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  1. No, because that increase came with low trading volume. These stocks probably bought same people who are stuck with xrp lol 2m trade volume is nothing..
  2. How about you stop telling me what should I do? Almost every reply from you is passive agressive. And calling other " "kids" just because they do not agree with you proves how shallow you are. Tbh, I cant care less what you have to say to me or whats you opinion, just do yourself a favor and ignore me.
  3. If something is not free, I am not buying it. Same for Coil. I am not paying single cent if I do not have to. "But you wont be able to see Xy" => I can live with that. And srsly, why the heck does a startup needs 300m dollar??? Why not fuel it every now and then? Do we really need Clover volume 2???
  4. What is going with that now? Are wallets "frozen"? Do they sell? Is there any wallet activity? Are those scammers in prison? Thanx
  5. Like I said, being 60% in minus or 80% is same crap. I am numb to these news, but thanks for bringing this up. Now we have jade, ripple, cl and these morons. Actually, they are not morons. They are clever. If they really scammed ppl for few billion dollars I congratulate them.
  6. Stopped reading after second sentence. Your post is literally waste of bandwidth. Even processing bitcoin transaction is more useful than this crap. You should be ashamed.
  7. Then why do you believe BG when he says major banks will use xrp in 2019? Do you mind showing me the evidance? Btw Tiny, I do really like you
  8. I really wonder how folk like you manage to always look on bright side. It must be like living in a bubble full of illusions just to feel good. It is not my fault you do not like the truth. What else is this quote from BG then fake pump in the middle of run?? Stop being so emotional, geez.
  9. He also said lots of other crap just to pump the price. https://mobile.twitter.com/Ripple/status/949131179797626880
  10. Thank god TA can predict manipulations, hecks, crypto being banned and other bs.
  11. Cumulative volume till 2020 to be 1 billion???? For such a game breaking technology I would expect 1b daily. I hope he is wrong here, just like he was with his major banks, 3 of 5 remittance companies and other BS.
  12. because thats the only way someone will actually use xrp lol same thing with remittance companies.. from "3 out of 5 top world remittance companies will use xrp by the end of 2018" to "**** it, they wont use, lets just but them"
  13. Thanx god this forum has millionairs which got here for a financial advise. I think Ripple would bankrupt long time ago without this forum investors.
  14. Did you know xrapid can use btc for settlement and any other DA besides xrp?
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