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  1. Sounds like a good plan...I was hoping to hit at least past $3 before skimming some percentages. I'll probably be more 10% here an there on the way up unless it really takes off. Nothing cut and dry...more watching candles as XRP tends to run fast. I'm sure it's nice to know you have pulled some out especially after drops like the recent one. It's def a bit stressful even with the experience of the last years. I think we are in a pretty good position considering we could have jumps when exchanges start relisting and the overall outlook of the lawsuit is pretty good so far. That could cause
  2. Ha! Fellow mushroom fan My sites are set a bit higher...but I do agree...gratz on your profits and best of luck in the future. Morels are popping in my neck of the woods
  3. I was just popping in to mention this. Nice you noticed some ways to improve...now you get a fresh start! I noticed one guy saying he was up 10K already! This is why I do not expect to be in the competition, lol. Best of luck to you JAS (and others giving it a shot
  4. That's good to know...maybe the APY rates will actually mean something at that point... Agreed, single coins will prob be my method of choice as well. Maybe over time I will gain more of an understanding and venture out into the LPs. And @BillyOckham it wasn't to tough to set up the metamask wallet. I found this link to be helpful: https://coil.com/p/XRPBags/FLARE-FINANCE-BETA/YVmhAOyX2, all the different links in one spot. There is an iOS app that you could use...I think I remember you saying you typically use and iPad. It doesn't always show the correct token amounts but you
  5. The above is why I think I will keep the YFIN. I don't understand the calculations behind the pools and big swings could cause impermanent loss. I was using the yfin/xusd pool and when I removed the liquidity I had fewer YFIN...I wasn't tracking close enough to know if the rewards were worth it. I'm just playing to learn about the system, not really expecting to be in the competition. Reading about impermanent loss had my eyes glazing...I think I need to stick to the KISS method.
  6. Just FYI, the rate distribution is set at 1:172 dFLR/FLR as a token to your flare wallet. dFLR will have no value. Say you receive 1000 FLR(spark) from Flare Networks...your would receive around 5.8 dFLR from FF. You will then need to send those(dFLR) back to FF to "claim" the actual token that will be use on the network(yFLR) within a week. There will be a total of 40,000,000 yFLR.
  7. I've done mostly parking as well. It's kind of fun and definitely a nice way to dip your toes into DeFi. I certainly don't consider myself in the competition. I have over 150 transaction so far and if this were on Ethereum that would equate to over $3,000!!! (estimating $20/trans) How will people not want to switch over?!?! I have tried using the yFIN/xUSD LP as well but am now concerned about impermanent loss as well. I'm getting a better yield of yFIN but when I pull that out of the liquidity pool will I have lost the equivalent amount of xUSD due to the fluctuations in yFIN price? I
  8. @PantherdkI did this when Toast shut down...Was kind of weird having to deal with your actual secret but I only have a small amount in the account. It seems to have worked well and XUMM is pretty cool. I trust Wietse WInd is not out to screw anybody over. It was really easy to add the message key with XUMM as well.
  9. Thanks @mrenne I think I took it bad because I feel the same way and don't want to be one to add to the garbage! I understand your point and am surprised at the patience of some of the folks on here. I often read post and wonder why they are asking something as it was answered just above. Long time lurker so it's easy to fall back into it.
  10. Well that escalated quickly...Just FYI I have read the FAQ but it was a while ago, as I mentioned. I admit I should have jumped over to check it again but I didn't. Anyway, Hugo mentioned on Discord that they will be releasing the ratio today and it is close to 1. Back to lurking for me....
  11. Now that you mention it, they have left a lot of wiggle room in how long it will take for them to distribute. They may have a definitive answer June 11th and would then know how much longer it would take or final distribution...I don't know It's all speculation at this point, lol. I read up on this before they even mentioned the staggered distribution.
  12. I thought you said you were on the wagon! I guess you need to put that mask back on
  13. Maybe I am missing something about how they are calculating the ratio. I thought they were going to determine that using the amount claimed...maybe that was just concerning the exchanges? I thought they were also going to take into account the amount claimed by self custody.
  14. @joe91 You can also think about it like this... If you self custody you have until June 11 to actually claim by adding the message key. If you haven't yet then there is no message key/flare address associated with your account and therefore they would not be able to distribute to you if only using the data retrieved from the snapshot. They will require further scans of the XRPL to get the flare addresses added after the snapshot(this must be the state connector nodes sotong is talking about). I believe the snapshot is only going to be used to determine the amount of XRP in every wallet.
  15. From the original post: "When do I get them? The Spark that you are eligible for will be sent out over time. At the go-live of the network (sometime in first half of 2021) those who have already ‘claimed’ by setting the messageKey with their desired Flare address will have 15% of their total entitlement sent to that address. Every following month there will be a further allocation of a smaller amount. If you claim some months after the go-live then you will get all the entitlement up to that point. Eg 15% plus however many months worth."
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