. Are you saying that ripple is paying MG to use odl? Ermm.. So they invested like 50m in MG and on top of that they are paying them to use odl? No way..
  10. How certain are we that these volumes are ODL? Are people 100% sure in this numbers? If thats the case, seeing this is encouraging
  11. For me the escrow is just a marketing trick. Even if for some reason ripple decide to dump all 1b per month, they would tank the price a lot. There is multiple reasons why that is not in their interest. Frankly, I am not concerned with ripple having that amount of xrp, we all knew that before investing. Thats why I think banks will never buy xrp direct from ripple. But what they can do, is invest in ripple and get their xrp. And thats the main reason why ripple is going IPO. We will see. Happy times.
  12. For me is the bigger concern random companies receiving billions of xrp from ripple who knows why. We have no idea how they dump xrp and what happens with xrp if they bankrupt..
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