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  1. I'm still banking on $10+ by the end of the year. A bullrun feels imminent at this point. Monday?
  2. Why do all the topics about Bearableguy123 get locked out?
  3. Anything below 90 cents is a steal for me. But lets be honest, in a couple months/years all of these prices will look like a steal!
  4. All you gotta do in moments like this is to buy the dip, have faith and be patient. Things will turn around.
  5. Looks like the trades will be reversed. It seems Binance is handling this pretty well.
  6. A very conservative prediction that I can appreciate. But I'm thinking bigger.
  7. Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words! Although it was dumb luck that lead me to Ripple, I hope I can change the lives of the people closest to me and give back when it's all said and done. Life is short really. But being able to create worthwhile memories and strong relationships is what really matters at the end of the day. So not worrying about money all the time will do just that.
  8. Totally understandable. I'm still in school so I won't be selling until 2020 (when I'm finished hopefully). Although if it does hit triple digits really quickly I wouldn't mind selling a portion of my stack to have my parents retire. It's the least I can do for them.
  9. If things keep going as is probably $5-$15 dollars But if everything goes right with regulations and Xrapid starts to be utilized $100-$300 Gotta hope for the best and expect for the worst
  10. I've been a long time lurker on this site (about a year now) and wasn't really planning on opening an account til the group closed yesterday. Hopefully after posting some more I'll get added to the club. P.S. Keep up the great works guys
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