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  1. I don't know whether the analysis is correct or not, but I admire people who keep their faith in difficult timelike this. I still have some faith left in XRP, but honestly not much.
  2. If BTC is leading the ALTs, should we switch part of the portfolio to BTC instead?
  3. It depends on which side the Judge is on, every Judge has his own standpoint.
  4. This guy won't shut up, let's wait for his next tweet. Dogecoin? ETH? don't tell me it's XRP. haha.
  5. I seen it as a trigger to sell as BTC cannot break 39500. If it is not his tweet, the market will still go down eventually. Just that his tweet shift the time slide that make it happen at this moment.
  6. Trader is in control of the market, set a sell wall high at 39500, wait for it to drop and buy back again. Rinse and repeat. Unless the buying power break through that all in 1 go, we hodlers are still inside the washing machine.
  7. It may takes a long time to settle the case I agreed. Maybe a year? I don't know. However, what we holders need is not a case settlement today, what we need is an event (I don't know what is it) that leads to a very high probability that the case will be settled (or win by Ripple). This speculation alone will trigger a FOMO for XRP. Remembered back in 2017 when rumor said Coinbase will list XRP? XRP price goes up like crazy even though the fact didn't happen a few months later. Buy the rumor sell the news, let's just wait.
  8. Yeah, the landscape there is amazing, I think Zhangjiajie is the reference site for Avatar. https://www.klook.com/en-US/article/7515-transport-activities-guide-zhangjiajie?city_id=161 If you have a chance, you should visit Huashin as well. If Zhanjiajie is amazing, Huashin is crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UU65Y2vH68
  9. Same here, only when you are at the bottom of the mountain and climb up, then you appreciate the view on the top. What's so special about the view when you go up by a tram?
  10. Yes, I agree that the price is going lower compared to a few weeks ago. But it looks like the % drop becomes smaller and smaller each time (after $0.65 drop). Sorry, not TA, I am just counting the # of times my heart is jumping out these days.
  11. I wake up an hour ago and look at XRP price, first impression is it looks ok. It didn't bounce hard, but it is crawling up slowly. Then I look at BTC, it falls again, but it didn't breaks previous low either. (31k) Then I look at the forum, I am surprised that people feels so bad about this. Maybe I don't know TA and so I can't see the dim future, but the whole situation is not worse than the last few days I can feel. (we reach $0.65 a few days ago..) It just didn't improve as fast as we want.
  12. If this is the end, this is a rather boring bullrun to XRP as well as quite many ALT coins. I rather hope that shorts is harvesting all money who come back in when BTC recover to 40k.
  13. The longer the lawsuit takes, the more damage it will cause to XRP and Ripple. If I am the SEC, I will just drag on it and there is no hurry to do a settlement. Ripple will beg SEC to settle sooner or later. Remember Coinbase never listed XRP until the bullrun is over? Good news come too late is worse than a bad news. The time is limited in the current bullrun. I am quite pessimistic about it.
  14. One thing I am still not comfortable is the price increase % of XRP relative to other crypto. The SEC lawsuit does have a severe impact to XRP price, TA cannot explain and cover this aspect properly. It seems like we are roughly 50% slowly than others. I don't know how the trading bots all agree to do this, or there is a 50% decrease in volume due to exchange delisting. This prompts me to think if $5 the price target, we may end up with $2.5 ATH only.
  15. $42 by Aug 2021, it feel just like $589 all over again. I need to clear my mind after reading this, it is dangerous to have such a high hopes, it will impact your judgement when there is a big fall.
  16. I don't have high hopes of XRP reaching $10 considering XRP performance till today. I am happy that I am wrong though.
  17. This guy only knows part of the story. I have read multiple Chinese news sources, China gov has issued a statement to stop bitcoin mining in China due to the fear that it will cause economic instability. It is true that this is not a law, there is no law to ban crypto mining in China. However, if you know how China's gov works, they don't need to make laws, they just need to show their intention through state media and people will look at which gov official is talking (it's a very high rank gov official talking this time) and then the company will do what the gov wants.(miners know they have no choice, seriously, this is China and CCP) This is another English source that explains the situation https://www.coindesk.com/huobi-scales-back-offerings-in-places-due-to-china-crackdown-market-falls So Yes, bitcoin mining is now a dead end in China. They will move their rigs to other countries or sell it. But will bitcoin die? Absolutely not, I now believe that it is just a fire sale from those miners who sell it for the news and taking profits. But bitcoin is going to enter a sleep mode I believe due to the mining rigs and people relocation, moving operations takes time. And this is ALTS moment right now.
  18. https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2021/5/24/china-crackdown-forces-crypto-mining-operators-to-end-operations The recent sell off of BTC is caused by the China ban crypto mining policy, this drags all ALTS down. Almost all mining farms in China is now moving to overseas in a month or two, this triggers a sell off of BTC from all miners at the same time and crash the price. Now the dust should have settled down, BTC mining will be decentralized more to other countries from China (it takes time). I believe the extreme fear phase is going to pass.
  19. If that guy (Justin Sun?) is just holding BTC, I don't know how you can bankrupt him. Unless he is leveraging to buy?
  20. Definitely one of the most brutal drop I have ever seen since 2017. We are expecting it, but it drops so ******* deep. **I hope so, crypto god, I said it in a humble manner, please don't test me further**
  21. holy cow, is this it? This is so ******* scary, can we take a break for 15 mins and have some tea?
  22. I can tell you all that the whole market is ******* scare right now, in any forum I am visiting. This is the time to buy, not selling. The rebound will be so strong that it will buy your cheap XRP and run away like a thief
  23. I will judge a bear market based on the actions in the next couple of days. If some ALT coins start to take off during BTC recovery or moving sideway, then I have some confidence that the party is not over yet. If all coins are pretty dead, then we know what is going to happen.
  24. I appreciate your analysis. But I always curious how the price will follow the chart. For something to go up in value, there must be a reason. Doge goes up as coin master is shilling it. ETH goes up for the expectation of DEFI. ADA goes up for the expectation of smart contract. What is that for XRP? A settlement? I don't see that happen very soon. Flare network go live?
  25. It works if you are a very smart trader. If not, it only takes a few bad trades to wipe out half or even more of your portfolio, especially as we are in the down trend with super high volatility. Just open an excel, do a simulation for a day of trade, write it down on the excel then you know what why most of us hodl here.
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