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  1. Naah.. institutions, banks, central banks, payment remittances, uber, amazon and other big corporations pumped the price because of xrp mass usage and utility.. i mean.. what else could pump the cap over 100 billion..
  2. 38000% increase in one year is not manipulation.. but when the price goes down then it is clearly manipulation..
  3. With current ODL volume it can be half cent haha
  4. Again 0 information on xRapid volume. Show me the numbers!!!
  5. How can something used only on exchanges be threat to financial stability? You cant even buy a bubblegum with CC. Overall adoption of CC is pretty much dead. We still have to see the result of MG purchase and SBI. Oh well, time will tell. Did ripple have even single one moderate announcement related to xrp adoption this year? I dont count MG adoption, they literally bought it.
  6. After all the lies they spew over the last 2 years you find them honest and square. Lol. 3 out of 5 remittance companies will use xrp in 2018 , major bank by the end of 2018, dozens in 2019 (yet to be decided if it is pure hype to trick investors), xpring will only invest in companies that will utilize xrp, and so on and so on.. If they were honest they would show xrapid volume and tell everyone how good is xrp adoption. Everything else, in is meaningless ********. I dont care who runs on ripplenet, I want to know who uses "game breaking" demand settlement and what is the volume. Show me the numbers!!
  7. Good to see ripple still brings big faces to the company. Hopefully this will affect the price one day
  8. Wow, nice. It is funny how BG breg about transparency, taking crap how xpring will boost xrpl and here we have this crap. They could just give xrp to random people on this forum. Result would be the same.
  9. Fud about ripple dumping?? Are you kidding? Go check CL wallets and time of selling. Go check zerpening club on that matter. Yeah, they are not dumping.. they are distributing.. Yeah, It is not dog **** it is dog ****.
  10. ..when you "predict" one thing and out of the sudden you have track record.. Pathetic
  11. No, because that increase came with low trading volume. These stocks probably bought same people who are stuck with xrp lol 2m trade volume is nothing..
  12. How about you stop telling me what should I do? Almost every reply from you is passive agressive. And calling other " "kids" just because they do not agree with you proves how shallow you are. Tbh, I cant care less what you have to say to me or whats you opinion, just do yourself a favor and ignore me.
  13. If something is not free, I am not buying it. Same for Coil. I am not paying single cent if I do not have to. "But you wont be able to see Xy" => I can live with that. And srsly, why the heck does a startup needs 300m dollar??? Why not fuel it every now and then? Do we really need Clover volume 2???
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